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QB Vick, S Coleman, S Wall

QB Michael Vick

On whether it will be difficult to bounce back after an emotional game last week: "Will it be difficult? No, it won't. I think it's a game we learn from, we build from and put behind us and move forward. The most important game is the next game."

On being named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the third time in the past seven weeks: "It's gratifying. It's definitely a great accomplishment. I have to give the credit to my teammates and my coaches who helped put me in this position. I couldn't do it without them and I understand that. Just as much as I get praise, they deserve it as well."

On what he sees in the Vikings: "They're a group of veteran guys who play very hard and I think they're much better than what their record shows. You really have to go out and execute against them and put plays together and score points. They're a good, sound, veteran group."

On the importance of not coasting along:"You can't coast along in any week during the season. We know the magnitude of this game and what's at stake and we have to go out and get it. Nothing is going to be given to you. Everything has to be earned and we have to come out and play our best football."

On whether there's a sense of excitement that the team could potentially be division champions before the game even begins: "Given what we've been through and how far we've come, it's going to be exciting anyway. Any time I have an opportunity to strap up, go out there and play the game, it's exciting. To have a lot at stake and to work as hard as we've worked throughout this season and to accomplish so much, it will definitely put a stamp on this season. We just have to continue to move forward. It's just one stepping stone and plenty more hurdles to cross."

On everyone across the country talking about the team's comeback against the Giants: "It's been great. Obviously we put ourselves in a tough position. We were able to fight our way through and come back and get the victory. Tough conditions, tough environment against a good football team, probably one of the best defenses in the NFL, bar none. It was extremely tough and I don't know how it happened, but somehow we pulled it all together and we came back and got the victory."

On whether everyone came back down to earth in practice today after the victory: "Yeah, I mean, you can enjoy a win in this league for two days. That's Monday and Tuesday. We come back to work on Wednesday and focus on the task at hand and that's beating the opposition for the upcoming week. Everybody is back down to earth. We understand that the next game is the most important."

On whether he feels he's one of the best conditioned athletes due to taking big hits and still being able to play down the stretch: "Well, I pride myself on being durable and being accountable for my team in different ways and I take pride in that. It has paid off. I don't lift once a week, I lift three times a week and I try to put myself in the best position so that throughout the season I can last for the duration."

On Vikings QB Brett Favre's career:"First ballot Hall of Famer to sum it all up. First ballot regardless of how it all ended. It's about what he's been to the game, what he's done for the game. Things he's been able to accomplish. He's a great man, person, personality he has. He's a dynamic football player. He's paved the way for so many others. A lot of people want to be like him. They want to emulate what he's done. It's a long way to be able to play 20 years and accomplish all the things that he's accomplished – win the Super Bowl, two-time MVP. It's awesome."

On leading the Pro Bowl voting after everything he's been through: "It's pretty cool, but that's not the primary focus, that's not the primary goal, to go to the Pro Bowl. It's to get to the Super Bowl."

S Kurt Coleman

On having the opportunity to start on Sunday: "As far as mentally, you have to prepare the same. You have to do all the film study and everything. As far as the field work and preparation, you get a lot more reps. I think those are crucial going into the game especially if you know you're going to start, you know what you're going to see instead of being thrown out there and it's kind of all foreign."

On whether it's a concern that the team doesn't know who's going to start at quarterback for the Vikings:"No. I mean, they're both good (quarterbacks). They're there for a reason. We have to be able to play our game, bottom line. If we can't execute what we do, whatever they try to throw out there, it's just not going to matter."

On how Vick has pulled this team together: "It's amazing. He has definitely brought this team so much closer than what it already was. We believe in each other, we believe in him, we believe in this offense and we believe in everything that the coaches have done for us. I think it has really given us a lot of momentum and a lot of confidence in each and every game."

On whether he's surprised by how the rookies have impacted the team this season:"I don't think I'm surprised. Just talking with the guys, everybody is confident. You can tell from day one when we came into training camp, everyone was ready to play and wanted to play. It's all about if you're ready to play mentally and I think we've done a great job at just getting ready mentally. The coaches have done a great job of getting us prepared. As far as skill-wise, I knew we could do it."

On whether he has any experience with coming off of a great win and then being forced to put it behind him in light of the next game:"I felt like we've been doing that this whole year especially when we came off the Monday night game (against the Redskins) and scored (59 points). That was a high then, but we had to get ready for the next week. It's almost every week it's a challenge to get up because every game matters and it counts. You can't really lull one week and then have a great week the next. You have to be consistent."

S Jamar Wall

On now being switched to safety:"I played some in high school, but not at this type of level. But I definitely like it."

On what's different about the position for him: "For one, not being up one-on-one against the guy here who's more back at free safety. (It's) more of you having to really look, looking at what to do. I have good instincts and I think it fits me."

On what this season has been like for him, after starting out with the Houston Texans and then being signed to the Eagles practice squad to being promoted to the active roster: "Honestly, it's been tough. I'm a real spiritual guy. I just keep praying and everything happens for a reason. I (was hoping) that I would get an opportunity and, look, I got pulled up and got a few games to hopefully prove myself again. Hopefully I can play for a long time."

On whether he's more comfortable playing "centerfield" or up to the line: "It doesn't matter for me. I'm a bigger guy. If I have to I can fill the hole. I'm pretty strong and I think I have good enough quickness and instincts to play free. I think I can do them both interchangeably."

On whether he wonders if he's being noticed on the practice squad:"Actually I do because we really can't make plays on our scout team. Our whole philosophy here is to let the offense get it going. It's kind of hard, but obviously it shows because I guess they do watch film. I even got Scout Team Player of the Week one time. (Jokingly) I don't know how. I couldn't make plays, but I did."

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