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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Offense

RB LeSean McCoy*

On whether he knew he surpassed 1,000 yards rushing:

McCOY: "I did not know. I did know this though, I had 10 yards to pass [RB coach and former Eagles RB] Duce [Staley]. So I knew that was going to happen."

On whether coach Staley talked to him about that:

McCOY: "We did not talk too much about it. I just found out about it late in the week. We really didn't have enough time to talk about it."

On what it means to have 1,000 yards at this point in the season:

McCOY: "It just means a lot more yards to get. I think the whole offense, the whole offensive line this year is playing excellent. They are giving me lanes, giving me one-on-one opportunities. They are rolling and I am just running behind them."

On what happened to his hamstring in the second quarter:

McCOY: "It felt like it just grabbed. I felt like it gave out. There was sharp pain, I didn't really know. I'm good, it was not as serious as I thought it was."

On whether it was an injury or a cramp:

McCOY: "I think it was like a cramp. It just grabbed really tight. I was cutting and running and it kind of just gave out. But I went back there and did some stretching and different treatment and I was back."

On whether the injury was as serious as compared to the Chiefs game:

McCOY: "No I didn't think it was like that. I felt a little pain but I just couldn't really run on it. It kind of just gave out. But the Chiefs game was something totally different. That was more of a flashback to when I broke my ankle."

On whether he was worried when Eagles QB Nick Foles was loosening his shoulder:

McCOY: "Nick is a tough kid. His will to win is unbelievable. We knew he would be fine."

On finally winning at home:

McCOY: "I think it is more just for the fans and the media to talk about. Each game we go into it just to win that game. Teams might be better down the line or might not be as good we want to be better than that opponent each week. We don't really worry about the losing record at home. We use the same mindset on an away game as we do in a home game. We don't really let that kind of thing get to us."

On how his hamstring felt in the second half:

McCOY: "It felt good. I was making the same cuts and I felt good running."

On whether Nick Foles is earning status:

McCOY: "I think just the way he is playing. He is throwing touchdowns. He is running this offense with no interceptions. It's the small things where maybe guys would be lined up wrong and he would get them lined the right way, he's converting. Sometimes when we need a pass to back the guys up or making a balanced offense, he is hitting them. I think there are the little things that make Nick Foles such a good quarterback. He is still young and there is a lot of room to get better just like everybody else. Just to see the type of level he is at right now only in his second year, it is self explanatory."

On whether the long catch in the first quarter started momentum for the team:

McCOY: "They tried to stop the run. We gave them a run look and the defensive end played with me which I guess they thought was a good idea and Nick found me and threw it. It was a great read."

On what he likes most about the team at this point in the season:

McCOY: "Just the way we are all playing together. Offense, special teams, defense, we are all playing as one. I think sometimes earlier in the year it was more where the offense was playing good and the defense wasn't or the defense was playing good and the offense wasn't. We are clicking, we are getting the turnovers and we are answering. We are not turning the ball over for the defense and not putting them in a jam. It's the small things that make the team."

On whether he could see the team where they are now after starting 3-5:

McCOY: "I feel like this team is a good team. I do not really get caught up in the record because looking at 3-5 I wouldn't be sitting here if I thought in a negative way. We are a good team. Good coaches want all the players to get better and we are rolling. We have to have a positive attitude."

On whether it's nice to have a bye week:

McCOY: "Oh yeah. We have been down, up and down. Just to get a bye, get everybody healthy and getting a win before heading into the bye week is something big. I cannot wait to get back and start working but I am definitely going to enjoy my time off."

WR DeSean Jackson

On his approaching the 1,000-yard receiving mark for the season and his production throughout the year:

JACKSON: "Honestly it's not necessarily what I'm doing. It's the positions and play-calling, and the things that I'm able to go out there and do to help my team be successful. Regardless of my stats, and I'm definitely happy about them, but at the end of the day, a win is a more important thing to be happy about. To go out there and to put up individual stats and be successful is nice, but winning is the thing that we think about. We've been in some crucial games this year, and today was another one. [Washington] did a great job of fighting until the end of the game. We just have to keep playing together for four quarters and not giving up, and I think we did that today."

