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Post-Game Quotes: HC Chip Kelly

Chip, what happened to your team today?

COACH KELLY:  We didn't play well.  I should say that again, we didn't play well at all offensively.  Didn't do anything to help us out.  I thought our defense did an outstanding job all day.  I think our special teams besides the one kickoff did a really good job on a team that was probably the most dangerous return team in the game, but offensively we couldn't get anything going.

Can you talk about QB Nick Foles injury? COACH KELLY:He got hit in the head and he went to an independent neurologist, so I haven't gotten anything back from that.  When he went to the independent, they said he was out.

How would you describe the quality of his Nick Foles throws?

COACH KELLY:  He was off.  I guess that's what I would say.  At times we had guys open and we didn't put the ball on him.  But there were other times where we didn't help him either.

Did Dallas do anything that you didn't see a lot of?

COACH KELLY: Not that we didn't prepare for, no.  It's the same defense.  They are six games in; we're six games in.  They obviously executed better than we executed.  There were times we couldn't get off coverage and we held on to the ball.  There were times we held guys open and just didn't get it to him.  I don't have an answer for that.

You obviously ran the ball very well last week with Nick Foles at quarterback.  This week there weren't many running lanes.  Anything that has to do with zone read and Nick being in there?

COACH KELLY:  No, we ran a lot of power, ran a lot of sweeps.  Go through the amount of plays we ran, we really didn't run a ton of zone read at all.  So I think running power plays and sweep plays, it's just executing your blocks, staying on your blocks and finish things, and we didn't do that.

How do you explain Nick going from a performance last like week where he's the offensive player of the week to the performance he had today?

COACH KELLY:  I don't have an answer for it.  Again, I think it's everybody on the offensive side of the ball.  I don't think we blocked very well, I don't think we caught the ball very well.  I don't think we got off routes very well.  It was 11 guys on offense.  It was all of us on offense, me calling plays, everybody.  It's not just one guy.

Can you explain the decision to kick the 60‑yard field goal?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, Alex Henery hit it really well in warm‑ups.  I asked Fipp what he thought, and he thought he was hitting the ball extremely well.  We had the wind at our back and that was a 3‑0 ballgame.  Just trying to get a score and see what we can do at that point in time.

Why not go for a first down there?  What is the thinking there?

COACH KELLY: If we didn't get the first down, we're not going to get the kick.

After three quarters was there frustration or optimism in terms of your defense putting you in position?

COACH KELLY: I think we're really excited how our defense is playing.  I just think overall through the course of the game, I thought they played with great effort.  I thought they did a really good job against an explosive passing operation.  WR Dez Bryant was out there and TE Jason Witten, QB Tony Romo is one of the top quarterbacks in this league.  So I think our defense gave us some optimism at that point in time.  Could they get a stop and they did.  And LB DeMeco Ryans got us a huge play there in the second half, but we've got to capitalize on that and we got a huge interception, get the ball down to us in the red zone, and we need to come away with 7 and make it a different football game.

Why was QB Mike Vick inactive today?

COACH KELLY: We didn't have an emergency quarterback last week when TE James Casey was out.  James wasn't here.  You want to have three quarterbacks on game day.  So when James went through pre‑game warm ups last week if he had to go in a game, Mike could have played, obviously, we would have had to protect him with our play calls.  But Mike's probably at the same status now.  He could have played, but we would have had James Casey down.  When James was able to go, because he's such a good contributor on special teams, we felt like we had three quarterbacks. Mike wasn't going to start, Nick wasn't going to start obviously, and last week we didn't have an emergency quarterback, that's why Mike dressed.

Any chance that Mike Vick can practice in full on Tuesday?

COACH KELLY:  I'm hoping we get them all back on Tuesday.  But I won't know until they get into the training room tomorrow.

On Mike working out before the game?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, he ran around this morning before the game.  I think he's progressing.  I don't have an exact number on him where he is.  But he's better than he was.  Obviously, that is an injury that takes time.  But I'm hopeful that Mike will be back and we'll have to make a decision where we are based on his health and Nick's health in terms of where we are right now.

Michael's still your starter no matter what?

