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QB Vick, LB Chaney, RT Herremans

QB Michael Vick

On how the team can stop turning the ball over: "We need to just not commit the same mistakes over and over again. I think it's just guys trying too hard and being to the best they can be at that position. We're going to try and limit that and just keep doing what we're doing. We've been very productive, but at the same time, we've beat ourselves. We have to knock that out."

On whether players are trying too hard to make plays: "We press because we know how good we are, and that's the bottom line. We know how good we can become. We're still going to work hard each and every day, and that's the story."

On how to make sure players don't start pointing fingers at one another: "I think we have enough guys in this locker room to be able to gauge that. You can't personally blame anybody for the things that have happened. We're a team, and we're going to go out slinging and keep believing and trying to make plays whenever we can."

On whether confidence has taken a hit in the locker room: "I think we still have a very confident group. We're going to continue to be that way, and keep working hard and keep fighting to be the best. We need to go out there and play a complete game in all three phases of the game and not turn the ball over, get some turnovers, and make some plays on special teams. We'll be okay."

On whether he thinks the season is fixable with a 1-4 record: "Yeah, I think we can turn it around. Every guy in this locker room better have that mindset that we can turn it around. We can keep taking it one game at a time and try to be the best at your position. If you keep doing that, then collectively you can build a good football team. That has to be the mindset."

On the morale of the team: "We want to get a win. We want go out and continue to compete and continue to show that we can be one of the top teams in this league."

On how a win this Sunday will lessen the pressure: "It would be big to win this game this week. We just have to get our minds right and focused to go out and do so. It shouldn't be any other way with any other train of thought. We go out and play with confidence, and play the game to win. Not to turn the ball over, we want to play the game to win. You focus on going out and trying to play mistake-free football. Sometimes, it's not that way and things don't go the way you want them to go. Every play is not going to be a perfect play, but you have to learn to keep pushing it and keep moving forward. Guys just have to take up that mindset."

On whether he thinks they should change the game plan until the players become less turnover prone: "I think our game plan is always to come out, attack, and be aggressive, whether it's in the pass or the run game. I don't think you can get away from that. I think you stay aggressive, and when it's time to be cautious and meticulous about what you do, you do that. For the most part, you just go out and play ball."

LB Jamar Chaney

On the challenges of facing the Redskins running game: "They have a good running game. There have been plays where they have made some good decisions running the ball. They have a very athletic offensive line that fits what they do very well. They have three running backs that they switch in and out when one of them gets tired. It presents a big challenge to our defense. We want to go out there and challenge ourselves to go out there and take care of the run. We want to prove ourselves."

On whether the Redskins will attack them because of the game Vick had last year: "We expect them to attack us regardless. It's a division game, and we want to improve our record and they want to improve theirs. They're going to attack a team regardless. They're not going to go out and say, 'Okay, they beat us whatever the score was last year, so we have an extra chip on our shoulder.'  If you need to have something like that to motivate your team to play a division rival, you pretty much lost the game already. Both teams are motivated to win."

On whether the defense still believes in the wide nine technique: "We still believe in it. We just have to do a better job of picking up our assignments. When it all comes together, people understand where they need to be. The Detroit Lions run the same type of defense and front four that we run and they're 5-0. The wide nine is not the problem."

On how lining up closer to the line of scrimmage helped the defense clamp down in the second half: "It changed a little bit. It was just making adjustments and getting settled down. Guys are just going out there, doing their job, and making plays within the scheme. We just have to put together a whole game of dominating style football."

RT Todd Herremans

On how the morale has changed in the locker room over the past couple of weeks: "We're in a must-win situation, the same as last week. We understand the implications of our record, and the hole that we've dug ourselves. I don't think our goal has changed at all. We're all still focused on winning. That's what we were put together to do. It's just about going out to practice on a daily basis, doing your job, and making sure you do that to the best of your ability."

On whether this is the worst start to a season that one of his teams has had: "Yeah, I've never been 1-4. It's a definitely a new feeling to me and quite a few of my teammates who have been here the whole time. We've been in a hole and climbed out of it before, so we know what it's going to take to turn it around and get the job done. We just have to go through it."

On what he can say to his other teammates to keep their spirits up: "You don't really need to say anything because everybody knows what to do and what we're capable of. It's just a matter of going out there and doing it. The time for talking is over, we've been saying that, and we need to go do it."

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