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QB Nick Foles

On whether it has sunk in that he will be starting on Sunday: "Yeah it has. We've had a great week of preparation, a lot of hard work, and it definitely has sunk in and (I'm) ready to go."

On what he will have to do to get rid of any nervousness on Sunday: "Just play fast. Just trust myself, trust my preparation. We've been working hard all week and going through the plays, going through he game plan, studying the plan, so just really in myself, trusting my teammates. There are 10 other guys out there with me playing. We're all playing together. We just need to play within ourselves."

On what the next couple days will entail for him: "Just keep going over everything. Keep watching film, keep going over the game plan, (and) play the what-if game. What if different scenarios happen? What would I do in this situation? Just get the brain thinking. That's really what I'm going to do the next couple of days."

On how much different a full week of practice reps will make in his game performance: "Either way I feel comfortable. I love this offense, I love my teammates, the coaches, so I feel comfortable. With reps you can't (help) but feel even more comfortable but either way I felt great."

On whether practice reps make more of a difference in mental or physical preparation: "It really just comes down to going out and playing. It's football. You just have to trust yourself, trust the throws. Sure, being on time with the receivers is huge but when you go out there it's just playing."

On what will be his biggest challenge in his first career start: "Not trying to do too much. Just trusting my reads, trusting everything. Just playing football (and) playing natural with what comes to me. Don't try to do too much. That's the key on any level. I learned that in college. Sometimes I tried to do too much and really just stay calm. Trust the preparation, trust the week of practice with the guys, and we have 10 other guys out there playing with me so it's a group (and) we work together."

On whether he feels the players in the locker room are confident in his abilities: "Yeah, I feel great. We have a great group of guys here, great coaches. I feel great. I felt great ever since I got here. I felt like it's a home. We have fun together. We have fun out there at practice together and in the locker room. It's a great environment to play in, it's a great environment to go to work in. I feel comfortable in everything and I'm ready to go play for these guys."

On what his first college start was like: "It was at Oregon State. Similar thing. Just trusting my preparation, trust the game plan, trust everything and just play within myself not trying to do too much. That's what I did against Oregon State and I felt comfortable but this is a little bit different. With anything you have to trust yourself."

On how his first start in college went: "It went well."

On whether he was nervous for his first college start: "Yeah, I don't care who you are, you're going to get nervous and butterflies. It's a game, you care about it. We care about the game we play in. You're going to get nerves but the second the ball is snapped, the second you're in it then it goes away. You just get in the zone, play football, and you trust everything."

On what challenges playing on the road presents: "You're playing in a hostile environment. Not much more to it. We're playing in their home, in front of their fans, (and) we have to go in there (and play). I know we're going to have Eagles fans there because we have great support from our fans but it's a hostile environment. It's going to be loud so communication is going to be key. Just have to stay together and play together."

On whether he got any pointers from QB Michael Vick before going into his first start: "Like I've said before, I've learned so much from Mike from being here. No matter what if you throw an interception, go out there and play. If he throws a touchdown, come back. If you get hit, he got up. Watch Mike and every time he's gotten back up. Anything he's done he just keeps playing. It's the next play and the next play. Just seeing how much heart Mike has and how much he loves this team, that's more than enough. I'm lucky to be here with two great quarterbacks that help me. Great coaches. I've learned a lot from them."

On his emotions right now:"Right now, (I) feel comfortable. Just got done with practice so (I) feel good (and) have to keep studying. Come game day I don't know what it's going to be like because I've never experienced that but I assume there will be butterflies and nerves. I'm going to keep working hard, keep studying the playbook, watching film, so the more you know about something the more the nerves go down. Just preparation. Keep working until game day."

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