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Quotes: 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

On the 55-yard throw to Gore: "I mean, they dropped eight. We really didn't have the ideal situation when they did that. Stevie did a great job pushing the corner back, coming back to the pylon and giving me the opportunity to make a throw. Just saw him. He came out the back end, turned back towards me and no one was around."

On whether he's ever made a play like that: "I don't think I've ever had one quite like that."

On balancing creativity and making smart decisions: "It really just depends on what the situation is and what the play is going to give to us. Got flushed on that play, so at that point you have to try to make something happen."

On the statement scoring those points in the second half makes for the team: "I think it was just something that we had to do. We knew we could. We just had to go out and get it done at that point."

On the intensity at Levi's Stadium comparaed to Candlestick Park: "It's a great atmosphere. I feel like it's louder than Candlestick to be honest. The fans helped us being loud, rooting for us today the way they did. It's great when you have that behind you."

On problems with timeouts, especially when head coach Jim Harbaugh seemed to want to take a delay of game instead of a timeout in the fourth quarter: "That's our base rule. If we try to draw them off and we don't get it then we call a timeout."

On whether he and Harbaugh talked about that afterwards: "We talk about everything on the sideline."

On what happened on his interception: "Had man coverage. The guy fell off of the inside slant and made a good play."

On using the running game more than the five-wide sets this week: "This week we had good looks to run the ball and give it to Frank. It was working. He was carrying the ball well. Our offensive line was blocking well. So, we were going to stick with it."

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