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QB Vick, CB Asomugha, RB McCoy

QB Michael Vick

On what it is like from a quarterback's perspective not knowing whether WR Jeremy Maclin or WR DeSean Jackson will play on Sunday: "Well, we have to approach the game the same way. We have to go out there regardless of who's out there and just play. One guy goes down, two guys go down, somebody else has to step up. Hopefully, they'll get back and get out there, but the thing is, we don't want them to make the injuries any worse or re-aggravate it. So, we'll just see how it goes over the next couple of days."

On his thoughts on what LB Ray Lewis has been able to accomplish over his career: "Ray Lewis has accomplished a lot, not only for himself but for the NFL. I think the way he's played the game, younger guys coming into the league have patterned themselves after him and strive off the way he plays and his intensity. He's been a great ambassador for the NFL. He's definitely a big brother to all of us and he's always been that way and I love him to death. But this week, you've got to face him."

On whether he is confident that he'll have either Maclin or Jackson on Sunday: "I can't say right now for sure. But the guys who we have out there now have been working extremely hard and they understand the offense and what we're trying to get accomplished. So, that's all you can ask for right now. Like I said, hopefully DeSean and Jeremy will be out there."

On whether he feels confident that they have cleaned up the mistakes from last week heading into the game against Baltimore: "Yeah, I think we've cleaned up a lot. I think as the weeks go on, you know, we'll continue to get better. Obviously, every game's not going to be perfect; it's not going to be flawless. You learn from your mistakes and I think sometimes things not happening so well can be the best teacher for you as long as you clean it up."

On what he learned after watching the tape from last week: "Just to remain confident and that's something that we'll do. I believe in my abilities, I believe in the skill set that I've been blessed with. The only thing is not to force it. Don't try to make things happen when there's not an opportunity to and just be patient, don't get frustrated and just stay the course. Have fun playing the game."

On whether remaining confident in his abilities and learning not to force the ball can be learned during the week or if it can only be learned on Sunday: "I think it's all about Sundays. In practice, decision making is important but when the bullets are flying, that's when you have to be at your best. I think over the course of my career, I've done a good job with that and just getting back to it and I will."

On how excited he is to get back on the field Sunday: "I'm just happy to get back. This is what I do. I'm a professional football player and I play for the Philadelphia Eagles and I'm proud of that and I'm proud of the team that I have around me. I'm proud of the organization that I play for and that's the most important thing. When you go out and you play with pride and passion and you have fun, then good things usually happen."

On whether he has to make adjustments in his timing with different receivers on the field: "It's different, but our guys have done really well throughout the week and I'm confident in them. I'm confident that we can go out there and get it done. They're confident in themselves and they take pride in what they do and that's what's most important."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On what Ravens LB Ray Lewis has meant to the NFL: "It's meant a lot. The Ray Lewis name is synonymous with football. Everybody knows him. I'm sure there are kids in grade school that idolized him and are now on his team. It says a lot. He loves the game. I played with him like three or four times and I know his attitude. Even if it's an all-star game, his eyes are just (focused), you know, 'I want to make all the plays, I want to do this, that.' That's his thing."

On what obstacles the no-huddle offense presents for the secondary: "It really only presents a challenge if you panic. I mean, we've practiced it all week. Teams do it every game at some point if they have to. It's been their thing I guess as of late, but I don't think it's something that really rattles us. You've just got to make sure you get the call on defense so that you're not scrambling at the last minute. It's not as big a deal as it's been the past few days with all the questions about it."

RB LeSean McCoy

On whether he feels he will have to carry a greater load with WR Jeremy Maclin and WR DeSean Jackson uncertain for the game: "Not at all. I don't think it's going to come down to that, but I'm out here to contribute to the offense, make plays. So I'm ready. If it's more touches than usual, that's fine. But I feel confident that we'll get the job done. I feel like we've got a lot of weapons. We'll be good. Little injuries, but we'll be alright."

On how his body felt following Sunday's game: "Really after the first game, you're definitely sore. You haven't been hit that much, preparing for the season and preparing for the first game. But after that, I mean, it's just the normal season. It's nothing new to me. I'm used to this. I'll be fine."

On the Ravens run defense and what he saw from their film: "The Bengals actually did a good job just running the ball, setting up on blocks. I think there will be some lanes to run in. They do a good job of just bending a little bit, but they don't break. They're a tough defense…they'll give you the quick two or quick three but not too (many) big (plays). We'll find out. They're a good defense. The name 'Baltimore Ravens defense' had been going for a long time and I think that rumor is kind of true as far as aggressive, fast, and the defense is tight. It'll be a good game."

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