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Philadelphia Eagles News

QB Mike Vick

On whether he thinks this week's game will be his last as an Eagle: "I don't think about it. The only thing I think about is going out there and trying to be productive for this football team, enjoy the last game (of the season) with my teammates, and make the most of it."

On the idea that it could be the last game for him and head coach Andy Reid: "That may be the case but I'm just praying it's not my last football game ever (for this team)."

On what it was like to be named the starting quarterback for the final game of the season: "It's great to know that you're going to have a chance to go out and play. The one thing I never do is waver or back down from opportunities to go out there and get on the field regardless of what has transpired throughout the season. I'm fully confident in myself and the guys around me. We'll have to go out there and put it all together for the last game and get a win for Andy."

On whether he could have played against the Redskins last week: "Yeah, I could've played last week but Coach's decision was to ensure that I was healthy (and) continue to stay healthy. I think his concern was more about my health than anything. I think he thought that I was ready to go but the decision was made to keep me out and continue to get healthy."

On the feeling of being limited to a backup role after spending the majority of his career as a starting quarterback: "It's difficult, especially after watching the game last week. You want to get out there. You want to play. You get that feeling back of what it's like to be behind the center, to be in control. As a quarterback I love being in control and I just (missed) it. So I'm going to have the opportunity to go out this week and play and I'm excited about it."

On whether his performance this week will dictate how other teams around the league view him going into the future: "I'm not putting pressure on myself to go out and try to put on a great performance in the sense of an audition. I think it's about just going out and playing and doing what you love to do. (There's) already enough pressure on you in this league but the thing I'm truly confident about is my ability to play the game of football, what I know, what I've learned, the success I've had over the past years, and what I can accomplish (in the future). I think I just have to go out and continue to play my game. The focus is to try to be the best player I can be year in and year out and being in tip-top shape, and ensure that I'm doing all the right things."

On how he would describe his career in Philadelphia: "My time has been great. I've enjoyed being here, I've enjoyed the coaches, (and) I've enjoyed the teammates that I've had. Some have come and gone but given the opportunity I was able to go out and be productive in 2010, finished strong in 2011, and this year was just a roller coaster ride. We had a lot of ups and downs. We had a lot of guys who got hurt. We just had to deal with it the way we did and the joy we get, and the fulfillment, of still being able to go out and play the game."

On how much the team wants to win this week if it is Reid's last game as the team's head coach: "If you look at Coach Reid's track record, the things he's been able to accomplish is going to be hard to top. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of commitment, and the one thing I can say is (that) he committed himself to being the best coach that he could be and having his players in the best possible position week in and week out to try to win the games. You don't win them all and every good thing comes to an end. If that is the case, (which) we don't know and the same thing for me, throughout it all I can say we stay confident, we had fun and we're going to try to go out and win this last one."

On what happened to the team since the come-from-behind win against the Giants in 2010: "I can't tell you. (There's) just so many moving parts (with) guys in and out. We had coaching changes and things of that nature. I really can't say what happened or what went wrong. I'd have to go back and look at all the film. We all have to evaluate and assess our situation as far as what happen at the conclusion of the season. It is what it is. It's not the first organization this has happened to and it certainly won't be the last. Hopefully it won't be this one."

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