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Post-Game Quotes: QB Michael Vick

On missed opportunities with WR Desean Jackson:

VICK: You are not going to hit all of them. You are lucky if you hit one. We are professionals so we try and capitalize on those opportunities, but you got to hit them, you're not going to hit them all. We had our fair share of plays today, and I think we can get better.

On why he had to come off the field on the second to the last drive:

VICK: The referee said I had to come off. I was backup and standing, ready to play, the referee told me to come out.

On whether or not he was hurt on that previously mentioned play:

VICK: I won't say I wasn't hurt. I wasn't 'hurt, hurt'. If I am standing up I'm not hurt. I'm ready to go, but [the referee] said I had to come out for a play. I think that was unfortunate for my team, but [the referees] are doing their jobs, and I won't try to negate any decision they try to make.

On whether or not it is frustrating to miss those deep throws to Jackson:

VICK: It's not frustrating. Those are the opportunities you get throughout the football game. You miss one, you hit one. We had one that was close, but you just have to keep firing until you get one. You are not going to hit them all. We wish we could. Next week you may hit them all, it all depends.

On what he saw in the defense that allowed him to have success passing the ball:

VICK: Credit to [San Diego], they played a lot of tight man coverage. [San Diego] put themselves in position to make plays. We still were able to execute at a high level, and Coach Kelly did a great job making adjustments throughout the course of the game with the play calling. Regarding the things we were able to do [offensively], I thought it was a success, but it's tough, maybe we need to score 37 points. I think that's what needed to happen in order to win this football game. 

On whether or not he thought the team needed a field goal or touchdown late in the 4th quarter:

VICK: You are always trying to score seven. You never get in the red-zone and think field goal. You always want to score. Everything you put into the game of football is about scoring touchdowns. When you are on offense, you never think about field goals. We have a great field goal kicker and he did his job."

On the level of comprehension the offense is playing at:

VICK: We are still getting different looks versus the things were trying to get accomplished. The looks vary sometimes, but we still put ourselves in a position to score the type of points that we are able to score, and still have success. We are still on the right track, but we still have a lot of work to do in all cylinders of the game.

On how time of possession changes the dynamic of the offense:

VICK: [San Diego] did a good job of controlling the football when they had it. When we were out there we need to put drives together, and do it consecutively. They kept us off the field and out of rhythm in the first half. In the second half we were able to get in a rhythm and score 20 points, but it wasn't enough. We wish we could go back and do some things differently. We had a penalty that negated a touchdown, but that's football. We can't sit here and hang our hats on what didn't happen. We should have made it happen.

On whether or not he should have to say something to Desean Jackson after his unnecessary roughness penalty in the 4th quarter:

VICK: Yeah we all have to learn to just be professionals at all time, and keep our cool. Sometimes it's tough to do, but we all one common goal to win the football game. Anything that doesn't relate to that thinking is irrational thinking, so Desean has to learn, he'll learn, he'll think about it tonight. He will make a better decision next time.

On handling the short week, especially with the return of former Head Coach Andy Reid:

VICK: It's just another football game. We have to get ready, we can't focus on the whole dynamic of the situation. We have a football game to prepare for, and we have to do everything to ensure that we have a chance to win the football game. That is what is most important. It's our third game in 11 days, but were conditioned for it. We're ready for it.

On whether or not fatigue was an issue:

VICK: No, not at all. Did it look that way? (laughs) I'm just joking. But to answer your question no.

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