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QB Nick Foles


On how much more comfortable he will be out there if he is asked to start:** "I hope a lot. There is a lot to learn from that game: You can't have turnovers, I missed some throws that you need to hit, accuracy, and just keeping the rhythm of the game. Hopefully I can take that, learn from it and move forward."

On what it meant for him to take responsibility for the shortcomings last game: "That's the truth. That is honestly what I felt like the truth is. I'm going to keep it real. When I miss a throw, I know why. I have to make those throws. I can't turn over the ball and I have to take care of the ball. That's the quarterbacks job. I play quarterback for a reason, and I love having the ball in my hand. It's my job to make good decisions, and I didn't make the best decisions. I made some good ones, but I can't have all of the bad ones I made."

On whether his performance was the reason for the lack of action to WR DeSean Jackson or WR Jeremy Maclin: "Those guys are playmakers, and it's my job to get the ball in their hands and give them accurate throws. I didn't do that. Today's a new day, and I got back to work and feel good. I'm going to improve and keep working on it. That's all I can do is keep working."

On whether the excitement and adrenaline of his first NFL start got to him: "No, I don't think so. I don't think that was the reason. The reason was I messed up. I'm not going to make any excuses. I need to get better. I'm going to learn from it, though. I was able to see what I did fundamentally, maybe decision-making sometimes, and I'm going to improve on it. That is what practice is for. You have 24 hours to deal with the game and then move forward."

On whether he expects to play this week: "I always have that mindset. Like I've said before, always prepare yourself like you're the starter no matter what, even if you're second or third string. I'm keeping that mindset and I've always had it so I'm always preparing myself like that. Even if (QB) Michael (Vick) was playing and when he was playing, that's how I would prepare myself. Just going to keep the same routine and keep working on things. Attention to detail is the key."

On whether Vick has been able to assist him get ready for the game at all: "Yeah. It's great to have Michael back around. I love Mike, and just to have him back in the building, he is such a presence and it's definitely helped. Just watching film with him and going through different cut ups, he's able to say different things. It's great having Mike back."

On adjusting to regular season game speed as opposed to the preseason: "It's a faster game, but I have to adapt to it. I have to get faster. I have to play faster, have decision-making faster. It's what it is. I have to adapt and get better. It is a faster game, but I'm going to keep working on it and improving."

On what it says about the 2012 draft class to have five rookies starting: "It just says that we're ready to play, and that we've had injuries. Guys have to step up regardless of age. We are here for a reason, and it's our job to get out there and make it happen. I don't know what more to say. We are on this team and do everything we can to execute the plays and play hard."

On whether he feels comfortable with players like RB Bryce Brown and WR Damaris Johnson because of their game action together in the preseason and on the scout team: "Anyone who is on the field, I feel comfortable with. I'm with these guys every day in the locker room and I feel comfortable with them and anybody else on the field. Anybody that's on the field I've been practicing with and been in the locker room with so I've been comfortable with anyone."

On whether he senses the negativity with this team in the city: "The fans are passionate, and that's the one thing I've always heard even before I was drafted here. I love it. Shoot, we're frustrated, too, and we're going to keep working at it. The fans love this team. They do everything they can to support us. They come to the games and they bleed green. We know that, and I love how passionate the fans are. They live and die with the way their teams play, and that's hard, and I respect that. We have to keep working hard. The people in Philly are hard working people and do everything we can to keep them coming to our games. Continue to work hard and stay together through the tough times, and go out there and play as hard as we can."

On the fumbles he has had through two games: "I just need to improve on it. I just need to protect the ball better. It was not a freakish thing, it was me. On one, I threw a lateral. I just have to keep the ball tight and protect the ball. You just can't have turnovers. I put the ball on the ground and made some decisions I'm not happy with. I'm going to learn from it and move forward."

On how he pushed through the early interceptions against Washington: "Just short memory. It's frustrating when that happens, and you never want that to happen. It's a horrible feeling. You just keep firing. You keep throwing and you can't worry about that because you don't want your last throw to affect your next throw. You just keep firing, even if it is in tight windows, and you can't let that change your mindset."

On whether his second interception had anything to do with the speed of the game: "No, it was just a bad decision. Fundamentally, I was off fundamentally. You have to throw a more accurate ball, it is as easy as that. It's a fast game, and I'm going to adapt to it and I'll keep working at it. It's just one day at a time and you just have to fine tune the skills. You can't be afraid of making mistakes."

On whether he thought he was stepping into his throws enough: "That's fundamentally – I think sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't. To be an accurate thrower, you always have to be on balance and you need to have your feet underneath you and step into your throws. Sometimes you're going to have to be on your back feet to make accurate throws, and that's part of the game. You always have to be accurate."

On whether he has had to roll out more now than in the preseason: "Sometimes you're going to have to. You're going to have a high rush and you step up and get out left or right. Sometimes you have to make plays and that's just part of playing quarterback. Just keeping the play alive. The line is going to do the best job they can of keeping a pocket, and then just keeping the play alive."

On whether he feels he has enough time to make throws despite constant pressure: "I do. I feel that the line was blocking their butts off. It's our job as the quarterback, if somebody does come in, to make guys miss. It's our job to step up and make our check downs. Those guys are fighting every play, and it's my job to avoid the sacks and get the ball out."

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