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QB Vick, S Coleman & More

QB Michael Vick

On whether he is able to just focus on the positives after the Cleveland game: "You just have to go on to the next week. I can't dwell on what happened last game because I just don't plan on having that type of ballgame again. Regardless of what the situation dictates, I think you just have to go out there and just play your game – don't get frustrated or get too high or too low when things aren't going your way. You just keep pounding and keep plugging. That's what this game is all about, in the end, coming out again."

On what good he can take out of his performance against the Browns: "I think, offensively, we did some good things. We moved the ball consistently in the first half and we had some turnovers, but we had some minor setbacks as well with the turnovers and the penalties. We started to become frustrated a little bit, but we just kept plugging and kept fighting. That's all you can do. The positives are the plays that we made that we know we can make over and over again."

On whether it is frustrating to have people ask how he will respond: "I really haven't listened to what people are saying. I don't really feed into that. This is a tough game and it's never easy. Like I said, give a lot of credit to the Cleveland defense last week. We're onto Baltimore now and it's all about getting better week in and week out and bouncing back from it. That's what I plan on doing."

On why so many mistakes happened on Sunday: "It happened because it happened. There's nothing you can change about it. There are plenty of throws that I wish I would have had back and that I wish I would have pulled down and maybe checked it down or ran with it. It's options. The thing is, I know why I did the things that I did and it wasn't like mental errors. When it's mental errors, that can become a problem but that's not the case."

On whether his decision making factored into it: "I think it's decision-making, pressing, and not pressing as hard to try and make things happen when things aren't going your way. One thing you can't do in this league is you can't force throws and you can't try to stick a ball in a tight spot when a guy is not really open and try to make something happen at that given time. You just have to work your way down the field and take what the defense gives you. Play keep away and keep it simple."

On how much he uses criticism for his week one performance as motivation: "The thing is that nobody really has to motivate me. I have to motivate myself. I watch the film. I'm the one who lived it, and everyone else watched it from afar and is just speculating about it and what they think. That's just perception and people going off of what they see. I'm the one who has to deal with it and go out there and make it right. This is a game that I love, and every game is not going to be easy. Every game is not going to be what everybody thinks, and sometimes it might not be easy on the eyes."

On facing LB Ray Lewis and the rest of the Ravens defense: "It's football, and the Ravens have great players. We have to go out there and get done no matter what."

On what type of quarterback he thinks he should be: "I think I should go out and play my game within the system, and use my God given abilities whenever the time calls for it. Just play and get back to having fun playing the game of football. I shook off the rust last week and I'm ready to get back out against Baltimore. The thing that I can tell you is that we will progress and get better as the season goes on."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On how you can defend against a no-huddle offense: "You just have to be poised. You have to be poised with the no huddle – you can't panic. That's the biggest thing they want you to do is panic and change personnel and match up with what they're doing. You can't panic. You just have to be calm, play solid, and stop them on first and second downs to get them at third-and-long. That's the thing to do is get it to third-and-long and get them off the field quick. When they're trying to move as quick as they are and you're trying to get them off the field, it kind of stops them from trying to come out in the no huddle. It can play to both teams' advantage. Our thing is to get stops as quick and early as possible."

On how important it is to have a defensive line that can eat up blocks and allow him to make plays in the run game as they did against Cleveland: "It's about our defense coming and working together. Everybody was trying to make a play. It's everybody working together."

On facing RB Ray Rice: "Ray Rice is a nice player. He's a very durable guy and you see the last few years that he has been in the league, he has gotten it done with both rushing and passing. He doesn't miss a lot of games and doesn't miss a lot of snaps. He's a very durable player. He's a very good player."

DE Trent Cole

On whether the no-huddle offense can handcuff a defense: "That's what comes with it. Like I said, it starts in practice. They go no-huddle because they want to wear out the defense. That's what it is about – they want to wear down the defense and (speed up) the game. We have our way to answer to that and hopefully everything works out on game time."

On how the no-huddle offense will affect the defensive line rotation: "There is always answers to everything, and we'll find it. We'll do whatever we have to do. I believe that the guys who will have to stay in will get it done, regardless of whether we have to stay in or not. We work in practice really hard and we worked up at camp pretty hard for days like this to happen."

On what stands out to him about the Ravens offense: "I think just the whole team stands out on both defense and offense. Those guys are playing very well and they are a good team. We just have to go out there. (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid just told us that it's not the players who win games but it's the guys who do the best in that game."

S Kurt Coleman

On what problems the Ravens no-huddle offense presents the defense: "For one, the substitution factor and it'll create mismatches then. Obviously, the fatigue. You want that rest in between plays, but if they don't give it to you, it's tough to really get it. Also, you'll get caught up in something and they'll hit you with a play action or a deep ball. It presents a lot of difficulties, especially if you don't prepare for it, but we've been preparing for the no-huddle since the offseason. We should be prepared for this. We just have to know how they're going and how they're going to attack us, and play our game."

On what S Colt Anderson could bring if he sees defensive reps: "Colt is just like he is on special teams. He knows how to find the ball and make plays. I think Colt and I are very similar in the way that we play just in the simple fact that we're always around the ball and we're always flying around. When the time needs (it), we make a play when it comes our way."

On whether he is surprised by the Eagles being favored to win: "It's going to change week to week, and it doesn't mean anything. Every game is a battle. Every single game. Whether or not we are favored, we just have to go suit it up and we have to play tough football. Baltimore is going to bring their A game, as are we. We're going to be ready for them and they're going to be ready for us, so we'll be ready."

S Colt Anderson

On how his transition will be after not participating in practices and rehabbing a short time ago into playing in a game so quickly: "Hopefully good. Last week, I focused on playing as fast as I can and it felt good to be out there. I took last week like I was playing in the game and I went 100 miles an hour. I felt good and I felt comfortable. I think that ultimately (led to) the decision this week."

On when he knew his knee was coming along and that he could return fairly early in the season: "It was about the middle of training camp when I felt that I cleared that last hurdle and that things started feeling good. Last week, it felt really good just getting out there and running around. There is only so much you can do football related by yourself, so it was good to get out there and do football drills."

On whether he expects to participate fully in special teams this week: "Oh yeah. I expect to be out there and play, and pick up where I left off."

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