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QB Michael Vick

On whether he is more disappointed by the loss or the lack of opportunity to advance past the third seed:"I think it's disappointing on both ends, the fact that we can't get that number two seed or even have a chance. Just win the game in general, just for our confidence moving forward and giving ourselves the opportunity. It hurts more than anything. I take my hat off to the Minnesota Vikings. They came out and had a great game. They played well and they did what they had to do to win and we didn't."

Describing his injury: "I hurt it on the first play of the game in the scramble. I just tried to tolerate it throughout the game and I did. I have a strong will to win and I'll do anything to win a football game and I just tried to go out there and just get through it."

On how his injury affected him:"It didn't affect me because when the ball was snapped, my focus was just making plays that I know I can make. I won't use it as an excuse. It happened. I didn't come out of the game so I guess it wasn't that severe. I just got to take the good with the bad."

On whether he could use a week off: "I'm a competitor. I always want to play but, ultimately, it's (Eagles Head Coach) Andy (Reid)'s decision. He'll make the best decision possible and I'll go with whatever he asks me to do. That's what I'm here to do, play the quarterback position, lead this football team and play the best football I can play."

On the fumble before halftime:"We set a slot blitz and we didn't pick it up. I got to do a better job of protecting the football. Regardless of whether or not we pick the blitz up, it's still my responsibility to push up in the pocket, two hands on the ball, drills that we do every day and I didn't do it. We see the effects and what happened and how that was a huge momentum swing for the Minnesota Vikings."

On the fumble in the third quarter: "The fumble in the third quarter was just me trying to get extra yards, trying to do more than what I could at the time. That's just trying to press the issue instead of letting it happen and playing smart. You got to be disciplined in this game. You got to be disciplined for four quarters and you got to be conscious of what is going on around you. I failed to do that and it cost us."

On whether it was strange to play a Tuesday night game: "Actually, it doesn't feel any different. We just have to deal with all the elements. You can't dictate what's going to happen. Mother Nature is going to take its course whenever it does and, regardless, we still have to go out and play against that football team regardless of whether it was Tuesday night or Wednesday night. I guess like I said over and over again repeatedly, we failed to get it done."

On whether this is a bump in the road for their season: "It's a bump in the road. I think it just set us back as far as what could have potentially happened over the weekend and what our expectations were. I think the thing we do now is that we look at our mistakes, figure it out and get better. That's why we play this game. We play this game to get better each and every week. You never know it all and you're always going to be a work in progress. I look forward to going and looking at the tapes, seeing what I can learn from them, seeing what I can take from it and I promise you that game is going to make me a better player."

On Andy's strong post-game words, describing the game as "pathetic":"I agree, absolutely. We're a much better football team than we displayed tonight, much much better and we've all seen it. Starting with me as the leader of this football team as the quarterback, I had an interception and I had two fumbles. Two critical fumbles. It just goes back to being disciplined. If those things don't happen, then I think we dictate the outcome of this game. I take sole responsibility for not doing that. That's my job. That's what I get paid to do and I didn't' do it."

On the team's reaction to Andy taking the blame for the loss: "He doesn't have to take the blame as the coach. Us players have to go out and do what we're coached to do. We know how to play football. We do this week in and week out. We had a game plan, we had a good game plan and we didn't execute. I'll go back and I'll say it again. Starting with the two fumbles, we had opportunities and we didn't capitalize. Ok, so what? We had some breakdowns in protection. We have to fix it as players. The coaches can't get out there and play for us. They can only give us the blueprint."

On whether the hits affected him: "I played the entire game. My leg wasn't 100% but I still felt strong. I still felt like I could get the job done. Maybe I was being selfish but that's just me. If I couldn't walk, I would have come out."

On what it means to be voted a Pro Bowl starter: "I'm not worried about the Pro Bowl right now. There are so many things going on in my head. I appreciate the Pro Bowl, but as of right now, I can't even be focused on that so that's in oblivion right now."

On whether he wants to play against Dallas this week: "Like I said, whatever Coach decides to do, I'll be ready to go. I have to get treatment and get myself back to 100%."

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