On how it feels to get a win at home:

JACKSON: "It feels great. The energy was great today. The crowd came with it, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. We said we were going to do something different, and we got a win at home today. We're feeling pretty good about that."

On the difficulty associated with the snapping of the home losing streak:

JACKSON: "It definitely wasn't easy. [Washington] gave a great fight. I'm just excited about it. We have a bye week to get fresh and come back and play Arizona. We're just excited."

On his ability to generate yards after the catch this season:

JACKSON: "I just really credit the offensive scheme. [Head coach] Chip [Kelly] is doing a great job with not only myself, but with a lot of guys on the team. He's putting us in positions to go out there and be successful. I'm just staying with it. Sometimes [teams] might guard you a certain way, or a certain defense might cause you not to get the ball, but you just have to keep pounding away at it and doing the things we need to do to put points on the board."

On how he has benefited from playing in Chip Kelly's offensive scheme:

JACKSON: "The biggest thing is that he's creative in the play-calling. He knows how to get mismatches and how to move guys around and things like that. I know that when the ball is in the air and it gets in our hands, you have to do your job. I've always been known to get yards after the catch, so it's just sticking with it and knowing throughout the course of the game there are going to be ups and downs. You just have to stay steady throughout the whole game."

On the improvement of the Eagles defense throughout the season:

JACKSON: "I think the defense turned it around very well. They're doing some great things out there and playing competitive against other offenses. As an offense, it's great to have your defense going out there and competing, doing a good job, and making the other team punt. Altogether, we're starting to play great together. Special teams are doing a great job as well. There are three phases of football, and any time you can have all three phases linking up to play as one, the sky is the limit for you."

On why the Eagles offense stalled during periods of the second half:

JACKSON: "Honestly, it was just the point of the game where [Washington] had our number. They were stopping us, and we weren't able to get on a roll. You credit them, because they did some great things. Throughout the course of the game, sometimes things happen like that. One thing I can say is that we were able to stick together. You try to stay away from it, but at the end of the day, it's a professional team on the other sideline and they're eventually going to start catching on and doing some great things themselves. We were able to stick with it, and Brandon Boykin made a great play to end the game. We're very happy about that."

On his nervousness on the sideline when Washington mounted its comeback:

JACKSON: "[Washington] did a great job. [Washington QB Robert Griffin III] and those boys came together down 24-0 and came back and made it 24-16. It was definitely nerve-wracking. When you're on the sideline as an offense, you're just hoping that [the defense] can get a stop, and they came through today. That's just a tough situation to be in when you're on the sideline and you really can't do anything. We were just rooting our guys on to get a stop, and they did that."

On the play of quarterback Nick Foles:

JACKSON: "Nick is doing a great job. He's come a long way. He is hot right now. We're on a roll, and we just have to keep it going and finish the season strong. We're 6-5, but we have some tough games ahead of us. That's the interesting thing about the division right now. We're just excited to be at the top, and hopefully we can finish strong and get that first seed."

On whether the players in the locker room believed they could be in contention for a playoff berth in December when Chip Kelly was first hired in April

JACKSON: "When he first walked through the door on April 1, just off of what he established at Oregon, a lot of guys respected him and were very excited. It was interesting. For a group of men who had gone through a tough year last year, we were able to come in and almost erase everything. We had a new coach and a new guy calling shots. We had to kind of start from scratch. We had to learn a new system and new rules, and everything that he wanted to do. So far, everybody has accepted their role. We've done what we need to do as professionals – to handle our jobs and do what he's asking us to do. Right now, you're seeing guys that will go out there and play for a guy who is asking us to do what he wants to do."

