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QB M. Vick, S Q. Mikell, OL T. Herremans

QB Michael Vick

On whether he ever imagined that he and McNabb would go head-to-head in a game after he brought him in last year: "We all never imagined that it would come to this. The Lord works in mysterious ways and we all know that this is a business and, at any given moment, you can be traded or you can be released. It just depends on how things are going. It's not surprising to us at all."

On whether he imagined that he could play better than he did in Atlanta: "I always knew I could play better than what I did. All I had to do was work at it and get in the right system and just play my game. Play efficiently and be smart with the football and just be given the opportunity. I always knew I could do it."

On treating this game like any other game: "I mean, it's not difficult but, obviously, it's just another game for us. It's a big game because it's a divisional game and we have to go out and get a win. The most important thing is getting win number three for us. We know Washington is always going to be a tough opponent and we just have to go out there and put things together and make it all work."

On how the people in Philadelphia have embraced him one year later: "It's all I can hope for. It's been great. I've enjoyed the whole experience being here in Philadelphia. It's been great since day one. I'm just going to continue to cherish every moment and continue to try to make the fans proud."

On where he is now: "I feel good about where I am right now in my life and in football. Like I always say, life is always a work in progress and things happen in phases and stages. You just have to adjust and roll with the punches. Just be positive and always be conscious of what you're doing and that's how I try to live my life."

On whether it's tougher now or tougher when he was drafted as the number one pick to deal with the pressure: "I've been under pressure my whole life. My whole life, there's always been pressure. You know, pressure to take care of my family and a lot of other things. This is football. There is pressure, but you also have to make fun of it and make light of the whole situation. That's what I try to do. There's always going to be pressure. That's the great part about this game because it brings the best out of you."

On whether he talked to McNabb this week: "No, we haven't spoken."

On whether he plans on talking to him: "Yeah, we'll probably speak."

On what they'll talk about: "I don't know. I can't tell. I can't really say how the conversation is going to go. It just depends on what mood we're in."

On what it was like playing with McNabb in Philadelphia: "It was great playing with Donovan. I mean, every day at that locker, every day I came in to work I knew I was going to get a good laugh; every day. Sometimes four or five times a day. He's a type of guy, you know, you can be in a bad mood or things not going so well at home and he'll give you good advice. He's a very responsible person. (He's) an overall professional. I had a great time with him. I enjoyed last year and I always enjoyed my time with him when we would sit and relax at our own leisure. He's just a great guy, overall."

On the fan reaction he would like to see McNabb get on Sunday: "I hope it's a positive reaction. I hope it's a great reaction and maybe a standing ovation. I think that will be great. Donovan sacrificed a lot for this organization and took them to the playoffs plenty of times and made an appearance in the Super Bowl. He put in his work."

On whether Sunday's matchup is being built as Vick versus McNabb: "Not at all. It's not me against Donovan; not at all. And it's not me against the Redskins. It's the Philadelphia Eagles. It's the Philadelphia Eagles against the Redskins and that's how you have to approach it. You can't get caught up in everything that's going on because we have no personal vendetta against each other. It's a divisional game and it's going to be rough and it's going to be tough and I'm pretty sure they're feeling the same way."

On describing McNabb's role in bringing him to Philadelphia: "I'm not about to recap as far as everything that happened. Donovan was very instrumental in bringing me here. He put in a good word for me and it happened. I was thankful for it and they gave me an opportunity when nobody believed in me and he was a part of that. I'll never forget that."

S Quintin Mikell

On whether McNabb looks like the same quarterback when they watch him on film: "Yeah, he's doing a lot of the same things. You can see that the schemes are a little bit different than what he had here. You can tell that he's running the play-action and passes, the bootlegs and all the stuff that we used to do here. The one play I was talking about, he looked just like he always did. He still looks good."

On whether these types of games give players a bigger lift if you win them: "It's early, man. It's still early. I think, if anything, just because it's a division game, that's the biggest part about it. If we get that division win, it will be big for us."

G/T Todd Herremans

On whether the fans will be hostile on Sunday: "We always want (Lincoln Financial Field) to be hostile. Right now, everybody that's wearing a Redskins uniform, we want them to be hostile towards and everybody that's wearing an Eagles uniform, we want them to cheer on."

On whether this win is that much more important, being that it's the only divisional game before the bye week: "I don't know if you can make your first division game any more important. Division game is a division game. We need to win. We want to win all of them, so let's just start it off."

On the Redskins transitioning to a 3-4 scheme: "There are a lot of available things that they can do out of a 3-4. They can be very active or, if they want, they can rush four or five and cover and still get pressure. They've got good personnel over there on defense and they look like they're starting to grasp the scheme."

On whether he feels the offensive line is starting to become more cohesive: "Yeah, we're definitely getting a little better. You know, we still gave up three sacks last week. There's plenty of room to improve on. A couple things in the running game that we can still fix. We just want to get better every week and get to the point as to where you guys aren't questioning us."

On how the Redskins are utilizing DT Albert Haynesworth: "It looks like Albert is coming in and playing a little bit of nose tackle in the 3-4 and it looks like they're mainly bringing him in, in a nickel package, is what it looks like. He's more of a rushing d-tackle. Everybody knows, it's no secret, he's a great player. He's got all the tools that it takes to succeed. They're just trying to figure out when they can use him that will benefit them the best."

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