COACH KELLY:  I can't answer that question because I don't know if he can go.  I can say, yeah, he's my starter and then find out he can't play.

How close was he this week?  What's he need to prove going forward?

COACH KELLY: I think he needs to prove it to himself.  I'm always going to trust Mike.  I think Mike understands himself.  He felt like he wasn't top end and he couldn't do what he needs to do for him to be effective.  I think not a lot of guys do that.  Not a lot of guys will tell you exactly where they are.  They just say, hey, I'm good.  I think Mike understands his body and we're going to listen to him.  He's worked extremely hard with our strength and conditioning staff and our trainers in terms of trying to get himself healthy.  He had a good workout this morning, so we'll see where he is when we get to Tuesday and we start practicing again.

How good was Nick's decision making on where to go with the football?

COACH KELLY:  I think all of us on offense, myself included, our decision making wasn't very good.

What did you think of WR DeSean Jackson today?

COACH KELLY: Hot and cold.  You know?  Just like everybody.  There wasn't anybody on offense that stood out.  You score three points and there are not many guys that you can say, hey, they played a really good game.

Did you get a sense in practice this week about how the offense was functioning?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, that's the tough part.  I thought we practiced really well this week.  I thought our guys did a nice job Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. There was good energy.  I think they settled in, they had a good understanding of what was going on.  And I thought we executed things during the week and to do what we did is unacceptable.

Does the level of confidence in Foles change after this performance?

COACH KELLY:  No, I think you have to look at them through the whole body of work in terms of what he can do and can't do.  You hopefully like to chalk it up as just a bad day.  But we'll see with all those guys is how do we come back to work on Tuesday?  If we're feeling sorry for ourselves, the Giants aren't feeling sorry for us.  They're going to be ready and prepared when they come in here next week. Did you talk to Foles after the first quarter?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, he was good.  We talked to him at halftime, and I didn't detect anything from him.  But I haven't seen him since the game because he got taken in.  I haven't seen him since the game ended.

Any chance Foles cannot go next week?

COACH KELLY:  I have no idea.  Again, I told you.  When they have those situations and rightly so, they're very cautious with it, so they said he was with the independent, and I haven't seen him since he went to the independent.

What was your overall evaluation of the offensive line to this point in the season?  It seems they have good games and then something games like today?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, I've been pleased with our offensive line.  I wasn't pleased with anybody on offense today.  But overall from a season standpoint our guys did a really good job.  But nobody today, all of us, everybody that coaches on the offensive side of the ball and everybody that played, we didn't play well enough today and obviously scoring 3 points in this football game is not going to get it done.

Did the Cowboys do anything specifically to stop the run game?

COACH KELLY: No, they weren't loading extra guys in the box.  They did exactly what they did coming into the game.  They played some two deep schemes, some man three schemes, some three deep schemes.  It's just what they've done up until this point.  It wasn't anything we looked at and were surprised and said that's a new wrinkle in terms of what they're doing.

How surprised were you to see this happen today?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, I don't know if surprised is the word.  I think disappointed is the word.  We've got to do a better job.  It takes everybody to win a football game.  I think a couple aspects of our team played really well today.  But one aspect of our team didn't.

Do you think things unraveled when Nick couldn't connect with Avant in the end zone.  It seemed like that was your best chance to get back into the game?

COACH KELLY: No, because after that we got the first down and got the ball in tight.  We went for it on fourth down and got the first down.  Then we've got to come away with a touchdown on that situation.  So I don't think we're feeling sorry for ourselves because we didn't hit the open guy.  We still executed and got the first down.  But we've got to put the ball in the end zone and we didn't.

Do you think the frustration is getting the better of them?  Are there players on the offense particularly that saw any of that?

COACH KELLY:  I didn't see that, no.

In the past two weeks how much work has Barkley gotten in practice?

COACH KELLY:  There are X amount of snaps every day that the number two guy gets, whatever that is.  But Matt's gotten some reps in there.  Mike's reps came with seven on seven.  So any team reps, Matt and Nick were the two quarterbacks in the team reps.  Mike hasn't gotten any team reps yet.

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