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QB Kolb, G Herremans, TE Celek

QB Kevin Kolb

On whether he feels he is getting better with the more he plays: "Yeah, sure. That's what needs to continue to happen. I think the one mistake people make is their preparation. They feel comfortable on the field, so they don't prepare quite as hard. That's not what I, or we, want to do, and keep moving forward with this thing and keep racking up the wins."

On whether he and QB Michael Vick prepare on a week-to-week basis:"Exactly. That's the mentality for both of us, and for our team. I think it helps you when you have that mentality, then you just focus on your opponent for that week. And when you do that, you don't miss very many details."

On the Titans looking like one of the more ferocious pass rushing teams that the Eagles will face: "Yeah, they have a good pass rush, and they're aggressive all over the field. So we'll have to match that. Make sure we strap it up, which we will, and be ready to roll."

On whether the upcoming game is his biggest challenge: "Yeah, sure. The next challenge is always the biggest challenge. This league is a 'what have you done for me next?' league. They're a good team. They've come off a couple of wins, and we're going into their house so, again, we have to make sure we match their intensity."

On whether the Titans having two pass rushers that are former Eagles, LB Will Witherspoon and DE Jason Babin, make a difference: "I don't think it has quite as much merit as what people think. We're just out there playing ball. Those guys are relying on their technique and their keys, and we're doing the same thing. Although we enjoy facing each other, I don't think there's much to speak of there."

On whether he's glad the NFL is cutting down on the violent hitting that goes on: "Yeah, it's something that needs to be addressed, but it's a fine line, because you still want guys to go out there and play aggressive football. I know the league's doing whatever they can to help out with that, while still keeping the aggression in the game, because that's what makes our game so unique."

On how he thinks the changes in rules impact the game: "I just think that, of course I'm not on defense, which is where a lot of them come from, but I think maybe there's a slight hesitation with those guys now, maybe it helps us offensively, I don't know. I don't know how you play the game full speed and at the last minute decide how you're going to hit him. But like I said I'm not on that side of the ball, so I don't have much of a feeling on it."

On whether he felt like the league had to do something to make the game safer: "Yeah, and the concussions have gone up. I think a lot of it is due to bigger and better athletes, and faster guys. It's continually increasing. With that being said, obviously there's going to be higher impacts. We've seen it this year. The numbers are staggering with the concussions. I think the league's doing a good job of trying to do what they can."

On what was going through his mind after WR DeSean Jackson was laying on the ground and after being hit by Atlanta CB Dunta Robinson: "I was very afraid. Especially, I know it's part of the game, but being the guy who threw the ball. That's one of your buddies down out there. And of course for Dunta, too. Both of them were laying there. That's a part of the game none of us want to see or want to watch. I'd be shocked if many of the players in the locker room have gone back and watched that hit very much. Once you see him moving, that's the first step. And then of course, how's his head, and then once he walks off the field, he feels a little bit better. It's still a serious situation and hopefully that's not going to be in that game too much longer."

On the high number of quarterback concussions this season: "Yeah, but I feel like they're doing the right things to take care of us, as well, and take care of all the players. Like I said, the impacts are increasing, but the league's following suit right behind, and so that's all you can ask for from both sides."

On how the offense changes without Jackson: "Well, everybody's got to pick up their game a little bit, because he's such a great player, of course, and that includes me. But we have a lot of faith in the guys that are behind him, and some of our young guys, as well. You've seen them come in and make great plays so far. It is going to change some, but not drastically. We're still going to do our thing. We still believe in who we've got, and go out and execute."

On what the key has been to WR Jeremy Maclin's development: "I think one thing that helps Mac a lot is his focus and determination. When he gets to the ball, he doesn't think anybody can cover him, he doesn't think anybody can get past him when he's blocking. So that aggression that he brings to the field helps with all aspects, and that's why he finds himself so wide open sometimes."

On whether he sees the friendly competition between Jackson and Maclin and whether it helps the two receivers: "Absolutely. You see it all the time out there. They're talking who's faster and who's more explosive, but competition always makes everybody better. Not to go back to our deal, but it's good for me and (QB Michael Vick), too. When you have good players around you, it makes you a better player, and those two guys do a good job of pushing each other and making sure they're on the right mark every single time they step on the field."

On whether he believes he can win the starting quarterback job by performing well in Tennessee: "My outlook is what I spoke of before. I have to take it one week at a time, and continue to prepare like the starter. And that way I'm ready when my name's called. Whatever (head coach Andy Reid) decides, he decides. It's just my job to play good football and get another win. That's our focus week in and week out."

On whether it is hard not to think about the future decisions Reid will have to make about the quarterback position: "It's really not as hard as what people would think, because like I said, it helps me just to take it one week at a time. Especially being somewhat of a young player, that has to be your focus, and that's what it helps me with."

On whether it is easier for him to handle now that he is a fourth-year player and has matured: "Sure, yeah. You see that nothing's ever promised from week to week, and I think that's the one thing I've learned. So you have to bring it. Like I said, this league is a 'what can you do next' league, so have to forget about last week, as good as it was, we have to forget about it and we have to go prove ourselves again against the Titans."

G Todd Herremans

On how well G Max Jean-Gilles has played: "Max is playing well. I think Max made a commitment to himself that he was going to nail down that right guard spot and it seems like he's done that."

On whether Jean-Gilles' play has to do with his weight loss: "Hard to say. I'm sure it's not hurting at all, having his weight down. He's playing well, he's moving around. He's playing with a high energy, which I don't know if he'll be able to do with the extra weight on."

On how Reid keeps things fresh even though he's been with the team for so long: "Coach Reid's a good coach. He understands what his players need to hear and what they don't need to hear, and he's upfront with us about pretty much everything, so I think that keeps it fresh."

On whether the fact that Reid does not publicly reprimand players is a big plus: "Yeah, that's a huge plus, because when you handle your business in house, that gives you a better relationship with the coach and player, rather than letting it creep up somewhere else and getting all sorts of other voices into it."

TE Brent Celek

On whether he feels like he is in a vulnerable position when he is trying to catch a pass: "You are, but I've played this game since I was in the second grade. I knew what I was getting into. It's not something that I'm thinking about when I'm on the field. I'm not thinking 'I'm going to get crushed on this play.' When it happens, it happens. It's part of the game."

On if he ever thinks about the possibility of getting seriously injured: "That's the risk playing this game. You have to give up some things to make the money and play the sport and do what you love to do. And there are some risks that are involved there and that's one of the risks. That's just my opinion."

On if the new rules give offensive players an advantage: "I don't know if it's going to change the way (defensive players) play or not. It's not going to change the way I play. Like I said, I'm not thinking about it even when I'm in the game, so it won't change my mentality on it."

On how the offense is different without Jackson: "I don't think it's too much different. We might not put a few plays in that had been specifically for him, but we're running the exact same offense we've had the last few weeks."

On how the offensive is different with Kolb under center: "It's not any different. We run the same offense with (Vick) or Kevin."

On whether he expects his role to increase with Jackson out: "No, I say it'll be the same as it has been."

On how they will attempt to stop the Titans pass rush:"Take care of their front four. Just got to focus on them. They've got good defensive lineman. They rush hard. If we can take care of them, we'll be a little more successful in the back end."

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