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Quotes: Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo

On if this game is just the 10th win of the season or if it feels different because of how they won:

"I haven't had time to think in that regard. I know that this is obviously—I mean, every game that you play that's the next game is the biggest game, but when you're playing for something like we were tonight and knowing where the situation is, you try not to think about it, you just go play. We're playing against Philly and both the records the way they are and the way that they beat us in Dallas, you had to play your best game to come out and beat these guys tonight. I'm just proud of the effort and the way the guys played. They took the approach right after last game that we're ready to get to work for this one."

On what was said in the huddle on the sidelines after Philadelphia took the lead and Dallas got the ball back:

"It's just, 'Hey, put your head down and go do your job.' That's what it is. It's nothing more or less. It's literally about execution and if you're good enough you'll be able to eventually execute, find a way, and do things that are positive. We started off real good. They got out there for a little bit and then I think you just have to—in those moments you have to be tough. Tough mentally and tough physically. You have to say, 'I'm willing to put it on the line right now and go out and do it.' If that means, 'I'm going to go up and make a catch when I'm about to get hit', you go do it. You want to stand in the pocket and you know you're about to get hit, you do it. You protect the ball and you go in there. That's how you win games on the road and against teams like that."

On if he liked the matchup with WR Dez Bryant tonight or if the two were in the zone:

"I think really they manned him up a few times and we took advantage. But they bracketed him a lot as well. We moved him around, we did different things. [Passing Game Coordinator] Scott [Linehan] had a great game plan that was as well a called game and I couldn't have asked for anything better. He did a great job and it gave us opportunities. We made adjustments during the game: a bunch that really helped us. I think just the communication of that and everything goes a long way."

On how he is feeling after taking a couple of hits on back-to-back plays:

"It's what I talked about. You don't want to take hits, but at the same time, at that point in the game, the only way for us to, what I felt like, deliver the ball on routes that were going to come open, was to stand in and be tough. That's part of playing the position. It's part of—the other guys had to do it. The other guys up front had to commit to being—it's a physically demanding game and if you're not willing to do that it's going to be hard to win. And I think our guys up front did that. They went toe-to-toe against a really good front and gave us the little bit of time that we needed."

On if this game, even with two left in the season, is a signature win because they went on the road against a team that beat them the way they did and won:

"It was important just to play better than we did last time in general. It was important to win. Obviously, it's the most important thing. It feels good right now. In about 24 hours we're going to have to let it go and get on to the next biggest game of the year and just continue to hopefully do that."

On if this game is the best example this season of Jerry Jones' comments that this team is different than past years, being tougher mentally and especially coming back after being down by a large lead:

"Yeah, they're a good team. If you think you were just going to come in here in their place and just take it to them, it just hasn't happened. No one's done that. No one comes in here and just wins the game by 30 points. I think for us, we knew it was going to be a four-quarter game that you had to continue to play and just let the ups and downs, the ebbs and flow of the game, just happen. And keep your head about you and stay mentally tough. When the times come for you, like I said, fight and stand in and do the little things it takes to win, that's what you have to do. You have to be willing to do it. It's not as easy as it seems."

On how he has seen the team mature during the season:

"I think sometimes you find out a lot about your team and your guys just in situations like that. You know, Seattle—they came back, they're on the road. They get in a position that it's hooting and hollering, the place is going crazy. You just put your head down and you go execute. You've got to make some plays. Obviously a couple guys have to set up and do some things that allow you to do that. You just don't let the whole environment and the whole thing and the way it's going affect you. You treat it as if it's a tie game and you go out and play."

On whether during the downfield throws to Dez Bryant he knows he's going to him pre-snap based off the look he gets:

"No. You get ideas pre-snap, but you never want to make pre-determined choices. That's when you'll lose in this league. Young guys get caught all the time. That's why you watch a lot of tape to just understand by their pre-snap alignment what they like to do out of that. I probably shouldn't have said that, but that gives you advantages to feel comfortable when they move after the snap. They did that a bunch tonight. They did a good job with it. They come down. They make it look like it's an 8-man front and the safety goes to double Dez. It's an invert coverage you call it. Sometimes they bracket him, sometimes they play inside and leverage by the corner and he helps. Other times it's single high—well you've got to look at him, you've got to see the other safety and what the backers do if it's man or zone. Your tape studying and all that helps you to decipher that quickly to understand where it gives you the best chance to go where it's going to be one-on-one. We're one of the better teams just finding out who's one-on-one and trying to get them the ball. "

On what the landing mark is that he's aiming for on the throws:

"Yeah, I mean your question is pretty average, but—there are more throws than just the nine and go routes. But on the go routes it's really just about where the defender is. So you've seen us throw Dez back shoulders and you've seen us throw past the guy and I just find out where the defender is and you throw it away from him. Dez is good enough to go do the rest."

On how quickly he knows from his release if the guy is open:

"Not always. It depends on what the route is. Sometimes we have down-field go routes, others are shorter go routes. Sometimes we have routes that will stop. It depends on the game plan, what film studies taught me, and you kind of understand that. You don't want to look at him to see the release because that brings the free safety usually over to him. So you're wanting to look off. On one play they played a single-high safety in the middle of the field and they had a man-to-man everywhere with what we call single high. It's single-high man where they have one robber player in the middle and he's just standing right in the middle and waiting to see where your eyes are so he goes to double. They play outside leverage inside and inside leverage on the outside receiver so they funnel everyone in. So what you do then you want to move that inside player as well. So Dez had an in cut on the right and if you look over there right at him to see his release, you'll bring the robber player over to him. Your job as a quarterback is to hold that player and look sometimes at the other side and then come back and throw the in cut. It's part of just growth and planning."

On whether it was hard to stay with the running game today:

"I mean, we did a great job. Like I said, Scott called a great game. We know they're good up front. They show that. They make everything difficult to get five yards. They also make it difficult to throw it consistently because they disrupt your timing on the outside and they get to the quarterback. Even though you can play fast you're still getting touched or moved or moved off the spot a lot. It's a good defensive unit and they do a good job. We just executed real well tonight."

On who he credits with getting 41 minutes of possession—the offense or the defense getting off the field:

"It's a combination of everybody. You should win time of possession against a team who runs their plays as quick as that. If not, you're probably struggling. Saying that, what was the time of possession?"

On the time of possession being 41:55:

"That's a lot. I don't go in thinking you're going to get that. That's high execution of the offense. That's getting the ball by the defense and just having a chance to go out and execute."

On TE Jason Witten's performance in the first half:

"Jason was incredible. Just the way he ran his routes today and his ability to use leverage and then he had some juice and just showed some speed. He made it difficult on them. The way they wanted to call the game had to change a little bit just because of his ability to beat his man. It was just great to see because he's been outstanding for so long. And to have it on a night like tonight where he was a guy that gave us such big downs on third plays it was great to see."

On whether it's a sign that the guys are happy for the win but not going crazy:

"It's probably the same thing in Seattle. You win and this team feels like we should win. That's part of growth and part of just experience and having success. When we get in these games we feel really comfortable because you have multiple people that you can rely on to do their job consistently play in and play out. When you have that you have a chance to do good things."

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