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QB Vick, RB McCoy & OT Bell


QB Michael Vick**

On whether there was enough time this week to get used to multiple new offensive linemen: "I think you just (have) to roll. I try not to think about it. I just try to go out and play. Everybody has got to stand tall. Everybody has a responsibility. I'm going to try to fulfill my responsibility and lead the guys."

On whether his game changes with all of the changes on the offensive line: "You just have to wait and see until you get out there in order to adjust and get a feel for the game and how everything is happening, how fast it's happening, (where) pressure may be coming from, if so, if not (then) maybe not. I think the thing to do is not even think about it and when you're in the moment just let it all go. Let it all go and try to leave no regrets out there."

On whether this has been his most frustrating season as a professional: "It's been tough. Our expectations were very high. Obviously we thought we'd be in a better position. I'm only speaking for myself (but) I think other guys in the locker room feel that way. It's on us to get it all turned around and we just (have to) keep pushing. The thing is we still have a fighting chance, we still control our own destiny, so we all have to be held accountable."

On whether there is more pressure for a lot of the veteran players who may be near the end of their careers: "It definitely makes it tough. Nobody likes to lose, especially at this stage of my career. Even though there are going to be some losses, there should be more wins than losses. That's what we plan on but as frustrating as it may be you've got to find some type of joy and some type of fulfillment. Everybody individually is different but you've got to find what brings out the best in you and I'm trying to continue to bring out the best in myself and play the best football I can."

On where he finds his personal joy: "I find that joy personally in waking up every day, being here, still having an opportunity to play in the NFL is a blessing, playing with a great group of guys who care about one another. That's motivation within itself. We just have to play for one another."

On whether the younger players really understand the current state of the team: "Yeah, we all understand the situation. Hopefully everybody understands the situation. I know I do. I know it's not a situation we planned on being in. You've seen a lot of teams with their backs against the wall doing everything they needed to do in order to succeed and we need to take on that mindset. We're going to find out on Sunday."

On whether the young players are able to understand what the veterans deem as important: "That's the question. Do the other guys, the young guys, understand what's at stake? Not just as far as our careers go but for this organization and winning. I'm not thinking about next year. I'm not thinking about what's going to happen. I'm thinking about the game because that's what's most important. We (have) to live in the now, you can't live in the past and you can't live in the future."

On the fact that this team usually plays divisional games well: "It's a big game. It's a big game in the division, it's a big game for us, (and) it's a big game for Dallas. It's going to be a good one. We've got to find a way to be on top and find ways and avenues to put the ball in the end zone, and be better than we were last week obviously on both sides of the ball. Get it done somehow some way."

RB LeSean McCoy

On whether he feels like he will have all his strength this weekend after being sick: "Yeah, once I get rolling I'll get into it, (get my blood flowing) I'll be fine."

On whether it helps to play a division game and familiar opponent after not being able to practice all week: "Yeah, I think so.  It's a division game. A lot of the guys are a lot of the same guys they've had and have been familiar with them for a little bit. I'm not a rookie. I know my assignments from the blitzes and pickups, the protections, the plays called. I think the coaches trust me on that in (those) types of situations. And I've been here before where I haven't practiced and actually played through different injuries. I really haven't missed too many games in my career so far so I'll be fine."

On whether he can be a stabilizing force for the offense with so many injuries on the offensive line: "I think we're confident in everybody we have in here. That's why we're here. There's a chance and opporuitnity for every player to get a chance to play."

TE Brent Celek

On whether he will be kept in more to help with blocking: "Depending on what they do defensively. There will be some things that we do to take care of them. They have some of the best outside linebackers in the league on that team. We know we have to take care of those guys and we'll see where it goes from there. We'll see what they're doing."

On what he tells the newer players about facing OLB DeMarcus Ware: "He's stout. He weighs 225, but he plays like he's 290. Ultimate professional, too, on and off the field. That guy is what the NFL is about. I have a lot of respect for him. We're going to have to come to play because he's having a heck of a year this year."

On whether the other veterans have to do more to help the younger players: "I don't think so. Sometimes, I feel that when you try and do too much, you make mistakes. We just need to play within our system, everyone do their own job, and we'll be fine. In the past, even with myself, I feel that we've been pressing too much – trying to make too many plays and trying to do too much stuff. Just calm down, play like we know how, and we'll be good."

On whether the magnitude of this game is discussed or it is understood: "It's just understood. We all know where we're sitting, 3-5. They're 3-5. We want to make the playoffs. We've got to beat this team. They're in our division and it's a huge game."

T Dennis Kelly

On what jumps out at him about the Cowboys defensive line: "They're all really good players. No one gets an easy game. We just have to be ready to play. Depending on who lines up on us, we're going to have a battle every play."

On having to know where LB DeMarcus Ware is on every play: "Yeah. They keep telling us that he's a great player for a reason. He plays really hard and he plays really well. We have to make sure we know where he is, be aggressive with him, and take care of him."

On whether there is enough time to establish continuity along the line or have to pick it up on the fly: "It's kind of a mix. Like we said, it's not like you can push a game back or anything like that. There are things that we can do in our off time, whether it's just watching film together to see how each other sees things or work with each other outside of practice and regular film study. That way, we can kind of speed up the process of jelling together."

On whether there is added pressure because of the game they played against New Orleans: "No, I don't think so. You can't listen to a lot of those things and you can't care (about) what people are saying. If it affects you too much, it can take you out of your game. We'll just have to approach it like it is the beginning of the season and be aggressive, take care of things, and do our job, that's the most important thing. If we can do that, we should be fine."

T Demetress Bell

On how much of a challenge OLB DeMarcus Ware is given his ability to move around: "Much of his success comes on moving around, but nonetheless wherever he is, you have to put a body on him. You can't just let him run free. That's his job."

On whether the offensive line feels down after these past two games: "I wouldn't say we are down. We know what job we have to do, we just have to go out and improve. Everybody believes in (themselves), but it's a matter of going out and showing it."

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