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Post-Game Quotes: QB Tony Romo

On whether the offense was encouraging by the way they responded in the second half:

ROMO: I think if you play long enough you understand how difficult it is to win on the road, especially in the division. It's gonna be a tough game. They always are. And it's going to come down to a series or two, and we responded. When it got in the critical points of the game I was proud of the guys. We got into some stuff we liked and we executed well and getting that touchdown to go up two scores was real big.

On the drive resulting in the touchdown to WR Terrance Williams:

ROMO: It was a mixture of different things, but stuff that you felt comfortable with throughout the game, that you knew some of the stuff that they'd been doing that we were going to have an opportunity to attack them with. It's about execution and we went out there and it felt as if you were behind almost in that football game just the way it was going even though you had the lead and to come out there and kind of put the foot down and go out there and do what we needed to do to win the game—it was important.

On whether it was hard to believe the score was 3-0 at halftime with how prolific the two offenses have been:

ROMO: It was a tough day out there. It probably didn't seem like it, but the wind played enough of a factor to where just to complete balls down the field it was going to be a little more difficult. Even when you threw them well, it was swirling. So you're in the middle of the field, you can feel the right to left wind. As it gets down there, I threw one to [WR] Dez [Bryant] on the sideline where it came off my hand nice and it's drifting and then at the end it drifts right. And it's when you get down toward the end zone it switches. It completely goes the other way. So it kind of minimizes sometimes the big play ability in games like this because it's difficult to throw and catch down the field. And it's not the only reason. It's just part of it. The other part of it is that their D-line did a good job putting some pressure and we weren't able to expose some things we thought we could. And some other areas I think we hurt ourselves with penalties so we kind of got behind. And lastly, we had to go the length of the field most of the day. They really were winning the field position battle throughout most of it, but we just keep doing a good job getting ourselves out of the end zone up to, maybe not necessarily scoring, but making them have to drive the whole field too. Overall, it was a good job by our guys to execute and great defensive effort.

On the physicality of the game, especially with Dez Bryant in the second half and at the start of the third quarter:

ROMO: It was tough. They played some single high coverages where it's going to be one of those games where the game is going to be tough if we're throwing the ball [to Bryant] and me and him aren't completing where some of their coverages are and it's one-on-one. And that's just football. If you're throwing to a guy and it's one-on-one and we're not winning in completions then it's going to make for a long day. We started to get it though at some point and then it made it tough on them. 

On his comfort level with Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley:

ROMO: They do a great job. They work their butts off every day. They come out there and keep continuing getting better. And they just understand the nuances of what I want them to do and they go out and execute it.

On what he likes about the team now being 4-3 in the league and 3-0 in the division:

ROMO:I like that we compete. Each week is going to present a new challenge and it's almost like each win is a little different and each loss is a little different and it's never easy to go on the road, it's never easy to just come out and execute perfectly even though we all want to. But if you stay together as a team and you go out there and fight and just keep competing, keep getting better, your team has a chance to be the kind of team they want to be.

On his motives on the interception—whether he wanted to tackle him or slow him down:

ROMO: Cole beats his guy pretty good on the play and the ball's going to [WR Cole] Beasley and our back actually kind of ended up going into the wrong spot. He should be out, and it was tough though because his defender was out, and it was kind of a tough look for him. But it gives us more of a flat run in that. The kid makes a heck of a play, even with him, the kid made a good play on it. Getting back into the play and not someone else's and I got to be able to somehow feel him and see him and not make that mistake. But going down and catching him, just showing foot speed and proving to all you guys my defensive background [laughs].

On if he was trying to strip the ball during the interception:

ROMO: I was trying to get the ball, but it wasn't my best chance.

On if he attaches significance on leading the division at 4-3:

ROMO: I think more than anything you just attach the win from today against an opponent that you know has been playing some pretty good football and they're good. They rushed the passer pretty good today, they did a good job on the outside. You gotta give them credit, they played a good football game. We just played a little bit better today.

