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QB Kolb, RB McCoy, TE Harbor, WR Jackson, T Justice

QB Kevin Kolb

On whether he will be ready to play next week:"I'm going to be as ready as possible. (QB Michael Vick) is obviously as tough as they come, with the stuff he's playing through. I'll try and stay ready, but he's a tough guy, and I know he's out there if he can be."

On whether the postponement affected the team's performance:"I don't think there's much of an excuse for that. We have to be professionals and adjust to what's given to us. We have to play good no matter what the circumstances are. I'm pretty sure when we go back and watch the film, it's going to be all self-inflicted, and stuff that we can correct easily. But it's got to get corrected."

On whether the Vikings defense did anything unexpected: "Nothing that we haven't seen all season, but they did use a different package, obviously, for us, which a lot of (defensive) coordinators do, because we're such a unique offense. We did adjust. We just have to adjust a little quicker as a team and get those pickups, and that way we can stay in rhythm and continue to execute like we normally do."

On Head Coach Andy Reid's statement that he might play most of the next game: "If that's what he calls for, then I'll be ready. That's part of my job and I'll look forward to the opportunity to try to get us in the playoffs in the best shape, and get back on track after this one."

RB LeSean McCoy

On whether he can explain the team's performance tonight: "We just didn't handle business. We came out fired up and we knew that the stakes were high. We just didn't answer. We played terrible."

On whether he believes the two-day layoff had anything to do with the team's performance: "I am not sure. I don't think so. Everybody seemed the same."

On whether the Vikings did anything special to slow down the team's offense: "They threw some blitzes at us that worked. You have to give them some credit. They did a great job of containing (QB) Mike (Vick)."

TE Clay Harbor

On his touchdown catch: "I'm just running a straight vertical route to the middle of the end zone, and then (TE) Brent (Celek) is coming in underneath (the Vikings safety). Basically, they gave us a two-shell, two-high safety, and he's got to pick one of us to guard. He kind of hung on Brent, so I put my hand up for (QB) Mike (Vick) to throw it high and put it in a good spot, and I was able to come down with it. I knew I had caught the ball. I didn't know where my feet were. I just tried to tap my feet. I didn't know where I was on the end line. I'd have to see the replay to see how close it was."

WR DeSean Jackson

On whether the offense's performance had more to do with the Vikings defense or poor play of the offense: "They did a good job. I don't take anything away from them, but as far as us, we didn't play well at all. So, that's on us."

On whether the Vikings were more physical with him than other teams: "No, not at all. They did a great job, but we didn't do well on our side. If you are a championship caliber team, you can't play like that."

On whether the team was in the right mental state in the beginning of the game: "I think we always are. We are professional athletes and this is what we are paid to do. It just comes down to not playing well and they played better than we did."

On why the team came out flat: "We just didn't play well. There are times you win and times you lose. Today was one of those days we didn't play well and we lost. As far as any other explanations, I can't speak to that. I am just here to say we didn't play well and we got our butts kicked."

RT Winston Justice

On why the offensive line gave up six sacks: "There were breakdowns in communication. They blitzed us a lot more than what we were expecting and we didn't make the right calls."

On the Vikings defensive performance: "I don't know. But they were successful. We just need to communicate better and learn from this. We will take this to our next game and to the playoffs as well."

On his response to the coaches saying the line needs to protect Vick better: "I say that they are right. We do need to protect him better. Today we did a subpar job. We can't win games if the line plays this way. So, we need to get better."

On whether he senses how much punishment Vick is taking: "Yeah, hits always wear on you. We just need to do better. The Vikings outplayed us today and we have to get better. That is all I can really say."

On why he thinks the team came out flat tonight: "That is unacceptable. We can't expect to win games like that. We just can't play and hope things happen and that is basically what we did tonight. We just need to get better."

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