On whether people outside the locker room can understand the dramatic changes that have occurred since the hiring of Kelly:

JACKSON: "Looking from the outside in, I really can't answer that question. I don't know if everyone realizes what we had to do as far as the inner group and as far as the team and our organization. Inside the locker room, I think guys were willing to stand up and recognize that what he was able to restore was discipline. He was ready to get the best out of us on the practice field, in the classroom, in meetings, and in the weight room. Everything that he has asked us to do, I think everyone has bought in fully, and that's definitely what is showing right now."

On how he would describe the Eagles season through 11 games:

JACKSON: "Just a lot of ups and downs. We started rough at 1-3, but we were able to go on a run and even it up at .500. Then we went on a downfall two games, and then from there over the past three or four games, we were able to get back on a winning streak. We were able to catch fire here and there, but the biggest thing I can say is that we need to find a consistency level. We have to stick with it and continue to play together. Other teams in the NFL are very competitive and challenging, and at times things happen. We knew there would be ups and downs, but we felt the character of this team would show later in the season. Right now, everyone is just playing hard and playing together, so that is the difference."

On the character of the team through 11 games:

JACKSON: "I think the character is showing. We're playing hard for one another and for the man next to us, and I think it's showing on the field. That's what we're looking for."

WR Riley Cooper

On the play of QB Nick Foles:

COOPER: "He has the utmost confidence in himself. He is a great quarterback and he should. He is the general out there. We are all listening to him. He does a great job."

* *

On Foles battling through pain:

COOPER: "He is a warrior. He is a tough kid and a great quarterback. Hopefully we can keep it going."

On the first home win heading into a bye week:

COOPER: "It is a weight off our shoulders. Finally get a win at home and give our fans something to cheer about. We can go into the bye week and relax and get our legs back."

WR Jason Avant

On whether or not he feels the team is getting better every week:

AVANT: "We're getting better. Hopefully we can capitalize on some things that we did bad late in the game today, and get rid of the miscues so we can be fully prepared and ready as the season goes on."

On whether he was surprised or not in a game featuring Washington QB Robert Griffin III and QB Nick Foles that Foles would end the game with more rush yards between the two:

AVANT: "Nick Foles…Michael Vick, they are pretty similar. (Laughs)"

On the effect Foles running the ball had on the defense:

AVANT: "He is doing a good job of pulling it down [and running] when he needs to. That is great for any quarterback. It is so hard for defenses, especially when your quarterback is considered not mobile. The defense wants an extra man in coverage, and it makes you leave [a defender] out of coverage to spot [the quarterback]. He's doing a great job and hopefully it continues."

On winning a game at home:

AVANT: "We're happy to get wins. We wanted to win this one badly in front of our fans, which is why we came out and played the way we did. We kind of scared them, but you should appreciate those types of things because it is worth the price of admission. (Laughs)"

On starting a winning streak at home:

AVANT: "We just want to get a win and get better each week. We play Arizona when we get back. Hopefully we get a win. If we go out and execute our game plan, away or home games, we should just go out and play our best."

C Jason Kelce

On sharing credit for RB LeSean McCoy running for 1,000 yards 11 games into the season:

KELCE: "It's good. It's definitely a positive thing, but again we say this all time that you can't really get caught up in that. You try and improve every week. Even though we have run the ball pretty effectively, it could be better. We're fortunate to have one of the best backs in the league behind us. As long as we take care of the [blocking] he'll do a good job."

On what was going through his mind when McCoy went down with an injured hamstring:

KELCE: "Whenever you see [a player] grab his hamstring, it's actually not that bad because chances are it's just a cramp or a minor pull. Usually it is nothing serious. You get scared, for example against the Chiefs, [McCoy] grabbed his ankle. That is when you get scared because the joints are the things that take longer to heal."

On QB Nick Foles battling through some pain:

KELCE: "It's been a brutal stretch here. Everybody is ready for this bye week. We are going to let our bodies recover and this week is going to be good for us."

On being alone in first place in the NFC East:

KELCE: "Right now we are, but there are still five games left. It really doesn't matter what place you are in now. It only matters where you are when you finish [the season]. All we really are concentrating on is that we are playing really good football. If we play the way we have been playing, it is going to be very hard to beat us. That is what we are focused on right now."

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