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Post-Practice Quotes

WR Jeremy Maclin

On whether he can physically feel that these are the dog days of training camp: "Definitely, but I think it'll be good for us in the long run. You can put the hard work in now and then ease off towards the end of the preseason in order to be fresh for the season. I think that now it's definitely going to help us out, though."

On how he is feeling mentally this year compared to last year: "It's completely better. Being able to be out there participating, competing, and playing with my guys is a complete 180. I'm good, though. I have nothing to worry about, and that's all you can really ask for."

On whether head coach Andy Reid has addressed the team about staying focused during the dog days of camp: "Definitely, and I think we kind of know that. We're in this nice little haul right here before we get the off day and before we get ready for our first preseason game. I think that the guys understand that and that's why it's been as competitive as it is."

On whether he is tired of facing off against his teammates and is ready to play another team: "It's getting to that point. You have to go out there every day and have the right mindset. You have to approach every day like it's a real game."

S Nate Allen

On the intensity of this camp: "Oh yeah, it's been really intense. We knew that coming into it. With the heat and as hard as we work, it's a grind. We're doing it for a purpose. Come game one, we're going to hit the ground running and ready to roll."

On whether he is physically starting to feel the grind of camp: "Yeah, and it's part of the camp, though. You're tired and you're feeling it a little bit but it's part of developing that mental toughness that you need to get. You just have to work through it."

On whether injuries are just part of the territory when you come to this stretch of camp: "Yeah, it just comes with it. It's a rough camp as far as the elements and the heat. The guys are dehydrated, start sweating a lot, and your muscles start to go. You just have to fight through it and you have to work through everything."

On the line between pushing yourself too hard and being ready for the season: "It's tough, but like you said, you learn. You have to take care of your body extra, get in cold tubs, and really take care of your body because it just takes one little thing to go and that can be it."

LB Jamar Chaney

On competition within the linebacking corps and between him and Brian Rolle for the WILL: "It's been a good battle. Brian Rolle is a really good player. My goal out here, like I've said from the beginning, is to be a starter. I had a little bit of a setback with the first day coming out here hurting my hamstring, but I just had to do what I've been doing. My main goal was to make it hard for the coaches not to keep me on the field, and I don't plan on missing that first preseason game so I don't plan on being out too long."

On whether he attributes injuries on the defensive side of the ball because players are out there fighting for jobs: "You can say that, especially with me because I'm out there fighting for a job and trying to start. That's how we play on defense. We pride ourselves on running full speed to the ball, and whether it is live or whatever, we're going at it with the same speed. You're going to have those little things, but everybody seems to be (getting better) and they'll be ready when it all starts to count."

On what he sees from LB DeMeco Ryans in terms of leadership: "His presence has been felt (already). You can tell he was a leader with the Texans and when he was in college in Alabama. With a guy like that who has all that experience and accolades – he's not a guy who is just coming in here because he has Pro Bowls and all stuff like that. You listen to him a little more than you listen to another guy. He's helping us out a lot, and he's teaching us a lot, too. When you're young, you might be learning things a little bit too fast and he's really slowed down for us and that's even helped me."

P Mat McBriar

On where he is physically: "I'm planting pretty well with my legs, and I'm happy with the way things are going. If it was game week next week, I wouldn't have a problem."

On what his offseason was like waiting out his injury and wondering if he would play in the league again: "Yeah, there was a lot of questioning. I had surgery back in February and I didn't move it really for three months. It was a bit scary, but the surgeon convinced me that would come back and about a month and a half ago, it started moving. Since then, it's been a fast recovery. I wasn't really thinking about the season at all, and then a few weeks ago I thought it could be midseason. Now, sort of out of the blue, I'm out here at training camp."

On what he sees about the competition between himself and Chas Henry: "Chas had a really solid rookie year. I've seen him the last few days and he's hitting the ball really well. It's great to have competition. I welcome it, and I think that we'll both get better. At the end of the day, we'll see what direction the team wants to go in terms of Chas or I, and I'm hoping for the best for myself as well."

CB Brandon Boykin

On how he is adjusting since mini-camps ended and he has put the pads on: "I think I'm doing pretty well. There is always room for improvement, and I think I'm learning every single day. I've been progressing through OTAs, and now everything has slowed down a lot with the pace of the game and the speed. I've been able to make plays and get my hands on balls. I think I've been doing pretty well."

On whether the veterans taught him how to take care of himself going through his first NFL training camp: "All the guys have really told me to make sure I get in the cold tubs, get in the hot tubs before practice, relax your muscles, and do all of those types of things. You have to do all those things to make sure that you don't get any injuries. Everybody has been helpful and it has helped me a lot to go through this camp."

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