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Post-Game Quotes: HC Chip Kelly

On the play of Nick Foles:

COACH KELLY: "He did a really nice job. They put us in a lot of man coverage, and one of the things you have to do is to be able to throw the ball over the top and he did. We took advantage of that."

On the final drive of the game:

COACH KELLY: "That's what this league is all about is executing and I thought our offensive line and our backs and our quarterback executed. Nick's keep at the end there was big to get another first down. I thought (James) Casey had a huge play for us as well."

On losing three starters in the first quarter and still winning:

COACH KELLY: "I think it speaks a lot about the depth, and you have to have it. It's a tough, hard-nosed, physical game and everybody needs to be ready to play at any point in time. When you only have 46 guys active on game day, you've got to go, and that's what the deal is all about. But I thought the guys that stepped up and came in did a really nice job."

On his first game at Lambeau Field:

COACH KELLY:"It's a special place. I think it's just one of the iconic places in the league or even in football when you talk about playing a game in Lambeau Field. I thought the fans were really, really good. Most of the time when we come in on a bus we don't usually have people clapping for us, and I think that says something about the fans of Green Bay that they are just big fans of the game and there is so much history. That's the same field that Vince Lombardi coached on, and I think that's pretty neat, and I think it's a lot neater when you win."

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