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QB Mike Vick

On where Vick personally has grown the most over the last few weeks: "In the last three weeks, just my everyday life and everyday well-being. I think that every day you grow as an individual and grow as a person. The objective is to be better than you were the day before, in all facets of your life, and that's what I try to do and try to help the young guys do. That's part of being a leader."

On what he thinks that he knows about this team that he did not know three weeks ago: "I know that we are very tough. We are a very tough football team. I know we have guys on this team who care and who want to win. We'll go the extra mile to make sure that we have a great chance of having success. That's gratifying."

On whether he thinks this team can reach the Super Bowl: "I think any team is ready to win the Super Bowl. I think it's all about the mindset that is created amongst the players and amongst the coaches. I think, more so than anything, is the players have to be able to come together and put it all together when we're out on the field. I've said it before that our coaches can't play for us. They can only coach us up on what to do. We have to go out there and execute it, and believe and trust in them. Usually when we do that, we have success."

On the two three-and-outs from the first team offense in the first preseason game: "There are going to be times in the season where we may go three-and-out two times. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Obviously it's a preseason game, but we would have loved to have gotten back out there and made some plays. We play Pittsburgh in the regular season and we'll have them for four quarters. The preseason is cool but it's also tough at the same time because you can't get into a rhythm."

On what he has seen from RB LeSean McCoy and WR DeSean Jackson in training camp: "I'm extremely proud of DeSean and LeSean. They got their contract situations settled. They both were dedicated in this camp. They both were committed, and they didn't miss a day. Even when there were times they were hurting and felt like they needed treatment, they got out there, grinded, and busted their butts to make sure they were accountable each and every day. Both of them had tremendous camps. I'm extremely proud of DeSean for stepping up as a leader, LeSean as well, and also (WR) Jeremy (Maclin). I think it's part of their growing process, and is very important for those guys at this point in their career."

On whether he feels good about the team: "I feel very good about the team. I'm excited."

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