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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

On T Jason Peters and G/T Stacy Andrews returning for Thursday's game and how he thinks that will help the offensive line: "There's a possibility of both of those men playing; still day-to-day for both of those two. But yes, that would be important. We've got to get the fellows playing together just a little bit, for the continuity. The key for that big o-line is playing well together so everything has got to be just right."

On who on the team was not doing the right things during the Indianapolis game: "It was across the board. It was virtually every group, virtually every position. All of the things are correctable and so we've done that this morning, we've seen the film, and so we'll get those things corrected and we've got to do it fast. We correct it and then we move on fast, so hopefully it doesn't need to be corrected again."

On RB LeSean McCoy's decision making: "It's pretty good. He's done a fine job up to date. There are several things that he needs to do to get to the level that he needs to be able to help our football team. His decision making specifically has been pretty good."

On McCoy's blocking: "It's coming. He's made a dramatic jump really initially and (RBs Coach) Ted (Williams) does a fine job with our running backs in the protection part of it. Both the mental part of it and the technique part of it. That technique is vital for the running backs. Typically, they're going against a man that is much bigger and very strong in many cases, so that technique just has to be perfect."

On WR Jeremy Maclin: "He's coming on strong. He's a very sharp, very bright guy. He's a natural type player so things come pretty quickly to him. In fact, I just discussed it right after practice with him and I do think he's feeling pretty comfortable right now with the things that we've asked him to do."

On whether Maclin has caught up given the reps he missed at the beginning of preseason: "I don't think you ever quite catch up because those reps that you lose you cannot gain them back. (WRs coach) David Culley has taken a systematic approach to this thing and has since the day that he got in and David does a heck of a job with our receivers. It's been every practice, including the walkthrough the day before the game, we're accomplishing at least one thing everyday with him. So, that's worked well up to date."

On T Winston Justice filling in for T Shawn Andrews: "Winston has done a good job. There are a couple of things that I would like to see him do in the next couple of ballgames but, he's done a fine job so far."

On why QB Michael Vick would not play in Thursday's game: "Well it's day-to-day. (Head Coach) Andy (Reid) will make that decision late in the week. He'll announce it on Tuesday. Michael is a day-to-day deal. We did a similar thing with Michael in that every day (QB coach) James Urban and (offensive quality control coach) Doug Pederson keep Michael after practice. Now it's a little different of a philosophy there. He has not played the game in two years, so much of that was physical and getting him into shape, football shape. I think he was in decent shape coming in, as far as in general. But, football shape: moving, cutting, lateral movement, throwing the football, moving while he's throwing the football. I think he's in pretty good shape right now, football shape. But we'll see, we're still taking it day-to-day."

On how Vick looks in the offense: "How does Michael look in the offense? At quarterback? He looks pretty good. It was a fairly seamless transition, even though he hadn't played for two years, because of the terminology, it's very similar. Now, many of the details are different and details are where you win football games, so that's the important part there. The terminology is coming very easily to him."

On the possibility of Stacy Andrews doing reps at right tackle: "It's a possibility. However, Stacy is getting all his reps at the guard spot right now, so that's where we're at there."

On Shawn Andrews' progress: "You would have to talk to Shawn specifically. Now, I just did and I think he's feeling a little bit better, that back. I think he made a step and again, he's a day-to-day situation. But, I do think it's getting better, so that was a positive sign just recently here today."

On whether he is anxious that the offensive line has not played together this preseason: "None of us get frustrated one little bit. That doesn't even come into our mind. The players that are playing those spots, we expect to play at a high level—as good or better than the players that they're replacing. It's just that simple and we have to have that mentality. You have to have it throughout the whole season. Because, something like this that happened to us during training camp could happen during the season. It's happened before and we had that mentality and it usually works pretty well."

On QB Kevin Kolb getting reps this preseason:"It will be important for him. However, I know in the first preseason that he played, he threw the ball more than anybody. It was a big gap; he threw the ball more than any quarterback in the preseason by far. I believe last year was the same situation, so he's had two really good preseasons under his belt. The last two games will be important for him. Everything we do is important. So yeah, that will be important for him."

On the lack of tight ends and how TE Brent Celek's injury affects that: "Brent didn't play last week although I think he's feeling pretty good. He's going to be fine. (TE) Matt Schobel came off injury and played a little bit last week and did a pretty good job. And then we've a new man who's been here for two weeks, (TE) Rob Myers, and he has shown some signs that he might be able to compete to make this football team and then possibly help it. We've got (TE) Eugene (Bright) of course, who's been here and battled through some tough nicks, and battled right through it. He's a bigger, blocking type guy. If they're all healthy, then I think we're in pretty good shape. The problem is we were down to one or two tight ends for many of the practices during training camp."

On whether Rob Myers size is an issue: "I don't believe it's his size. He's two-forty something. He does run and catch the ball very well and that's one of his strengths, and he's working very hard at the on the line techniques, the physical part there. He's right in the middle of working that and he's doing it the way we want it done there on the line of scrimmage. He is impressive running and catching."

On WR Brandon Gibson making the team: "I think Brandon Gibson, really all our receivers, Brandon Gibson for sure is in a heated battle right now to make this football team. He is right in the competition. He's been impressive in many things. Here was the thing with the last ballgame is that when you grade the players, every one of them did some very good things and they graded out almost across the boards. They played really well except for one, two, or three plays. But you can't have that. You can't have that across the boards and so we've got to tighten that thing up. We've got to get those mistakes down to a minimum."

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