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QB Vick, LB Bradley, DT Patterson, G Wells

QB Michael Vick

On whether he will be glad when Sunday is over and the team can move past the Redskins and QB Donovan McNabb: "Really, I haven't even paid attention to all that's been going on this week. I know our opponent is the Washington Redskins this weekend. It's just going to be another tough game for me, regardless of who's out there playing. This is just one game. It's a big one for us; it's a big one for (McNabb). And we've got to win it, and go out and do everything we can."

On whether he has spoken to McNabb this week: "No, not yet."

On the perception that there may be a mismatch because the Redskins' defense is ranked last and what he sees on film:"This is the NFL and it's a divisional game. It's going to be tough. I see a group that has unbelievable potential. They fly around. They have a lot of veterans over there, (CB) DeAngelo (Hall), (LB) London Fletcher, (DT Albert) Haynesworth—that's a good defensive group. If they put it together, then they're going to play a great football game. We've just got to be able to keep them off balance and go out there and play."

LB Stewart Bradley

On whether it is encouraging to know that they played well against Jaguars TE Marcedes Lewis given the fact that they have to play Redskins TE Chris Cooley this week: "(Cooley)'s obviously a great tight end. We face good tight ends on all of the NFC East teams. We faced some good tight ends the first three games this year already, so just another week and another battle with another good tight end."

On whether there is any added distraction this week playing against McNabb and the Redskins: "No. It's fun to play the Redskins. We get to see these guys multiple times a year. NFC East games are always enjoyable."

On what the defense has to do to shut McNabb down: "I think it's coming down to execution and playing sound football, because they do a lot of misdirection stuff, a lot of boots, a lot of plays where they're trying to take you out of position. And if you're not playing sound football, you're can really get burned. You've seen it, even in the games that they've ended up losing; they've gashed guys for a lot of yards with their boots and stuff."

On whether stopping the bootleg plays have to do with watching the quarterback's eyes: "There's different keys. Obviously, they can't have linemen down field, because it's a pass play. So you kind of have to feel the line and if they're sneaking someone back, you have to recognize that. They have a lot of different boots. More than any team I've ever played before, so they've got a whole package of them."

DT Mike Patterson

On whether the Redskins seem like they have gotten away from the run game: "Not necessarily. There's some things that they did, I just think it had to do with game situation. If they get comfortable, I'm sure they will be running the rock."

On how he feels he is playing: "Right now, for myself, I feel pretty good, but I don't feel like it's outstanding right now. I feel like I'm doing a pretty decent job for where I'm at right now."

On if he likes the way the defensive line is working:"Yeah, especially up front, everybody's able to talk things up. Everybody gets along with each other, and you just go out there and have fun. As long as we just keep on doing that, I think everything will work out real great."

G Reggie Wells

On whether it will make a big difference to play on the left side now: "We'll see once we start playing on a consistent basis and things like that, what exactly is going to be done as far as what side I'll be on. Either way, if you're not starting, you have to go into the game prepared to be on either side, so it's one way or another you still have to hone your craft from both side."

On whether the team discussed what side he feels more comfortable playing on before moving him to the left side: "To a degree, but it's going to be there decision one way or another. It's a process. It's something I'm just trying to be patient with, but I just want to play one way or another, and whatever that side is, that's going to be their decision."

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