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Post-Game Quotes: HC Tom Coughlin

Opening Remarks:

COACH COUGHLIN: "Good to win in our division. It's not always pretty but nevertheless our defense played superbly. And I thought in the second half we benefited from great field position, which forced two or three three-and-outs, which prevented them from being able to drive the ball the way they wanted to. The three turnovers were big. I don't know what to say about the snap from center. I don't think I've ever seen him [LS Zak DeOssie] do that, not even on the practice field. And the timing was terrible. But nevertheless the first down there at the end with [TE Brandon] Myers was big. We put ourselves in position to make a couple plays at the end. They had no more time outs and of course [SS] Will Hill came through with that play. The first half I thought we really had an awful lot of things going for us; time of possession, I'm not sure exactly what it was but I know it was quite a bit in our favor. But in the first half, regardless of the style, the way that they operated and how fast they play, I thought we did a good job of hanging on to the ball, driving into plus territory. We did settle for field goals which we're going to have to look at that. Two of those were touchdowns and this didn't have to finish quite as tight as it did. Nevertheless, we won and we're excited about winning. That's two games in a row we've won. We've played great defense, we really haven't given up a score, defensively, and there is a lot to be said for the way we are playing right now on defense."

* *

On whether the team's morale has changed since having a tough start to the season but now having two straight wins:

COACH COUGHLIN:"It's an interesting group of guys. We were down after a loss, particularly on a Monday, a long long hard day as it always is. The guys would bounce back and they'd get their chins up, go into the next one. So this definitely is a huge boost to their confidence. It reinforces what we are doing obviously. And then two wins in a row, we are just happy to have that."

On his level of concern about penalties:

COACH COUGHLIN:"I am very concerned about penalties but I am more concerned about the fact that we won. We had a bunch of penalties against them the first time. The amazing thing is that I go to the officials with a list as long as my arm and they call them all against us. I say that with tongue in cheek."

On his thoughts about them getting on a run to get back in this thing:

COACH COUGHLIN:"I hope so, that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to get back into the competitive aspect of our game and our division."

On what have been some of the keys defensively:

COACH COUGHLIN:"Well, there's a lot of things. Basically we have stopped the run. Now, the start of the third quarter we had a little trouble with the run today but basically we have been able to do that and I think that's where it always starts. So the physicality upfront, the outstanding mesh and the gap control up front and the ability to stop the run. And then we have been able to pressure and to create some turnovers and some guys are playing well."

On the key to stopping a guy like RB LeSean McCoy:

COACH COUGHLIN:"Well you have to maintain the discipline of your gap control. You have to stay put because he can bring the ball back at any time. You have to initially, whether it's the read option or whether it's just the dive, you have to take that away though initially first. We've had guys in position; they've been able to maintain position."

On how not having QB Michael Vick changes that, being another threat to run the ball:

COACH COUGHLIN:"Well, you see the game, we still had to defend Michael. We still had to defend the quarterback."

On WR Victor Cruz, the hit he took, and the fact that he came back:

COACH COUGHLIN:"Yeah I didn't know what it was so getting over there to find out it was a shoulder was a relief to me because I noticed they weren't taking his helmet off either. But I was concerned and then he came to the sideline and it looked like he was grimacing a little bit there when they were going through the various fundamental tests. But to see him come back into the game was a huge plus."

On how he characterizes WR Victor Cruz's toughness:

COACH COUGHLIN:"He is a tough guy, he is a tough player. His ability to bounce up off of that was a huge sign for our team."

On if he thinks QB Eli Manning is being more cautious, given the fact that they had no turnovers again on offense:

COACH COUGHLIN:"Well I don't know if cautious is the word. But when we are playing good defense we certainly don't want to give an advantage to the opponent by turning the ball over, and particularly putting them in good field position. We have worked very hard at that we have obviously stressed that. [QB] Eli [Manning] has done a great job with that especially the last two games. It's just being knowledgeable of how this team perhaps has got to play."

On if he has seen a lot more out of SS Antrel Rolle, has he stepped his game up:

COACH COUGHLIN:"Well he's been there as a solid factor all the way through. It's just obviously noticeable now with the last couple weeks."

On his thoughts on the celebration penalty:

COACH COUGHLIN:"No, he came right over and apologized for it. Again, you make a great play like that and you've got the ball where you think you've got it but oh wait a minute, its fifteen yards back. Territory we have already covered, we didn't want to have to retake it."

* *

On how much their ability to move the ball down the field encourages the team as the season progresses:

COACH COUGHLIN:"Well that was the plan, we were able to execute some of the things we played, not everything. But this defense has given up nineteen points the last three weeks so they are not quite are bad as they statistically appear, I don't think. I think they are a good defense. It was good to move the ball and obviously we are going to look at the pluses and not look at the lack of touchdowns."

On if he ever dreamed of coming here to win without a touchdown:

COACH COUGHLIN:"I just come, I tell them every year, I'll take it two to nothing, three to nothing, five to three, whatever you want to do."

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