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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "Disappointed in that last ball game, however, we have great opportunity here against the Washington Redskins on Monday night. We have to tie a few things together. (They have an) excellent defense (that's) highly ranked in virtually every category. (They are) very well coached. They have excellent skill and ability. (DT Albert) Haynesworth, (LB London) Fletcher, and on and on, excellent secondary. They play fast. They have a lot of confidence on defense, so we have to play to the top of our game."

On what things he is stressing this week:"You saw the game, I'm not going backwards there. We'll leave it at that. We have a lot of things to get accomplished."

On whether the return of G/T Todd Herremans will help:"We'll see. We have a player back here. We are beat up just a little bit up there, and so, we'll see. I do think that he's ready to play. He's a tough guy. I would think it would help us just a little bit at the minimum."

On whether C Nick Cole will move to the right side:"That's a possibility, yes. That structure still isn't set because we have some nicks, pretty good nicks up there, so we're working through that right now."

On whether they will use a rotation at left guard: "That's a possibility, yeah."

On whether he thinks WR Reggie Brown is due for a big game:"I don't want to predict anything but Reggie has been practicing lights out. He's playing well, practicing well. He's earned an opportunity and it just hasn't happened yet and I suspect it will."

On whether Herremans will move to tackle if T Jason Peters can't go:"There are several things that could happen there. Todd could do that. (T) King (Dunlap) is there as well; he's is a possibility. Certainly you get into numbers, how many numbers you can have up. Like I said, we're working through that right now."

On whether he would compare Washington's defense to Oakland's defense: "I think the Redskins is a little bit better. Oakland's talented. They played a couple really good games on defense there. The Redskins are really consistent, high level on a consistent basis. They've got talent. They have a good scheme. They play hard. They play fast. They're well coached. They're smart. They play situational football at a high level. They are very good that way."

On the Redskins defense giving the Eagles trouble over the last few years, and why he thinks that is: "They are good, first, so you have to give them credit. Then, there have been a couple of games where we haven't played at the high level that you need to play to beat a team like this. I think we'll be okay there."

On not using QB Michael Vick much against the Raiders: "Every game is a little different. (We) had Michael ready for certain situations, those situations didn't come up. They do in most games. Every game is going to be different that way."

On the Wildcat not being used much last game: "It's still part of our offense. Again, situationally, (we) didn't use it."

On whether they know what Vick can give them: "His presence is a threat."

On what scenario determines when they use different packages: "This game is a situational game, so let's say you have a player, and it can be any player, we have a lot of role players on our team, so it could be short yardage, a red zone, backed up, two minutes, all these situations, so typically a player has a role in one or more of those situations, (and if) those situations come up, he plays quite a bit, and if they don't come up, he doesn't play as much."

On whether the Redskins have been moving Haynesworth around: "In base, he'll play on a left side inside at the tackle spot, and in nickel he is normally on our left at the end spot. He has shown up on the right side. Yes, they do move him around a little bit."

On whether the Redskins move LB Brian Orakpo around: "He'll play the end in nickel, yeah. Then he'll move him in their three-man line, he's in and they move him around."

On whether Orakpo puts his hand in the dirt: "He has in three-man front with him at a linebacker spot he has put his hand down, yes. However, they'll move him around as well."

On whether he thought he could have given RB Brian Westbrook more touches last week after watching the film:"Oh yeah. No question about it."

On whether it was tough for him to see WR Brandon Gibson go:"Yeah. I liked Brandon Gibson. We'll do the best thing for this football team. I think Brandon has a future in this league. I think they got a good, young receiver. I think he's going to play over there, too. It was good for him and it's good for our football team as a whole."

On whether play calling is instinctual during a game: "You can talk for hours about that, but there is a lot of time spent putting a gameplan together and you stay with it most of the time. Many times it has instincts but some of that is hard to explain in the short time that we have."

On whether the gut instincts sometimes override what is in the gameplan: "No, not as much as you think because you're expecting certain things in certain situations. Like I said, it's a situation game. When you get into the flow of the game, that's where it changes just a little bit."

On what can be gained from having Sherman Lewis call the plays in Washington: "I don't know the exact situation. I do know Sherman Lewis very well. We worked together in Green Bay. He's an excellent coach. (He's) highly respected by myself, as well as many other coaches in this league. I hired him in Detroit. He's a very, very good coach. Other than that, I just don't know the details of that situation."

On what it'd be like if that situation happened here:"I don't care. I've been there. Those things don't bother me. I don't know their situation."

On whether Lewis knows the West Coast offense: "Yeah, he knows the West Coast offense inside and out. He's very good that way – coaching all those Super Bowls in San Francisco, a Super Bowl in Green Bay. He's well experienced. He's an excellent coach."

On what he tells Westbrook when Westbrook asks for the ball more: "I don't think he does that quite often. I know he wants the ball every play, that's a good thing. I don't think he's done that very much anyway, but I like guys coming up to me (and saying), 'give me the ball.' I like players like that. You can do a lot of good things that way with that mentality. Brian always wants the ball, that's a good thing. I really like Brian and his attitude and his mentality."

On whether Herremans will be limited at all in Monday's game: "Again, you can't predict it but I would expect him to play the whole game, and from there, we'll see. He thinks he can. Our trainers, who are the best in this league, they think he can. He's kept himself in tip-top, high, physical condition, so I think the odds are that he may very well be able to do that. Like we talked about the offensive line previously, there are a lot of things going on there right now. So, we have to get the work done, get everybody their reps with all the different possibilities and then we'll make some decisions here pretty quick."

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