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QB Kevin Kolb, S Anthony Scirrotto, DE Brandon Graham

S Anthony Scirrotto

On what the offseason has been like for him: "It's been tough and I've been home. All I know is that as a professional you have to be ready at all times and I was home, working out, working and staying busy and actually helping the coaches a little bit at my high school and trying to stay mentally sharp with the game. My agent does a great job networking and got me another chance. I took the opportunity at hand and did what I could."

On how special it is to grow up in Philadelphia and to now be a part of the Eagles: "It's really special, it's pretty much a childhood dream of mine, I grew up with this being my favorite team. As a kid I've been to a game every year since I was ten years old, and just watching them and now actually participating is a dream come true. It's almost surreal in a sense but I'm playing football and I have to forget about those things. I have to realize that I need to take advantage of this opportunity and do what I can to stay around."

On who his favorite Eagle player was growing up: "My favorite player was Brian Dawkins."

On the defense and its complexity: "(Defensive coordinator) Coach (Sean) McDermott does a great job switching the scheme up and confusing the offense and having so many different looks and blitzes and stunts. It's hard and they've had success over the past years defensively. It's tough to learn, I'm getting thrown into the mix of things and thrown into the fire and I'm just learning on the run right now. The coach is doing a great job taking me aside one-on-one and helping me get through it, and we're staying pretty basic right now."

On whether he feels like he's coming in to this behind everyone else: "I've been out of it, and the toughest part is being out of the game for so long and getting up to game speed. But other than that I've been working really hard in the offseason and I've been home with a bunch of guys who work out in Cherry Hill (NJ) and also training and running and doing different DB drills and all types of stuff to stay busy and stay light. It's not too bad but I still have a little way to go."

DE Brandon Graham

On getting comfortable with lining up in a different spot: "Just having more reps of it and making sure that I get out there more and just stay out there."

On whether there is a different mentality going back to the NovaCare Complex: "No, they just tell me that you finally get to sleep in your bed, that's about it (laughing). It's the same schedule almost; you just get to go home."

FB Leonard Weaver

On whether his expectations are still the same for the season even with younger players: "My expectations are definitely the same, if not higher. We're still a team, and we also know that one man doesn't make a team, and that when we go out and make mistakes we are making them together. I definitely looking for higher expectations from all of us and be able to play the game the way we do."

QB Kevin Kolb

On whether he sees improvement day-to-day or whether it only starts in the regular season: "No, you see it day to day, this is when the grind goes on and this is when you work your tail off. There's not a whole lot of reward as far as being on the football field right away. I think that was a huge step for us and the one thing that I like about this group is when we had a bad practice or a bad series, everybody kicked it into the next gear, recognized it, and moved forward and we finished up practice good. That's what you want, you don't want stuff to linger and then have two or three bad practices in a row."

On whether he determines how the practice goes or whether it's the other ten players in the huddle as well:"No, it's all eleven of us, and even the guys that are coming in on different personnel practices. It's everybody and defense included. Right now we're a close unit and we need to stay that way and win a lot of football games."

On whether he thinks it was important to have a camp this long: "Absolutely, we have a lot of new faces and a lot of young guys, including myself. (Coach Andy Reid) wanted to see what he has when it comes down to November or December when the games are tough and it's cold and we have to go out there and have a game-winning drive or a game-winning stop. I think he has found out a lot about the team and I think it's exciting."

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