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Quotes: Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck

On whether this loss was reminiscent of last week's loss to the Broncos: "Yeah to some extent. Had the opportunities, didn't take advantage of them. When you're up on a good team, you better stay up. You can't turn the ball over in the red zone when you're about to make it a two-score game. It was stupid by me, so yeah, same story in a sense."

On whether he was looking for T.Y. Hilton on the play that resulted in an interception: "Yes."

On whether he thinks Hilton was yanked down: "It doesn't matter what I think. It was an interception. At the end of the day, that's what matters."

On whether he was surprised by the play call on the interception play: "No. Touchdowns are better than three points. We had been running the ball obviously very well. But I thought we also converted some big third downs throwing the ball. If we can convert that, then we had a good chance. Didn't take advantage of it."

On whether he felt the passing game ever really found a rhythm: "At certain points, yes. A couple of drives, yes. I know I wasn't sharp enough for it to get into a rhythm, if that makes sense."

On whether he thought the Colts lost some tempo in the second half: "I don't think we lost any of the tempo. I thought guys did a great job the whole game of keeping that tempo, keeping that drive. Sometimes we are going to use the whole play clock, and sometimes we're not. But yeah, I don't think the tempo was lost."

On whether there was an emphasis on running the ball: "Yeah, we knew we needed to get the run game going, and I think we did. I think we did a great job up front. Guys did a heck of a job running. It's a shame we couldn't capitalize on that and get a win."

On how it feels to be 0-2, something he's never been before: "It stinks. It's not good. We realize it's not the end of the season by any means. Our minds are now, 'Hey, onto the next one.' Whoever that is, we know we've got to get in the win column and get moving in the right direction."

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