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QB Kolb, CB Hanson, WR Hall, RB McCoy

QB Kevin Kolb

On whether knowing that QB Michael Vick is not making the trip helps clarify things going into the game on Sunday: "Yeah, I approached it like that all week, and that's the way you have to do it, so it doesn't change anything in my mind. But it just helps you focus in on that you're the guy and you've got to go in and win.""

On what his confidence level is after a week of preparation:"Yeah, it's super high. And our team's is super high. We know that we need to go in there and get this one. We had an unbelievable week of work. Our intensity level's been through the roof, and I feel like we have a great game plan, so those three things need to combine into a victory.""

On whether he is following the Phillies: "Yeah, absolutely. We're big fans of theirs. Obviously, what Roy Halladay did the other day was pretty impressive, and hopefully we can do our own impersonation to match what he did.""

On what the biggest challenge is playing against the 49ers defense: "The 49ers have always had a good defense, and they've always played us pretty tough. We just have to go play our game and execute. I think that everybody can see that, even the people that are watching from the outside, that if we just take care of our own business then we'll be fine. That's our number one focus, to worry about us and to put the ball in the end zone and get a lot of points.""

On RB LeSean McCoy not missing a beat despite having a broken rib: "He's tough as nails. I think we knew that long before, but he just proves it when he comes in last week and breaks it, in probably the second quarter I think, and never said a word about it. And of course, going and playing this week, too. It's a tribute to him and how bad he wants it and how bad we all want it. We're very focused to go win this game.""

On whether it matters who the fourth wide receiver is with WR Riley Cooper out with an injury: "Yeah, we always have confidence in our guys, and kind of our thing in the NFL is it doesn't matter if you're on the practice squad, if you're on the roster. If you've been in the NFL, you're a good player, that's kind of how we look at it, and I have total trust in whoever's going to be out there. We're going to miss Riley. He's a good player, but the other guys have worked hard all week and we know we'll do well.""

On whether WR Chad Hall has done anything outside of the normal practice time to try to get acclimated to playing with him:"Yeah, we worked some stuff. And the things we have him in on, he feels very comfortable and I feel very comfortable with him in there. Chad's an intelligent guy and a good athlete, so he won't have a problem.""

On whether there is anything that stands out about Hall: "Yeah, I think from the word 'go', his work ethic. He's obviously not a huge guy, so he has that little chip on his shoulder. You can catch it right away in the offseason, and I'm sure he'll be that way this week.""

WR Chad Hall

On whether he's prepared to make the trip with the team and step in if he's called upon:"Yeah, mentally I've been studying the game plan, just knowing every position, because we've only got maybe three (wide receivers) right now depending on (WR) Riley (Cooper). I'm just preparing like I do every week though, in case something happens during practice or anything like that. So it's the same thing I've done every week, but now I'm just going on the trip and we'll see what happens.""

On whether he is anxious about a possible call up to the 53-man roster: "Yeah, I'm excited. It's the first time I'm actually a step closer, but I'm ready. I've been working hard and mentally, I'll just have to be sharp on everything.""

On when he will find out whether or not he will be active for the game on Sunday: "I don't know. It's my first time, you know?""

On how getting the reps that Cooper normally would get has helped him prepare for the game: "Yeah, it helped a lot. I got a little in sync with (QB) Kevin (Kolb) last week, because he did some with the scout team, so I feel good there. Yeah, just getting reps with the ones, and I'm just getting the feel of things.""

On whether this is the moment he has been waiting for and how close he feels to getting there: "That's right. Hopefully I get the opportunity and I'll make the most of it, that's for sure.""

On getting banged up at training camp and whether he is 100% healthy: "I'm good to go. Good to go.""

On whether he has any idea what his role would be if he was active: "I know what I'm capable of, so I'm just preparing for everything. Everything I did in the preseason, anyway they can use me, I'll be ready.""

On whether traveling will be a good experience for him even if he doesn't get to play: "Yeah, it'll be good for the future in case this happens again and I'm actually active and I know that. So it's definitely a good experience either way.""

CB Joselio Hanson

On whether he has divided his film study this week between cornerback and nickelback: "I usually study like I'm going to start anyway, so nothing's really changed for me.""

On his opportunity to step up with CB Asante Samuel not playing due to injury this week: "Yeah, I wish Asante could have played, but I've got to step up. Me and (CB) Dimitri (Patterson) have to step up, and (CB) Trevard (Lindley)'s going to be in a little bit, too. You have to take advantage of the opportunity when you get it.""

On whether he likes pressure situations like this one: "I don't feel any pressure. I'm just going out there and play a game that I've played all my life. I love playing on national TV too, so that should be real fun.""

RB LeSean McCoy

On how he feels: "I feel good. I feel ready to go. Very excited to get out there and play some football. It's another game for us.""

On whether practicing today makes him feel better about playing through his injury: "Yeah, I mean, I've played a whole half injured, so I feel confident. There's a little pain, but it comes with the territory in this type of business. In this type of game, you're bound to be banged up.""

On whether he thinks he can carry the load this week: "The good thing is with this offense is we've got a lot of playmakers, from (WR) DeSean (Jackson) to (WR Jeremy) Maclin to (TE Brent) Celek. And then also, (RB) Mike Bell. Mike Bell, if he has the opportunity, he can make some plays. So I don't feel like it's a lot of pressure on me to play and hold the load, but we just try to help each other out.""

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