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QB Donovan McNabb

On how tough it is to come back today and prepare for Sunday's game after having twins yesterday: "People talk about how family is the most important thing in your life and it is. Obviously, making sure that things are alright at home and everything turned out great. The family is healthy, and then, obviously, second nature is to be ready for your job. And no matter what happens out on the football field, you always know that you go home to the loving individuals who just truly love you for who you are, not what you do. I was able to, obviously, be there, which is obviously a memorable thing and one that, I think that as a father, you want to be a part of. Being a part of that and being able to see your kids being born is a wonderful feeling. And coming in here where a lot your teammates congratulate you and are happy for you, but yet still know what our goal is to step out on the field and play well, it makes it a lot sweeter."

On whether this has been weighing on his mind the last couple of weeks: "(FS Brian) Dawk(ins) and I, our situations were a lot similar, and it's hard not to think about, obviously, your wife going through something like that. And it's hard, obviously, not to even – somehow something reminds you of just the pain that she goes through and things of that nature. I can't sit here and say, 'Yes,' that it wasn't on my mind in the previous weeks, but I tried to not let it affect my play knowing that I didn't play as well as I wanted to in the pervious weeks. But it's sort of a little weight off your shoulders knowing that everyone is healthy and everyone is fine and kind of can come back out here and have fun."

On how he envisions his life and his wife's life changing now that they have three kids: "For her, knowing that I do get up early and am one of the first ones here and one of the last ones to leave, puts a little bit of pressure on her knowing that now we have three kids in the house. We have a little help from our four year old, but you're not going to ask her to do that much. Maybe she will start now. You just want her to be fine and make sure that everything is fine with the kids. And you come here to work and sometimes it crosses your mind and you make a phone call and see how she's doing and make sure that if she needs anything to call or whatever. Everything changes. Family life changes when you have more kids, and at this particular point we have twins. It's tough. One may start to cry and then the other goes back to sleep and another one cries, so you are constantly moving back and forth to make sure that they are alright."

On whether he has felt the same unconditional love from Philadelphia over the years that he feels as a father: "(Jokingly) I knew that was coming. It's a difference when you talk about family love and love for what you do. I try to be good role model. I try to set a good example and try to do the right things, obviously, off the field. And when it comes to family, despite whatever you may do, decisions you make, the mistakes that you make, when you always go home, I can always look into my daughter's eyes and my daughter tells me she loves me and that's a different feeling."

On whether he ever thinks about finding a new start with another team: "No. I don't even think of that."

On whether he thinks that the Giants needed to start this season the way they have in order to justify what they accomplished last season: "In the course of a season you have breaks. You have some that go your way. Some just don't go your way. And if you remember how their season went last year, early on they started really hot then they kind of faded off in the middle and picked it up toward the end. It was kind of like the Pittsburgh Steelers when they had to fight to get into the playoffs, and they went into the playoffs playing really well and won the Super Bowl. It's not how the job gets done, it's just getting the job done. And I think that from where they were probably in the middle of last year, people were talking about getting rid of (Giants head coach Tom) Coughlin, getting rid of (Giants QB) Eli (Manning), to now Eli being one of the guys that they talk about for MVP, I think that it was good for the team by the way they are playing this year. Losing two defensive ends, a Hall of Famer and another guy, who as we remember what happened on Sunday night (last season when the Eagles played in New York), can get as many sacks as he wants if given the opportunity. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. When teams go in and play in the Super Bowl, people always say the loser always has a tough time the next year, the winner continues on, and I'm sure that they are pretty happy about the position that they are in right now."

On how significant Sunday's game against the Giants is for the franchise going forward: "In order for us to go for it we need to win this game. I don't look at anything further than that. This is a must-win situation. We need to go out and play well and create turnovers, eliminate turnovers, put ourselves in positions to score touchdowns not field goals, and then whatever happens after that, then we can talk next week. But at this particular time it's just one week at a time. We have to play well against the Giants."