On the competiveness of his team, and the interception being an example of where they've struggled on the road in the past and how the defense steps us:

ROMO: I think that's a great point. I think after interceptions, there's sometimes an 'Okay, let's calm down. Let's just run it three times'. There's that feeling that happens, but give Bill credit. He called an aggressive game, he came right after that, and to me that was fantastic because I understand sometimes it's out of your control. You throw a pick at the end of the half—Hail Mary basically—and those things are just random things that happen but it's about decision making. Over time if you keep making good decisions, whether or not negative things happen every once in a blue moon, it's just part of the game. You'll give your team a chance to succeed and I think they trusted me and they trusted our team to go out there and execute it and put the game away when we had to.

On the great performance of the defense after a few tough games this season:

ROMO: I think it's really a testament to just how hard and committed those guys take each day and commit to getting better and practicing. They work their butts off on the defense. They're running the ball every day as fast as I've ever seen and it's just neat for them to be able to come out here and have a game like today where they just would of almost won that game regardless by themselves. I don't know if that's happened in my career where you're able to just lean on them. If you're going to do stuff in January you're going to need to lean on them at different times. It happens every year and it's nice to know our defense can do that.

On his nice words to Eagles QB Matt Barkley after the game and if he understands how Barkley feels right now after this game:

ROMO: Absolutely. I've been there. We've all been there. Put in a situation at the end of a game where it's your first time out there and I think the emotions of it—you're excited, a little nervous. There's always things running through you but, you're excited about the opportunity and I just told him, 'You gotta go out and let the ball go'. The young guys who end up being successful are the ones who throw it, they see it, they throw it, and they let it go. And eventually they'll tighten all that stuff up. The guys who just stand there and hold it, they don't last very long. I know he wanted to probably do a little bit better, but I think he's going be fine and he'll come back and get better from the mistakes that he made. I think it's like anybody when you're young. You have to go out there and give 100% and when you see something, let it go."

On whether his 100th regular season start means anything now that he's through it:

ROMO:Yeah, I think we're on to 200 here shortly. I think more than anything it hasn't really been something I think about. I know it was talked a little about this week, but when you're playing the game it's hard to reflect when you're still trying to accomplish your goals and what you're set up to do. They'll be a time for it I'm sure when I'll sit back and think of some great things and great memories and great people I've been around, but right now I just don't think it's the time for it."

On if he did anything different schematically during the game to compensate for the loss of DeMarco Murray:

 ROMO:Yeah, we did a little bit of things. I think more than anything though it was dictated throughout the game and how they were playing different things. But I thought they did a good job. [RB Phillip] Tanner and [RB Joseph] Randle really played well today. And he's going to help us. I didn't think he was too big for him. I thought he ran hard. And I thought he was pretty good in his blocking assignments. We'll see when we watch the tape, but it was good to see."

On if it is hard for the young receivers to gain his trust:

ROMO:If you work hard, and you get open on one-on-one situations, it's not very hard. I'll help you in certain other situations with my timing, but I just need them to do their job when they're singled up and I think more than anything they do a great job with that-- the effort. Terrance Williams has improved as much as maybe anyone I've seen in the six months that he's been here. It usually takes wide receivers a while to get to that point, but he continually takes coaching and does the things you need to do to improve and it's just a testament to his work ethic and his commitment to the football team. You love having guys like that."

On his thoughts in going to Terrance Williams because of what he sees in practice, even after his previous red zone errors in two of first three games:

ROMO: Yeah, because he cares. If you care and you want to get better and you're committed to going out there and doing it and then you actually show that you're improving that's all you can ask. Guys are going to make mistakes. There were plenty of things out there. We had mistakes out there today. I got on Tanner on one and he came back and did a great job the rest of the game. You just have to put it behind you and figure out how to get better, and the guys do a great job of that."

On how much Barkley thinks his mistakes are the end of the world, given that he has been in that same position before:

ROMO: When you're young, it is. It's really a feeling that you're only to get one opportunity every opportunity. And the reality of it is no one's guaranteed a lot of them, but I do know that I've just seen it over and over. The guys who come in and don't pull the trigger when they're young, usually if they don't- What's the old Parcell saying? 'If they don't bite as a puppy, usually they don't bite'? I think that's in some cases the same with quarterbacks. If you see it early, see some of the intangibles, see them pulling the triggers and letting it go. They might not always be right, but they'll refine that. It'll get tighter as they get older.

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