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QB Vick, RB McCoy, G/T Herremans, T Justice

QB Michael Vick

On whether he has done anything different this week than the previous weeks: "I've tried to just focus on doing my job, our game plan, and doing what we need to do. Just trying to continue to lead our offense. That's all I can do at the end of the day."

On how the team has treated this week:"I think we've all handled this situation the best that we could, and I think we've handled it well. We're just focusing on the next best thing, and that's winning. We understand that can change everything around. I think everybody has handled this whole situation with class and as professionals like we all are. We're waiting to pull through."

On how head coach Andy Reid has been with the team this week: "He was upbeat and encouraging. Nothing has changed about him. I think his energy is directly carrying over to us, and we've had a great week of practice so far. We're ready to go."

On how the morale of the locker room has changed over the course of the week: "I think being loose is probably the best way to be right now. I think when everyone is tense and uptight, it creates more pressure and we already have enough pressure on ourselves. We just need to go out and focus on playing good, mistake-free football, and trying to come out with a win."

On what the Redskins do well defensively: "They do a lot of things well defensively. They have a lot of great players. They tackle well, they give the run fits, and they have good pass coverage. They have [S LaRon] Landry back there and [CB] DeAngelo Hall playing at a high level, so is [OLB Brian] Orakpo. They have some good guys on that defense and it's definitely going to be a challenge."

RB LeSean McCoy

On how he would categorize this week: "I just feel that everyone's attitude in here has been positive. Everybody is approaching this as a big game, which it is. We need to win, and you can tell by everyone's focus and determination so far this week."

On whether this really is a must-win game: "Definitely. I think out of all the games we've had so far, I think this is the biggest game that we'll play. Especially now, since we're 1-4 and going against the division. This is one of the biggest games we'll play."

On what the Redskins do well on defense: "They're good. They all play together. The difference between this year and last year is they all have that motor. From the best guys on down, they're all playing as one. They're fast and physical. It'll be an interesting game."

On whether he approached this game differently because the season is on the line: "We play differently because of the type of team we are. We are far from a 1-4 team. We are in this position because we dug ourselves a hole, and we need to dig ourselves out. I think it's also a different approach because this past week has been so different from my last few years being here. The focus, attitude, all coming down from Andy Reid, it's all different."

G/T Todd Herremans

On whether it's like old times: "Real old times. It's crazy though, when I get in a left-handed stance, sometimes I automatically put my hand in the ground just because I feel like I'm playing guard again. That's just basically the only thing I've got to fight."

On the challenge of moving from right tackle to left tackle: "Yeah, I mean, we don't have too many other options right now, so just making the transition like that, more than anything is, I know the technique, I know the steps I'm supposed to take and everything, it's just getting my body used to doing them on that side. I kind of got used to being over on the right again, and then the switch up. The main thing is we want to get our five best guys out there possible, whatever arrangement we have, you know, then go out there and win the game."

On how T Winston Justice is doing: "Well you know, he's been out there getting scout team reps for a couple weeks now. I think he's getting more and more comfortable. Obviously this week, you know, running with the first team and stuff working at right tackle, probably good confidence for him. People say he's got his punch and everything still, so he looks comfortable."

On his matchups this week: "That's probably one of the changes. You know, [Redskins DE Ryan] Kerrigan is a real good player. He's more of a power rusher. You watch him, and he's getting off the ball and trying to get you on your heels and get your weight rolling, and then he just kind of plows into you. Orakpo is a really, really good player. He just has an arrangement of moves that he can give you. He can bull you if he wants, he can rip up field, or he can come underneath."

T Winston Justice

On how much time he's had to learn Offensive Line Coach Howard Mudd's methods: "I've been working on it, you know. Mudd's been really great. We've done some stuff after practice, one on one. We've been doing that for the past month. I've been doing his technique in the scout team. I get to go against [DE Jason] Babin, and [DE Juqua Parker], and who else, [DE Phillip] Hunt, and [DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim], so I get a chance to go against pretty good pass rushers in scout team. It's a good opportunity for me to get better."

On how comfortable he feels with doing what Mudd wants out of him: "It's always a little bit uncomfortable at first to try something new, but I think I feel comfortable."

On his knee and whether he was limping at all: "I can't talk about injuries or previous injuries. I want to listen to the coach and not talk about that."

On how his two days with the ones this week felt: "It's just like riding a bike, just like riding a bike."

On how his mindset has changed: "My mindset's the same, to try to be the best right tackle in the NFL. My mind hasn't changed."

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