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Quotes: Cardinals Quarterback Carson Palmer

On what he saw in the Eagles defense prior to throwing the game winning touchdown to John Brown:"I'm not going to go into great depth, because that was a great play and I don't want to put too much of it out there. We had a handful of plays where there were some signals at the line of scrimmage and we executed some of them and some of them weren't executed and we need to definitely clean some of those up. We were hoping to get that coverage. We got the coverage we wanted and Smokey (John Brown) made a great play, took great advantage of that coverage and we saw what happened with that."

On what it feels like to see rookie John Brown catch the game winner after all of the offseason throwing he did with him: "I'm not surprised. It's not 'oh, the rookie did that.' I've seen it happen over, and over and over again with him. He executes the play that's called, which is difficult in this offense for a guy that plays two different positions. Nothing is too big for him. He was excited to catch the game winner, but I think he expected to when we got that right coverage. We spent a lot of time; he works extremely hard. He's so young and so raw and so fast and so explosive. I mean, for him to pull away from everybody like that. I'm not surprised and I expected him to do what he did."

On what he was thinking when the ball was in the air and if he thought it was an overthrow: "I've seen that gear he has. I've seen it in practice. I've seen it in games. He puts it in fourth, fifth and into sixth gear to go get it and that's something that he does all the time in practice and he's done it a couple of times in big games."

On if he could have made that throw two weeks ago: "I'll say yeah because you can't prove me wrong now."

On if he felt more confident throwing deep shots today: "Definitely, definitely. It's been three and a half weeks since I've started throwing again. You know, arm strength just comes with throwing. It doesn't come back over a long period of time, it comes back pretty quickly, pretty rapidly. There were some balls that I knew I wouldn't have been able to throw against Washington three weeks ago and some balls I felt a little more comfortable with last week and this week I feel like I'm getting all the way back to 100%."

On if he felt it was unusual to have the freedom to run that play on third-and-five and go to the rookie with the game on the line: "If I was a rookie or a second year guy, it's a little bit different. I've got a lot of experience, a lot of plays under my belt and a lot of two-minute down situations where you know it is a two down situation. We're not punting on fourth (down). We got exactly what we wanted to get out of the coverage and had the right play call. Great play call by BA (Bruce Arians). I have quite a bit of freedom at the line of scrimmage. I don't know if it is more or less than I've ever had. I've run a no-huddle system for a long, long time. This is definitely not no-huddle, but there's definitely opportunities where if you see something, you can change something up and get a better situation and that's what we did on a couple of different plays. On Larry's (Fitzgerald) big play, it's not an audible, it's just changing what you're doing. Smokey's (John Brown) play was less of an audible, but more of something you see at the line of scrimmage and you're not changing the play, you're just changing one guy's route or two guys' routes."

On John Brown saying that he gave him a signal for that play:"The rookie. We have a lot of signals. Some are dummy signals, some are live signals. I guess it's too late to call it a dummy signal, but we've got some work to do, some communication."

On if he knew right away to focus on John Brown with the way the safeties were lined up: "Yeah. We had talked about it on the sideline and we had kind of dialed that one up and executed it very well."

On what it's like to have the receiving options that he has with Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown: "Mike (Floyd) and Teddy Ginn too. There are a lot of guys that you have to worry about. Guys that can get behind you that you have to worry about and then there are guys that can kill you underneath like Larry (Fitzgerald) and Andre (Ellington) too. Andre does a lot of underneath stuff, so I think we're a pretty well built offense. I think we have a lot of things you can't key on. There are a lot of guys you have to worry about. Obviously Larry is going to get a lot of that key from a defense that is going to be very keen on where he is in a formation because his motions and adjustments are right before the snap. Ted (Ginn) comes in and John Brown comes in and Mike's always a threat and Andre, too. We had a couple of opportunities, but didn't have quite enough time to get Andre the ball down the field. It's a very well built group of guys for our system."

On if Philadelphia keyed a little bit more on Larry Fitzgerald after his touchdown: "A couple of times. That's a good football team. That's a good defense, a great pass rush. There's not a weakness on the back end. It's easy when you know they are taking Larry out and doubling him. They did that sometimes; they left him one-on-one in others. I'm glad to get out of our own stadium with a win, because that is a good team and there's a good chance we might see them again later on down the road."

On the defense stepping up and not allowing a touchdown from Philadelphia at the end of the game: "That was a 59 minute, 60 second game. It came down to the very end. Our defense has a lot of swagger. They believe in themselves. We believe in them on the sideline. We love seeing that. I mean, that's a huge stop. You know there is only one thing they can do and that's score a touchdown. That's all they are going to go for. You don't have to stop them from a field goal. But that's a big task. That's a difficult offense; it's a great offensive line. There are some playmakers all over the place. I'm very proud of those guys and happy, obviously."

On the character of this Cardinals team: "It's a great group of experienced guys and young guys. We're not a young team. We're not an old team. We're a team that's got guys with Super Bowl rings. We're a team that's got some young guys that really don't know how good they are yet. It's just a very, very good group of guys. We'll come in Wednesday and guys aren't patting themselves on the back. We'll walk with a swagger about ourselves, but we'll go right back to work on Wednesday and grind out Wednesday's full-padded practice and grind out Thursday and get ready for a big game on Sunday. "

On if he remembers a season where he has used his feet as much as he has this season: "That's part of the position. Guys are going to get beat up front. It's been few and far between for us. There have been a lot of very good pockets. Every once in a while, they've got the right stunt and that's your job as a quarterback. If they've got a three-man rush, a four-man rush, sometimes (you have to) get out and extend the play. I had a couple of chances to extend some plays that I wish I'd had done a better job of. I thought the pockets were great. I thought our offensive line played great. Each week you can go back and look at the film. The pass pockets have been phenomenal. Especially against that group that leads the league in sacks. No sacks (tonight), right? Did we have any sacks? We had one? Probably my fault."

On if he feels that he is more slippery this year: "I don't know. I've been working with Buddy Morris a lot on my stride technique and my running technique, so maybe that's been a bonus for me."

On if there is one guy on the offensive line that doesn't have a chip on his shoulder: "It's just a good group across the board. And then you've got the seventh pick in the draft that is a back-up. That's unbelievable. Coop (Jonathan Cooper) is a phenomenal player. It's tough to get in the rotation when everybody is playing so well. We're deep. We have a guy that started last year at left tackle that is on the sidelines. He started for fourteen, fifteen games I think. It's a good group, top to bottom. They have chips on their shoulder. They work their butts off. They care tremendously. It's an unselfish group so I am very proud to stand back there and be the quarterback."

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