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QB Nick Foles

On how disappointing it is to be done for the season: "It's really disappointing. Just not being able to go out there and competing with the guys. Sometimes this happens when you play sports. The hand will heal up, and I'll be better than ever when it heals."

On whether he was surprised on Monday that the hand was broken: "I had the game on my mind. I wasn't worried about the hand and what was going on with it. I was just really frustrated that we lost and my mind was on the game."

On how the hand injury affected his play: "I don't think it affected me at all. I still feel like with all the throws, that I should have made them no matter what. It had no effect."

On whether it happened on the second to the last play in the first half: "I think it was when I scrambled for five yards and there was a holding call. That's the play I think it was. That's what I narrowed it down to, either that or the screen pass. What I think was it was the play that I scrambled on."

On whether there is swelling and pain still: "There is still some swelling. When you break something, it tends to swell up for probably about a week. I'm just icing it and doing whatever I need to do to just heal it."

On when he first noticed that something was wrong with his hand: "When it happened, I just can't pinpoint the play. I looked down and there was already some swelling. I knew something had happened to the hand, and I just wasn't quite sure what. Honestly, I wasn't really worried about it and I was just going to keep playing."

On whether he has shown enough to be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles: "That's not my decision. What I can do is just keep working. I can look at what I've done, improve on what I've done, and compete. Right now, I'm thinking about what to do against the Giants and what I can do to help the guys in any way possible. Just studying the film, looking at the film, and watching. That's what I'm focused on now and I'm not focused on anything else. That's it. That's what my mindset is right now."

On what he thinks on what he has done: "There are some good things and there are some bad things. There is a lot I need to work on. There is a ton of room for improvement. I just have to write down and study what I need to improve on, and work on it. That's what you work on during the offseason. Just fine tune the skills and keep improving. You just have to keep working. There is film out there and some stuff I can look at. I just need to keep studying, keep pushing forward, and get better."

On the biggest thing he can improve on this offseason: "That's a tough question, because there's so many different things. I think just continue to work on the fundamentals, continue to understand the defenses in this league, blitzes, protections. But when you study it, you break it down. You don't go at it all at once. It might be one week, I'm going to focus on my feet and keeping everything underneath me and driving it, and the next week might be moves if I get pressure, getting out of the pocket. It's just knowing what to do, breaking it up week-to-week, day-to-day and just knowing what to work on. So, that'll be something that I'll look at after this game, after we go up to New York."

On how valuable it was for him to get starting experience as a rookie:"I mean, it's very valuable to have the experience to go out there and play and play at the highest level. We wanted to get more wins, but that's something that we've just got to keep working (on). We've got one more opportunity to go out there and get a win and that's what we're all focused on right now."

On how much he feels the team's 1-5 record with him as the starter will be or should be held against him: "That's another tough question. I didn't do my job. The starting quarterback, you have to put more points on the board at whatever cost to win the game. If you look at it like that, which I do, I didn't do my job and that's something that I've got to keep working on. I think, if anything, you keep driving, you keep working (and) good things will happen. Bringing the guys around you; I know the guys here are going to work as hard as they can and coaches and everything. So, you just keep the path, keep working and those wins will start coming."

On whether he has had time to reflect on his season: "I will when the offseason hits. We have a game this week against the Giants, so that's all I'm focused on right now. When the offseason's here, I always get away from the game a little bit, reflect on everything that's happened, really think about it, let it all soak in. But right now, I'm focused on the Giants and that's all I'm focused on."

On what makes head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg so good at developing and coaching quarterbacks: "I think just their attention to detail. They notice every little thing and they're going to work on it. They're going to push us. They demand a lot, which I love. They're going to fine tune every little thing. With anything you do, the small attention to details, the little things that some people overlook, they don't and that's the one thing that I love about them is that their attention to detail is great."

On whether it is tough not knowing what the system or coaching situation may be going forward: "Nope. Right now, Coach Reid's my head coach. Coach Mornhinweg's my offensive coordinator. I know the system, so that's all I'm worrying about is today. I love my coaches here. They've been great. We've just got to keep working this week and go up and get a win against the Giants."

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