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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "Offensively we're just real inconsistent at this point. We're playing a great ball game and then a poor ball game, so the players are working hard on the field and they are working hard with their preparation and the coaches are working hard trying to get things just a little bit more consistent. Now this next ball game, we have a great challenge going to the West Coast and playing a defense that struggled a little bit early, however the last three or four ball games they are playing like a top-tier defense. It looks like they've simplified some things; yet still playing aggressive and they are highly talented."

On being able to bounce back after a loss: "That part of it is good. The part that preceded it is not good. We just have to create some consistency. Then, we are working very hard to do that."

On why the Eagles have a trend of winning a big game and then losing a big game over the years: "We've done that early in the season a couple of times and then we've been able to gain some consistency down the stretch. That's where we're at. We know where we're at. We're trying to get better every day and if you have that old mentality with the hard work, preparation, 'you get better every day,' good things tend to happen, and then you get some guys a little bit healthier and then good things happen. That's our mentality right now."

On how much of the inconsistency is a result of having so many young players in key roles: "We can make up reasons and these types of things; we know right where we're at. We know in depth at this point in the season every player at every position, what his strengths are. We can make some things up like that and some are real, however, we're not into making excuses. The players, it doesn't matter if he's a 10-year veteran, or a rookie, or a second-year man, we need to play at a high level on a consistent basis game in and game out and that will be the key come this last half of the season.

"That will be the key. It always is and it always has been and we've done a pretty good job in the past. However, the past has really no effect on this year. We have to do that."

On how much of the inconsistency is a result of the ever-changing offensive line: "Again, we can make up a lot of things here, point to a lot of reasons, but it doesn't matter. It's encompassing. I would not point to one spot there."

On what some of the main inconsistencies are that he's seen: "Well, without getting into too much detail, the execution, so that's one part. Then, some of it is, in many cases, some of the fellows are doing the right thing but it's the details within how you do it and being able to, with the technique and the details within the technique, so we're trying to get better every day there."

On whether he is okay with the inconsistencies if at the end of the year they're in the playoffs: "No. We try to get better every day. Look, the scoring facets, that's good. That's a good thing. However, every game is going to be different, so you're going to run into some games where the big plays aren't there or you're just missing them. Then, you need to gain some consistency to win those ball games. That's what we feel like we'll be able to do with the hard work and preparation in the future here."

On the offensive numbers declining as the game goes on: "I think you have to look at it in depth just a little bit, and I have. There are a couple of games there where I shut it down and there are a lot of reasons for that, so that's part of it. Then, we're getting into making up reasons and we need to get better there. Yeah, it's just that simple."

On the inability to come from behind in the fourth quarter, and whether he has a theory to why that is: "It's kind of unique, I believe last year we were one of the very best in two-minute, before the half, [and] I think this year we're one or two in two-minute, before the half. We need to be as good at the end of the game in those situations as we are at the end of the half. Championship teams score a lot of points at the end of the half, so that's a good thing there and we need to be as good at the end of games. Now, you go back a little bit, and I don't want to go back too far here, but there were some excruciating losses there with some short yardage.

"Again, it's all encompassing. It's not one thing. We just need to be a little bit better, a little bit sharper at the end of the game. Now, you also have to take into account that in some of those very close games, that we did a nice job in offense, defense and special teams and then scored towards the end of the game to make it a two-score game as well. I've looked at all that in the offseason and during this season. We just have to play a little bit better late in the game."

On seeing progress among the offensive line: "It's been a road here because we've had some really major injuries and the guys gutted it out, and then we've had some guys off and they've come back due to injury. So it could be that we're just coming into our own here in the last half of the season. Again, we'd like to get everyone healthy and keep them healthy."

On whether he's optimistic about the offensive line: "Oh yeah, I think we still have an opportunity to be a heck of an offensive line. No question about that. It's going to take a lot of hard work."

On whether RB Brian Westbrook and WR Jason Avant not getting the ball as much is hurting them in short-yardage situations: "I need to get the ball to Jason just a little bit more, yeah. Brian we have to get on the field."

On whether Westbrook participated in walkthrough this morning: "Yeah, that's right."

On whether Westbrook will be practicing today if it's indoors: "He'll practice there, yeah."

On getting the ball to WR DeSean Jackson more: "Yeah, I try to do that. I try to get all of our eligible receivers and runners, try to get it to the guys that can make touchdowns a little bit more."

On whether having a fourth quarter, come-from-behind win would give the team a psychological lift: "Yeah. Normally, even the really good teams, and I think we are and we'll see down the stretch here, even really good teams need a come-from-behind [win] once or twice a season. Some do it even more, so that's a key. Now, it's been a little unique in the pretty recent past history when we've won, in fact I think last year, didn't we lead the league in points differential? Yeah, we may have won that, I'm not positive on that.

"This year I know we're very, very high when we win. Then, we've lost a couple, more than a couple close wins over the past couple of years. That's where we're at. It's a little unique there. It may be a cyclic thing. I've kind of found that we just need to play a little bit better at the end there."

On whether he feels like this team needs that type of scenario: "I think we're pretty tough mentally. We tend to bounce back pretty well. We tend get through the ups and downs of the game pretty good. Again, we just need to play better at the end. Then, whatever those psychological advantages are, we'll take them."

On whether he expects T Jason Peters will play this week: "There are a couple of different ways we could go, but as you know [G/T] Todd [Herremans] played a little bit of left tackle, but I would expect, I may be speaking too soon, but I would expect him to do everything that he can do to get to the game and I know that he'll do that. Then, we'll see here later in the week. I don't want to speak too soon because it's pretty early."

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