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QB Kafka, C Kelce, DE Hunt, S Jarrett, P McBriar

QB Mike Kafka

On whether he needs to play in the last preseason game to be ready for the regular season: "I think today in practice will be important to go out there and play and get some of those reps. Absolutely."

On how he approached not being able to play due to injury: "I think it can go two ways. The way I approached it was learning as much as I could. You can definitely get better by watching so I worked on that."

On how his hand feels: "It's feeling good (and) ready to take some snaps."

C Jason Kelce

On whether keeping the mood light helps the team during the season: "We spend enough time being serious. Every single time we are out on the field (and) every time we are in meetings you don't really have time to goof around. When you get those moments where you can kind of cut back and goof off with one another you still like to do that as well. When we're not in meetings or out on the field then we like to goof off as much as we can."

On how well the second team offensive line is performing: "They're doing a good job, very good job, and especially the interior guys. It'll be interesting to see what takes place after Thursday and (who) ends up staying on the team. There's a number of guys who we have waiting in the wings who I think can get the job done if needed."

On his confidence level of the offensive line going into the regular season: "Well we've improved every week so far. Each game we've gotten better so that's always the goal in the preseason to keep honing in and getting as close to perfection as you can. That's what the offensive line really tries to do. They try to be as close to perfect as they can be. Each week we've made less and less mistakes and I am confident with us going into the first game that we're going to be able to get the job done this year. I am looking forward to this first game against Cleveland."

DE Phillip Hunt

On whether he is more relaxed this year knowing he is not on the roster bubble: "It's definitely a relief when you come out in the preseason and make plays, it's kind of easy on you stress-wise knowing I did all I could. I know I had a successful preseason and we'll let the chips fall where they may."

On what he was thinking going into the fourth preseason game last year: "Well last year we had a whole cast of guys like we do this year but last year I was new to the team. It was my first year so I had a lot more proving to do around this time. I was going into that game focused on (knowing) I have to make a play to stay around and that was my main focus. Just making plays during that game."

S Jaiquawn Jarrett

On what he sought to work on during the past two preseason games: "It's all about locking in, focusing in and continuing to get better every day. Going out there one day at a time, one play at a time, and it's working."

On how it felt to have a few negative plays during the first preseason game: "That's what comes with the territory. Sometimes you don't make the plays that you need to make and you go back and look at the film and you see why you didn't make them (then) you go into practice knowing what you need to work on."

On how far he is from becoming a player that should be starting: "I continue to work every day. I don't have an exact day or time of how far I am away but I continue to work every day."

P Mat McBriar

On whether he stopped using the brace on his leg: "Yeah I shed that, probably, (after) the first preseason game. The last two games I played without it (and) been fine."

On his comfort level as a holder for K Alex Henery: "Good. It's the first time I've had to work with a different snapper for a while. I had the same snapper in Dallas basically my whole career there. Really just getting familiar to (LS) Jon's (Dorenbos) snapping. I think Alex is comfortable with either of us holding so it's going well."

On whether being P Chas Henry's friend makes it difficult to compete for the same job: "I don't think so. I think there's a lot of those relationships in this locker room and that's just kind of how it goes. We try to help each other out and I think he's had a really good camp as well. I wish him the best and I hope to do as well as I can and we'll see which direction they go in."

On whether he feels he has performed well enough to win the starting job: "I'm trying to show as much as I can. I don't know. I am not sure. I am just hoping to continue to progress and hopefully that's enough."

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