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QB Kevin Kolb, LB Stewart Bradley, LB Ernie Sims

QB Kevin Kolb
On him throwing long passes today: "Yeah, we had the guys do it. The thing I like about what we're doing it is that it is not always designed. What we want to do is be able to work it into just our overall progression and if the defense gives us something then we are going to take it. When it's like that and it just comes naturally then that's the best way the offense can flow."

On how it felt going live today and did he said anything to anyone around him: "No, not really, I think that everybody had the same feeling and everybody was ready to just get the pads back on. At this time when you are this age and you've been here this long you know that that is what it's all about and it's about getting that flow back and things moving fast and being able to react and just getting back into that mode."

On if he thinks it's a good thing when fights break out and players get physical: "Absolutely, competition makes everyone better and when you bring that kind of energy to camp we're all going to get better from it. You don't want anything to linger or take it off the field with you, which it never does and Andy does a good job about it, but it's good to see those kinds of things."

On if he was "juiced up" today with all the fans: "Yeah I was early, and then I had to find a way to calm myself down because that is what you have to do in a game, that's what I was telling them earlier, it's good practice for all of us. That's why I love when the fans are here, good practice for all of us in game tempo and game situation, calm yourself down and still execute."

On how important RB LeSean McCoy will be to the Eagles offense this year: "Huge. We always set the tone with the run first, that's why you saw in the first live period we ran the ball, ran the ball, ran the ball. I thought he looked great, his feet looked fresh, and with his second year under his belt he's going to get better and better."

On it being "his" team this year especially with all of the young players: "Yeah it's really cool. When we are in the huddle, basically we have all been through the same things, and I think what that gives you is it gives everyone a sense of entitlement rather than just one guy and that's what we want. We want everyone to speak up when they feel like it's time to speak up and everyone to make a play when it's their time. If we can keep that we will just roll and hopefully rack up a bunch of wins."

On if QB Michael Vick helps the team by making the offense so diverse: "Absolutely, when you look in our offensive meeting room, you go ok, that guy is talented, that guy is talented, and that guy is talented, and you look at Vick and you go 'man, I want him on the field.' He's a talented guy, so wherever we can fit him in and get him out there to make a play, I'm fine with that."

LB Stewart Bradley

On how he felt about his first day of practice yesterday: "It was great to be out there, I had a lot of fun and there was great energy out there on the whole squad and that was one of the most fun two-a-day practices I've been a part of, so I really enjoyed it."

On if during the drills his knee felt ok: "Yeah, it's funny because for me I've been clear off my knee for so many months now that it doesn't even feel like an issue in my mind. I've been running and doing so much speed work that I felt like I had a normal off season prep, so yeah I feel as good as I've ever have."

On if it feels good to be able to hit somebody: "Yeah it's awesome to get the pads on and I did a lot of hitting today."

On if he feels like this is sort of his team since there are so many young players on it this year: "There is definitely a sense of turnover with all of the new faces we have here but I think that there is also a sense of ownership for the rookies and the guys who are here now. It's kind of our team and we feel a sense of ownership of it and we're excited about it."

On was he surprised that a fight started so early: "No, it's just camp, it's good, we get hot and we get tired and tempers flare and it's fun. I don't mind it, I'm sure everyone's cool and shaking hands afterward, but that's just kind of the way it goes."

On him sticking up for CB Ellis Hobbs: "You have to; he's like 110 lbs, so you have to watch out for him (jokingly). Don't tell him I said that."

LB Ernie Sims
On how he felt today with pads on and if he was excited or anxious: "Yeah, just anxious. It's been a long time since I've had these pads on and it's a new team, and I'm just happy to be out here. I'm going to abide by his rules the best I can."

On learning the new scheme and how much harder it is from what he was doing before: "I wouldn't say it's harder, I would just say that it is different. I was on a lot of different teams but just the details are different, I'm learning a lot of stuff but the technique is the same, but the team is totally different."

On if this camp is different from Detroit's: "No, it's about the same. It's a different format and everything but pretty much the same pace and everything."

On he and LB Stewart Bradley being neighbors: "We have been really close. He told me the first day I walked in he told me they are excited to have me here with them. I ended up finding an apartment right by him downtown and it's great. It's a great relationship we have and we communicate a lot and we play and communicate a lot on the field, and it is just making both of us better. We are competing against each other, he got an interception on me today so I have to get one later on today (jokingly). It's good to have someone beside me that is that talented, that can push me and make me work harder."

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