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QB Foles, WR Maclin, C Kelce, CB Boykin

QB Nick Foles

On the challenge of playing the Cleveland's first-team defense: "I know the game is going to be fast so I'm just going to have to play fast. We have a practice today. It is a fast week putting in the game plan in one day. I just need to go out there and have a great practice today and go into the game playing really fast and play one play at a time."

On what he looks to accomplish in his third preseason game: "I want to take it one play at a time, move the ball, and most (importantly) we want to put points on the board. It is really just executing the plays, one play at a time. Just continuing to excel (and) gain comfort in the offense and show the guys around me that I can go out and play at a high level with them. We have a lot of great veterans who were out there with me the other day. It helps to have those guys around. Taking it one play at a time and executing our offense and moving the ball is the most important thing."

On whether he has a chip on his shoulder for not being selected in the draft until the third round: "You know what, I don't even look at it like that. This is where I was meant to be. I couldn't have been happier than coming here. The fact that they believed in me and were the only team to work me out (that) I met with so I had a great comfort level. That's the only thing that is important to me. I am with the Eagles and I couldn't be happier than the great City of Philadelphia. It is special for me to be here. Everybody wants to be the best so (I'll) just keep working hard and help my teammates in any way possible. It is a team game and not an individual game. The quarterback might run the field but there are a lot of guys out there who you saw make a lot of huge plays who protected my butt. I just have to play at a high level and help these guys out."

On whether he has to be more prepared to play while backing up an injury prone quarterback: "You just have to always be ready no matter who the quarterback is. You never want to see anything happen to him because he is such a critical part of this team. You always have to be ready. You never know when that moment is going to come like the other night. Who would've known that was going to happen so I think the key is to always be (ready). All of us quarterbacks have the headsets so we always stay in tuned to what is going on, on the field and really visualizing what you would do if you were on the field. That way if something does happen you are already in tuned to the game and you don't have to jump start it. That's really important."

On what he thinks about when he is on the field: "I'm competing to beat the defense. That simple. I'm not worrying about that stuff when I hit the field. When I hit the field I am just playing ball and moving the chains. When I go in the huddle I see the guys' eyes and see a lot of confident (and) strong individuals ready to play. Just say the play, go to the line, read everything out, and I think the most important thing is to play fast and not try to think too much. When you are playing you just want it to be natural because if you are thinking too much you are going to be really fidgety. The most important thing is to play fast and trust in your instincts. When I am playing, I am playing to move the ball and score points."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On the play of QB Nick Foles in the first two preseason games: "I think he's done a good job. I think he is only going to continue to get better. I think as long as he stays poised in the pocket I think his arm is pretty good. I think he'll be alright."

On how poised Foles was in the huddle against the Patriots: "We had to rally behind him. As long as he shows that he is poised and confident I think everything else takes care of itself. Obviously he can play. He is definitely a talented player but you just have to stay poised."

On whether the offense will be ready for the opener with QB Michael Vick having limited reps: "Yeah, I don't think that is any concern at all."

C Jason Kelce

On what it's like to be named a starter in the beginning of a player's rookie season: "Even as a quarterback I think it is even tenfold harder than it is to be a center because the quarterback is the field general. He's the one that has to know what every single person is doing on every single play. Mentally the difficulties he is going through are a lot more than what I was going through. Everything is different. The speed of the game is faster, defenses are smarter (and) quicker, so (Foles) in a learning curve right now and has being doing extremely well for a rookie quarterback."

On his evaluation of Foles: "He's done outstanding in the preseason. He's got a great demeanor in the huddle and as the quarterback of the offense. Everything that he has shown through the preseason has been outstanding."

On whether it is surprising to see a rookie quarterback succeed: "I'm surprised with how well he has done so far. Even when (QB Michael Vick) went out of the game there was a (thought) that not only is Vick down but also (QB Mike Kafka) is out with a broken hand so we have a rookie coming in. He stepped in right away and it felt comfortable like it was a normal game."

CB Brandon Boykin

On whether he felt more comfortable in his second game action: "Absolutely. I feel like the game is a little bit slower than practice. In practice you're going against the first team and everything is going fast. You're tired out there so it is a good preparation for the game. When you finally get out there it kind of slows down."

On what it feels like to contribute to the team as a rookie: "It feels good. You want to come in as a rookie and be able to contribute as much as you can. I definitely (have to) be ready and at some point this season hopefully I get my shot."

On whether too much responsibility is being thrown at him: "Not at all. In college I did every single thing (like) offense, defense, (and) special teams. I'm used to having a lot on my plate. Coming into the NFL you won't do as much but anything I can do I will be able to handle."

On the importance of being versatile: "To make the team it is important to be able to do a lot of different things and not limit yourself to a lot of different positions because you never know how many ways you can contribute. Ultimately for a lot of guys that's how they make the team. For me, that is definitely how I do it."

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