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QB Kevin Kolb

On the opposing defense taking it easy on him today:"I didn't play very well myself. The good thing is that we're playing next week, first round of the playoffs."

On whether his lack of playing time was the reason he didn't play well: "You know, just getting a feel for the game again. You know, I'm not sure how long it's been, but there's just sometimes you go "Gosh." Usually you get out scrambling or you make a throw on the run or something and slowly it comes back to you. It came back to me during the game, but you like for it to come back a little faster and I definitely made my share of mistakes."

On the Dallas pass rush: "Well as a quarterback you have to learn to trust the protection no matter what. The plays that I missed had nothing to do with that. So it starts with me. It starts with the quarterback position and you have to just step up in there and try to sling it every time. I would say it was more getting a feel for the game than it was feeling the rush."

On whether the Eagles' play calling was limited due to the different personnel in the game:"Oh yeah, we were limited quite a bit because we weren't going to play certain guys, but we had those plays in all week. We'd liked to have some more stuff, especially since I think we got quite a few plays off tonight, so we were repeating a lot, which we normally don't do. I mean there were obviously some restrictions there, but we still had plenty of opportunities to win the game."

On whether this game felt different than a preseason game:"Yeah, I mean it's still a different feel. You're still playing the Dallas Cowboys at home, NFC East game and I thought our starters did a heck of a job on the sidelines continuing to support us and we just came up a little short. I thought everybody battled, especially the defense. I thought they played great. We got to stick it in when we get down there. I had that one turnover down there in the red zone and then had a shot on a play there at the end too, so red zone had to get better. I think that would have sealed it up for us."

On getting the feel for the game again: "To be totally honest with you, I was seeing everything clear. It's your body catching back up to the speed of the game. We call it second vision, but just the stuff that you feel around you, you're peripheral vision when you're pushing, when you're going to throw and a guy squeezes in and he's wide open, so just those little things. So yeah, I talked about it earlier in the week. It obviously could have been a lot better, but at least if the situation comes where I have to go back in there, you know you feel like you knocked some of that stuff off and the playoffs are the most important thing here."

On his fumble: "I didn't feel him and you got to know once you go you got to go and I was still trying to remain a passer and I think it was (LB Anthony) Spencer, or whoever it was, came back and knocked it out and that was a big point in the ball game obviously."

On what he saw when the pick happened: "I got a little greedy. Another one of those that you hoped you wouldn't make. I squeezed it in too tight of a window. He was bating me. I saw him the whole time and should have just pumped it and ran it or dumped it down my back but you live and you learn."

On whether today's result is tougher on him knowing that he has limited opportunities to play: "It's tough. You get limited opportunities and you want to make every one of them count. I just go back to I've always been a team guy so we have to forget it. I have to forget it and everyone else who was out there has to. We have to do whatever we can to go help and I guess beat the Packers is what it sounds like."

On what he has learned this season about the backup quarterback being prepared to play: "I learned a lot out there today. Again, I knocked some rust off and hopefully the situation won't present itself because we obviously want Mike (Vick) out here but if it does, than I'll go out there as confident as ever and try to win the football game and lead us to a Superbowl because we have a good group of guys here and everybody is focused no that one goal and we feel like we have a real shot to go and make a run."

On how much different the offense is without (WR) DeSean Jackson and (WR) Jeremy Maclin: "Obviously, they're pretty good players but there were other opportunities. Those guys were beating man-to-man coverage a few times and you just try to get your timing down with different guys all the time. It's a different situation."

On what this season taught him about being a quarterback, from where he started to where he is now: "That's a good question. The first thing it tells you is you have to be ready in every situation. It's taught me how to prepare better as a backup, making sure you're mentally focused. It's taught me how to block out outside things sometimes and focus in on just the game. Of course, tonight taught me that you've got to do the physical things along with the mental things throughout the week, the two weeks prior to this. Make sure you're ready. I think that tonight was just another one of those deals that you can throw in the bag that you learned from and, like I said, we've got to move forward and hopefully go win us a playoff game."

On the differences between this year's and last year's teams heading into the playoffs: "It's totally different. This team has had great chemistry from the day we stepped into training camp. I think everybody commented on that and it hasn't changed a bit. Everybody pulls for each other. I don't know if they showed the sidelines or not but those guys were as fired up for us as we are for them. That's a special thing. Andy (Reid) talks about it. That doesn't happen every year. It doesn't happen maybe every five years. We want to make sure that we're healthy, hopefully this week helped us to be focused and go in and make a run."

On whether he thinks the league looks at him differently this year from years past: "I want to be a starter, obviously. I feel like I can be and I feel like I've played at this level for a long time. I'm not sure what everybody else's opinions are but I have confidence in myself and if the situation calls again in the playoffs, I'll go in and do my best. Again, we are focused on the Superbowl, not my future."

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