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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

On T King Dunlap's progress: "He has done a fine job up to this point. He has a long way to go. He certainly has the measurables and it appears like he has a great amount of talent. If he puts hard work and preparation in, I think he has a pretty good future."

On whether G Max Jean-Gilles took a step back in the last game: "(He is) a young player - he's still very young—gaining experience. He is going to take two or three steps forward and one back on occasion. Max is a fine player. I think you win games with players like Max. He works right through those things. We want to get better every day. If we don't, we have to get better the next day and that's how we approach it."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson's game performance exceeded expectations: "No, not necessarily. He is a good player. Let's not let preseason deceive us any, first. He has a lot of hard work ahead of him. He does show up, though. I think he's going to be a pretty good player. He has progressed very quickly up to this point and how quickly he progresses from this point on will determine how productive he will be for us here in the near future."

On what the offense can do this year with the new weapons that it couldn't do last year: "We have a little bit more quickness and change of direction on the field. We could have that on the field. With that comes several things that are open to you."

On G Shawn Andrews returning to practice: "He looks pretty good. He's an excellent player. I have noticed no rust. He is a natural player. He's a big guy - strong, very fast, very quick. He plays the game natural. He plays it naturally low. He can bend his knees and he plays the game low. It's good to have Shawn back. He's working hard and preparing hard. We'll see what happens here. I think (head coach Andy Reid) is taking it day-to-day here, but we'll see what happens. I would expect him to play very well."

On whether the role of fullback could be modified if RB Tony Hunt plays there: "It could. Tony has an excellent opportunity here and we'll see if he takes advantage of it. He showed up last game in many different areas and was impressive. He has earned and deserves an opportunity to get himself on the field. So, we'll see if he takes advantage of this thing."

On whether Andrews might play Friday: "That's his day-to-day thing. Coach Reid will make that decision."

On whether there were prior discussions about using Hunt as a fullback: "Yes. On occasion a small quick discussion about what his strengths are."

On whether FBs Jed Collins and Luke Lawton were unable to take control of the position: "No, Jed has played very well. It really has very little to do with other players. It has more to do with Tony Hunt earning a shot."

On Hunt's strengths: "He's a tough, physical guy. We're going to see just how tough and physical he is real quick. I think he's a tough physical guy. I think he has some halfback skills. Playing him at (fullback) could help us, as long as he has some of the fullback qualities, which I think he might very well have. He normally catches the football very well. He has some of those halfback skills playing that position. If he can be a little bit of a hammer, then that would be a good thing."

On whether he will start at fullback on Friday: "It appears that way. We haven't made all those decisions yet, but it appears as if that may very well happen."

On WR Reggie Brown: "When he comes back, I would expect him to play well. Really, he had a good start. You can't do anything about what has occurred. When he comes back, I expect him to play at a very high level and consistent. He knows that and he expects that of himself, so I don't see any problems there. You can't do anything about it; you just get well as quickly as you can. We have a great training staff."

On what he saw from Brown in training camp: "He was playing at a high level and he was doing it consistently."

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