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Post-Game Quotes: QB Scott Tolzien

On getting the start next week in New York

TOLZIEN: I'm just expecting to be the starter. I just found out, but bottom line is we've just got to keep getting better. I think it's pretty simple and you start by looking at yourself in the mirror. Certainly there's a few plays you'd like to have back in the game, but I really appreciate the guys' help out there rallying around me and my coaches, as well as helping me prepare to be ready to go. I really appreciate these guys in this locker room and we've just got to keep getting better.

On what this week has been like, going from the practice squad to game action

TOLZIEN: It's been a little bit different, but I think that's why it's not just a cliché when someone says prepare every week like you're the starter. You've got to take that to heart and put it on your own shoulders to make sure you're doing that. That way, when you do get moved up into an opportunity, it's not a surprise to you, and you feel like you've been doing your homework. That's the best way to approach a game. You've got to be prepared, first and foremost. You've got to put that time in, and that's where it all starts.

On how he would assess his performance today

TOLZIEN: You always start with where you can get better and there are specific plays that you wish you had back. The first one I think about is the pick in the end zone. We had an awesome opportunity there and got a good look for the play we were running. Looking back at my throw, I should have probably thrown it more back pylon. (I) could've, should've (thrown a better pass) and you learn from that and you try not to make that mistake again.

On how much he's missed live-game action

TOLZIEN: That's why those mental reps are huge in practice. Every day counts, whether it's the third week of training camp or an OTA. Each one of those days matters and that's where it starts.

On what he was thinking when he came in for his first drive

TOLZIEN: Like I said earlier, you've got to prepare yourself for that so that it's not a shock when you go in. That's why you prepare that way, so you're not surprised when your number's called.

On whether it's overwhelming to think about being the starting QB next week

TOLZIEN: I think really you try to just minimize that. I think the priority is our locker room. We're all competitors and we're not here to lose. The goal is to win games and we didn't get that done today. Like I said, we look ourselves in the mirror and you get better, and that's the focus.

On if this game helped his confidence

TOLZIEN: If you don't have your confidence, it's very tough to have success. That's where, internally, it begins. I really appreciate the guys around me that helped that confidence – from Aaron (Rodgers) and Seneca (Wallace), to my coaches, to guys just rolling with the punches during the game today. I just really appreciate the way they got behind me and helped me out.

On what went through his mind when he was told he was going in the game

TOLZIEN: You just start going through what you prepared for during the week, as far as plays that you like, and if possible the checks you might get to. Really your focus is on the game plan at that point, and you try not to let any outside distractions get in the way of that.

On what, if anything, Aaron Rodgers told him to get ready for this game

TOLZIEN: I don't know if was one specific thing, but I think – and I probably speak for a lot of the guys in the locker room – that we just feed off of his poise, his confidence and the way his demeanor is. There's never a sense of panic with him, and that's what I take from him, of the many things, and I think a lot of guys would say the same.

On how Rodgers helped him during the game

TOLZIEN: I really greatly appreciate his help today. (I) really appreciate Seneca's (Wallace) help, I appreciate my coaches' help. Really, it's a team game and we're all trying to tighten up and just help one another out to try to win the game.

On what his comfort level was in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage

TOLZIEN: I felt comfortable. I know it's a work-in-progress, but my job is to know the plays top to bottom, to know that call sheet when you enter a game and that's what I'll continue to do.

On how much of the offense he knows right now

TOLZIEN: I feel confident with what my coach puts on the call sheet. That's your whole process throughout the week is getting a menu of plays and feeling comfortable with them. But really my job is to just take their coaching. What they tell me, that's what I'll do. I'm not going to try to get in the way of that.

On whether he thought it would be possible he'd be playing today

TOLZIEN: Aaron (Rodgers) goes down and obviously it's unfortunate. None of us would have wished that, but at that point you start getting yourself ready because you're one play away. Like I said earlier, that's why you do go about every game the same, whether you're first-string or third-string. I've been fourth-string many times, too, but that doesn't change how you go about your days.

On having not only Packers but also Wisconsin Badger fans' support

TOLZIEN: I really appreciate everyone in this state going back to my college days. I appreciate them and hopefully we keep this thing moving in the right direction.

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