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QB Vick, RB McCoy, TE Celek

QB Michael Vick

On whether he has any soreness from his rib cartilage injury that has kept him out of the last three games: "No soreness at all. It's a credit to the training staff, and (I) worked hard to get back to this point."

On whether he is ready to resume the role of the team's starting quarterback: "Yeah. When I'm out there, I'm just ready to put this team in the best position and give us a chance of winning football games, and playing good football."

On whether he feels good about where the Eagles are in the NFC standings right now: "Yeah, we feel good about our position. But our focused is to take it one game at a time, win as many games as we can throughout the next nine, and just play good football."

On when he first felt 100 percent: "It was probably over this weekend, getting treatment all of last week. Just going out, throwing, and moving around, getting movement back. It felt great today."

On whether he will change his approach when scrambling to try to avoid injury: "I'll definitely be smarter when running with the football. Try to get down, if not, who knows, (there's) no telling what I'll do. I can't predetermine what I'm going to do when I play, I just know I have to play smarter and be conscious of what's going on out there and try to protect myself."

On whether he's confident he'll be okay if he takes a hit and whether he's going to wear extra padding: "We've got some extra padding that we'll wear, but I'm confident that I can take a hit. I can't play the game worried about getting hit or not being able to play the way I like to play. So, the most important thing is going out there and play with confidence, and believing in my abilities and believing in myself and the guys around me."

RB LeSean McCoy

On how he feels after the bye week: "I feel good. (I feel) a lot healthier than I did before; for me and the rest of the guys. (QB) Mike (Vick) is back, you know, he's healthy. Right now, everybody is just focusing. Come into this week and get a win, practicing hard and just get ready to roll."

On the NFC being wide open and whether the team feels good with where they stand right now: "We feel good right now. There were a lot of games we could have won that we let away. We stayed in a good situation. Like you said, man, it's wide open. We have to continue to play our game and get better each week and go out and just finish. Starting well and finishing teams. We can't worry about the other teams out there; we just have to play our game."

On Vick being a little more careful this time around when he's on the run: "I think he's aware of that. He's been playing so well and then having that incident, getting hit like that and getting hurt. He's aware of it. We need him, and he knows that. The good thing is he can get away, so we might not need the extra one or two yards. It's a great effort, but we might not need it. I'd rather have him here for the rest of this season than have an extra first down or an extra couple of yards. He's aware of it."

On what the team needs to focus on down the stretch: "The biggest things, man, I think are turnovers, penalties are killing us, and finishing. We play great the whole game. There are going to be ups and downs in any game. But you have to have that mindset of, 'Alright, we have them on the ropes. Put your foot on their throat and finish the game out.'"

On whether he's going to watch the Colts-Texans game tonight: "Yeah, I'm going to watch their fast (defensive ends)."

On whether the second half of the season will be about proving that this team can do something: "I think everybody, after this bye week, is hoping in the second half of the season that we finish strong. Every game counts, every game counts. I think in the beginning of the season we get to see the type of team we have. Everybody sees the talent up and down this locker room. It's just the fact of going out and using it and then finishing teams."

TE Brent Celek

On whether the bye week came at the perfect time: "I think so. It's something I feel like I needed. I feel rested, rejuvenated and ready to go on a run here."

On how WR DeSean Jackson looked in practice today: "He looked good. I always think DeSean looks good. He was running around fast. He was his normal self in my opinion."

On how the return of Vick and Jackson will benefit the offense: "It's always big. DeSean is one of the best players in the NFL in my opinion. Mike is a great athlete, a great quarterback. To have both those guys on the field at the same time is going to be a huge help for us."

On whether the extra week gave his wrist some time to heal and whether it feels as good as it has: "Yeah, that was huge. I think having that week off was very big for that and I feel like I'm close to 100 percent right now."

On whether there were other areas that needed rest: "I think my whole body – I was beat down, banged up. Like I said, this week has been huge for me. I feel like a different person."

On whether his wrist injury was growing on him mentally: "I think a little bit. I have to be mentally tough, but sometimes when you get a nick here a nick there, it starts to wear on you. Like I said, I'm back. I feel good."

On whether the team feels good with where they stand right now: "Yeah. We're sitting in a good spot. We really would have liked to win that last game, but we're still sitting good. We control our own destiny here on out. If we continue to play well, we'll be alright."

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