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QB Donovan McNabb

On how he feels right now compared to how he felt at this point last year: "It's a big change, as far as the way the body is responding after each practice, the warmup techniques of getting yourself to go together in practice, and just kind of how I'm feeling out there. I'm using my legs a lot. That's something I focused on all throughout this offseason with the release and ball placement and things of that nature. I think it's worked out really well so far."

* On how concerned he is about G Shawn Andrews not being in camp:*
"Not really concerned that much. I think [G] Max [Jean-Gilles] is doing a really good job in his place right now. I know when Shawn comes back, it will be just like riding a bike. I think, for all of us, I wouldn't say it's just the offensive line, it's all of us. Any time something happens on offense, no matter what it is, it's just a total team effort. I could have done a better job and I'm sure the running backs and receivers would say the same thing. I think in this situation right now, with where Shawn is right now, it gives Max a great opportunity to step in there and get the reps and get confidence in what we do. For us to get confidence in Max, we're really benefiting from it. When Shawn comes back, we'll know that we have some depth at each position."

* On whether he is confident that Andrews will be back:*
"Shawn will be back. I'm sure of that. When he comes back, it will kind of be like he's been here."

* On whether he has spoken to Andrews:*
"I haven't spoken to him personally. We have just kind of played phone tag, but he assured me that things will be fine and that he will be back."**

On how scary it is when a teammate gets taken away on an ambulance:**

"I kind of heard about it. For [DE] Chris [Clemons], you kind of want him to break into what we do here. When you go to a new team, I've never been a part of it and hopefully I don't. But, when you go to a new team, you want to get your body and mind prepared for what is happening next. For what we do here, fortunately the weather is not usually where it has been at this time. You want to get that game speed and game tempo and prepare your body for whatever could possibly happen. You never want to see any of your teammates get carried off and driven to the hospital for dehydration, but the doctors are going to do a great job with him and he'll be back."

* On whether he saw Clemons after practice:*
"I just saw him after practice kind of sitting there. They were throwing some cold rags on him and things of that nature."

On whether it seemed hot out there: "It's been hot to me every day. It's been muggy. But, it's been hotter in previous years. I think we're kind of adjusted to it. This is Chris' first go-around and it's something he'll have to adapt to. We all got a great sweat today."

* On what he has seen out of RB Lorenzo Booker:*
"I got a chance to work with him this offseason and I think what he's doing now is getting adjusted and he is adjusting well. I think he has given [head coach] Andy [Reid] and [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] an opportunity to come up with schemes to put pressure on defenses. When you have he and [RB Brian] Westbrook in the backfield, you can move them both around. I think what it does is apply a lot of pressure on defenses with linebackers and safeties trying to cover him. I think this is a great offense for him, and we're going to ask for him to do some different things for us on the offensive side, as well as special teams."

* On whether he feels he has enough weapons on offense:*
"You never have enough weapons. Our guys are doing well and the good thing for us is that we get a good opportunity, with being healthy, to be at that full game-speed tempo and playing against our defense with the blitzes and them sitting back and playing man has really helped our timing and chemistry. Again, with the addition of Booker and when [WR] DeSean [Jackson] gets an opportunity to get to full speed and get a chance to work on some timing with him. Offensively, I think our rhythm is kind of where we need it to be right now and I think we'll continue to get better."

* On how he would feel about having LT Tra Thomas back next year:*
"I would like to be back here too (jokingly). We both would like to be back. I've been fortunate enough to have Tra all throughout my career. Not too many quarterbacks can say that they had their blindside and really their frontside tackles to be there pretty much throughout the duration of their career. You just have a great feel with each other. He knows at times that I may step up or if I feel the pressure, I get away from it and he can adjust his blocking. Tra has been doing a great job each year and he strives to do better. I think this is going to be a great year for all of those guys, including myself."

* On whether it is a priority to get Thomas back:*
"I will be back, Tra will be back, Runyan will be back. All the guys over 30 will be back."

* On how it feels not to be a part of all the controversy:*
"I still feel like I'm a part of it because I get asked questions about it, but it's nothing that really deals with me, so it feels pretty good. 10 years, this may be the first time I don't have to answer questions about myself. If you guys could keep it that way, it would be excellent."

* On whether he can see a difference in WRs Jason Avant, Hank Baskett and Reggie Brown over the years:*
"I definitely can. Last year I had an opportunity to have a full year with Reggie. His rookie year, I got hurt and [Mike] McMahon took over for the rest of the year. That next year, I believe I got hurt again. We had a full year together last year. We're really going to benefit from that. Now, I think getting him more involved in this offense is an important thing. [WR] Kevin [Curtis] had a wonderful year for us and I think Jason Avant has worked his way into that third wide receiver position where that confidence from us is definitely there, knowing he can get open versus anybody. You want to give him that opportunity."

* On how much TE Kris Wilson adds to the offense:*
"Kris is definitely just trying to get himself comfortable in this offense. Each day he is getting better. You try to put guys in the position to be successful. He's had opportunities to make plays for us and he has made plays for us in live drills versus the defense. Kris, coming from an offense over there where it is spread out and they get the tight ends involved in Kansas City, he was used mostly in blocking or catching flat routes. I think he's learning now in this offense that we like to get our tight ends downfield in mismatches against safeties and linebackers to give him an opportunity to make guys miss and pick up big yards for us. He's going to help us out in so many ways."

* On having Curtis back and being more familiar with him:*
"Kevin has worked extremely hard this offseason and I think he's definitely going to feed off of his great year last year. We all want to improve in so many ways. If Kevin is improving and Reggie is improving, that means our offense is improving. We are looking for big things to happen on the offensive side this year."

* On whether he is okay with Andrews missing practices:*
"I am alright with Shawn and his situation he is involved in. You just want everything to be fine, especially coming into camp. I know that when he makes the decision to come back and communicating with everyone, we'll welcome him with open arms."

* On whether younger guys are okay with him missing practices:*
"First of all, you have to understand the situation and make your own assumptions from it. If the leaders of this team show them that everything is fine, and just to sit back and let him do his thing and everything will take care of itself."

* On whether other people in the locker room know the situation:*
"I don't know, you'll have to talk to them."

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