On how hard he thinks it is for the Giants to stay focused at this time because of Giants WR Plaxico Burress' situation: "I don't know about the Plaxico issue, that whole deal, and I will not look into it. I just want to make sure that Plaxico is healthy and is alright, and then anything other than that, that is something that they'll have to deal with. It's a tough situation to be a part of because I'm sure that they don't want to keep answering questions about it, but hopefully everyone is healthy, everyone is moving on with the situation. Everyone has been through some trying times, I guess, during the course of a season, but it's all in how you handle it."

On whether he has any stance on the gun issue: "As far as carrying one, I don't have a gun. Not to say that I will not get one. It would be registered if I did. But I don't have any comment."

On whether he thinks it is important for athletes to be held to the same standards as regular citizens as the Mayor of New York has stated: "I don't know. I'm not going to go into that. He's the mayor, he made the decision."

On whether he feels he is a target and needs protection: "I think protection is needed and it's something in which people look past because if it's not them, they think they are alright. And until it happens to you, then people begin to worry about it. I think you need (to take precaution before). Obviously, we all know what happened to (former Redskins FS) Sean Taylor. And then now, people are talking about the Plaxico incident where (Giants WR) Steve Smith, I believe, was held at gunpoint. And he's not the first and not the last. I remember a teammate of mine (in college), (Dolphins CB) Will Allen who was with the Giants, it happened to him. I think people need to look more into security because some people just kind of have that mindset of 'I'm going to go after this guy and take his money and take his jewelry' and you never know what it can lead to. But you have to go through the right precautions of doing the right things, I think, in order to make sure that not only are you secure, but obviously your family is secure as well. Now, if you go into someone's house, that's on you. I mean, you're not just going to walk into my house freely either. I'm not saying what's in my house, but I know that you're not going to get it. You might get something else."

On why he thinks the Giants have been able to succeed this year coming off a Super Bowl season: "It's really tough, and I think that we have seen, obviously, the New England Patriots after winning Super Bowls and how well they played those next couple of years, and then, the losing team kind of struggling a little bit. When you kind of go through that method, obviously, we didn't win the Super Bowl and we had a tough year in 2005, but injuries play a major part in a lot of that. Keeping that same chemistry that you had in order to get there is tough because now you feel that since you've made it, you can do a whole lot more instead of just doing the things you were doing to get there. I think for the Giants, in their situation, when you lose two defensive ends that played such a major part in your run, and really their defense, was partly the reason why they made it so far and it gave the offense an opportunity to kind of get things rolling at the right time. I would say that you just look at their situation, and really, as a player, you just say 'wow' because the things that they were able to overcome and guys stepping up and making big plays for them, to see where they are at right now, it's amazing. But you look at our first game against them when we had an opportunity to win it and we just have to go out and keep that same attitude, create turnovers, eliminate turnovers, and hopefully come out on top."

On what the day was like for him yesterday: "It was tough. Not to get all descriptive and try to get all into it, but for those who have kids know that it is truly an exciting time for a father and for a mother. Moms kind of go through a lot, and we really truly respect what you guys go through of carrying the kids and obviously delivering them. And for the fathers, it's something that we will always remember. I can at least say that I've seen all three of my kids being born, and now I get a chance to watch them grow and kind of mature into the individual that they want to be. The day was long and one that I will never forget."

On his statement after the Cardinals game that he would like to sit down and talk with people in the organization at some time: "I said that I'll be talking to Andy, (president) Joe (Banner) and (owner) Jeffrey (Lurie)."

On what it is that he wants to talk with them about: "We'll discuss that when the time comes. I think that at this particular point, it's just really for us to focus on who we are playing and that will be the Giants and continue on from there. And the conversation will happen."

On whether he is secure with his position as the quarterback of the team: "I am the quarterback and I will be the quarterback, so if that's where you're going with it, I don't look at anything else that's happened."

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