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QB Foles, QB Edwards, DE Babin

QB Nick Foles

On how comfortable he is with the playbook: "I feel really comfortable. There's still a lot of improvement, which I'll keep telling y'all. It's going to take a lot of time. I feel comfortable with the game plan going in. I feel like we've had a good week and we just need to go out there these next couple of days, keep watching film, and keep playing at a high speed."

On how important it is to take what he has learned the past couple of days and move forward with it toward the regular season: "It's really important. With anything you do in life and anything, you don't want to make the same mistakes. Sometimes you're going to mess up, and sometimes it's going to be similar, but you have to keep moving forward and not letting that affect you. That's really just going out there, playing at a high speed, and having no fear of making mistakes. You can't go out there and play and be afraid to go out there and be afraid to throw into tight coverage, zip one in there. Stuff is going to happen, and there are great players on the other side of the ball, too, but I know (offensive coordinator) Coach (Marty) Mornhinweg really wants us to be aggressive, really go through our reads, and be smart about it. We just want to be aggressive and be sharp."

On whether it will be an adjustment to be a backup since he has been starting up to this point in his football career: "It's definitely different, but we've all played this game a long time. (You need to) just keep your head in the game. I'll have the headset on when (QB) Mike (Vick) is playing, and me and the other quarterbacks will be visualizing the play and visualizing what we'd do in that situation. It's keeping your head in the game, and stretching out and staying warm. It will be an adjustment going from Arizona, but that's an adjustment that most rookies know about going in that you're going to have to make. Always stay ready because your team might need you sometime, so you have to be ready."

QB Trent Edwards

On whether Thursday is more important for him to prove himself than anything that has transpired before this: "No, not at all. It's still a preseason game and I have put as much importance on the first three games as I have Thursday's game. It's all the same to me."

On whether he feels that he has worked his way into the competition to be one of the backup quarterbacks during the regular season: "I don't know. I've said all along that I'm going to control the things that I can control, and those decisions aren't up to me. I'm going to do what I've been coached to do. I feel that I have progressed, and I feel that I know where guys are going and what I should do with the football now. This is a great offensive system to be in. That's one of the reasons that I came here was to be coached by these guys and play with the guys in this locker room. It's going to be fun on Thursday night to get out there."

On whether he has surprised himself with how far he has come since the first day of OTAs: "No, I haven't surprised myself at all. I'm one of those guys who is always trying to look forward and trying to get better. I'm not going to back and think of what I could have done differently. I don't look back at my life and live with regrets or anything. I'm going to try and fix things that I've done in the past and things I made mistakes on in the game against the Browns. I want to make sure that in this game with the Jets, I'm not going to do the same thing. I'm looking at it in more of a smaller scale right now and not looking back."

On how he is throwing the football now compared with when he first got here: "I think I'm throwing better. I think a lot of that is because I've gotten a lot more reps. I've been able to physically go through the mechanics, the reads, and the progressions. For me, the ball is going to come out better the more reps I get. That's probably one of the reasons why."

DE Jason Babin

On how close he is to being ready for the regular season: "It's one of those things where I'm leaning on (athletic trainer) Rick Burkholder and (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid to take, for lack of a better word, the restraints off. You know me, I'm wide open 100 percent whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. In this situation, it'd be a bad thing to say two weeks ago, 'I'm ready to go,' because that's just my mentality. They know how the time works out."

On what it has been like to watch the defensive line pile up sacks in his absence: "That's good. You guys all saw the way they practiced, the way they played, the way they go about their business. We have a certain mentality, and we're kind of known for a certain style of play as the Eagles line. I'm happy to see it."

On his impression of DE Phillip Hunt: "Really, with Phillip, he made a decision along with (DT) Cedric Thornton, and said, 'I'm going to improve.' They knew last year that they were given time to improve, and they showed what they can do, which is exactly what we need them to do to be part of this team and be productive members of this team. Everybody is excited for them, and I know they're excited, too."

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