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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Right in the middle of training camp, right in the middle of our installation, the players are doing a heck of a job with the hard work on the field and there's no substitute for that hard work. They're also doing an excellent job in the classroom with their preparation. And you put those two things together and you're usually in pretty good shape."

On how quickly he thinks WR Jeremy Maclin will pick up the offense: "We'll see. We don't know that. We'll see what his retention was from the minicamps and it's my responsibility to get him ready and we've got one of the very best receiver coaches in this league and he takes that responsibility seriously as well. So, we'll see what happens here and he's got a lot of catching up to do. However, he's a real sharp guy, he's a natural football player and so we'll see how quickly he can get himself ready."

On how the process of getting Maclin up to speed works: "Every minute of the day [WR Coach] David Culley will be busy with him. I've been through this many times before and some guys fit right in and it's normally, like I said, the guys that are natural type football players, it comes a little bit easier to them, and when they're real sharp mentally that usually happens pretty quick for them. But we'll see. Some great players, it may take two or three years before they mature into an excellent football player. Sometimes it's very quick, so we'll see."

On WR Brandon Gibson's production during training camp: "He's extremely impressive situationally. He has shown excellent size and he's a big guy, and then on top of that he's shown quickness and strength and quite a little bit of speed. So, he's been impressive, he flashes at you big. So now his challenge is to play at that high level and do it each and every time."

On whether Gibson could be described as being the same type of receiver as Hall of Famer Cris Carter: "We'll see. He's got a long way to go as all the young guys do. We'll see if he can keep maturing. But yeah, he's a certain type of player. I would say he's quick and smooth and big and physical."

On what he meant when he described Gibson as being good situationally: "His challenge now is to play at that high level every play because he certainly shows that he can play and do certain things at a real high level."

On the depth of the wide receivers: "We've got great competition there. We've got great competition. We've got some excellent football players at the wide out spots. We talk personnel every night and we've got a lot of players that can play this game. And so, there's great competition and that's a good thing. We've got great competition at multiple spots. We've got some great depth with the young guys up front. They're still in that learning process as well, but they're getting some great reps."

On whether this is the most exciting offense that he's seen: "We'll see. We've got three All-Pros that are in the tub right now, both tackles and our running back. So, when we get them back we'll see. But, the future does look bright as long as we can get guys healthy and keep them healthy and get the hard work in all at the same time."

On G Stacy Andrews' progress: "He's getting an awful lot of work in. He's getting comfortable with our system, with our calls and with the verbiage. Things happen fast up front, much faster then one would think. And a lot of things happen and they happen fast. He's getting comfortable with that right now and he's doing a heck of a job for us."

On the progression TE Cornelius Ingram's knowledge of the offense and blocking: "If you step back and look at the big picture with Cornelius, he didn't play last year due to a major injury. So, he's coming off a major injury and hadn't played. And then when he did play previous to that, they used him in a slot type, receiver type mode. He's learning a lot on top of coming off a major knee injury and not playing last year and he's doing an exceptional job there. It's going to be a daily grind for him mentally and physically because he's coming off that major injury and he is pushing it and he's doing an outstanding job. You can see the great athleticism he has. He's got terrific athleticism especially for his size. You can see that on most plays. Now his challenge is to continue to learn and play."

On where Ingram's knowledge of the offense stands: "He's pretty good. He's pretty sharp. We're right in the middle of a huge installation in training camp and a lot of the young players right now, things that they have learned and they've had it and they've had it and then all of a sudden new comes in, new comes in. And then all of a sudden one of these plays gets run and so for the coaches it's just: teach, correct, teach, correct. And most of the fellows will become very comfortable with it two, three, four, five times and then they've got it and that's normal. Some guys, the really quick, natural, Pro Bowl players, get it a little quicker then that."

On setting up Ingram wide outside: "We're trying to put him in a position where we can use his strength. And we try to do that with all our players and he's certainly one that we can use all over the field."

On Maclin's strength offensively being on the inside or the outside: "He's very good at both. He played a lot inside there at Missouri. However, he showed very quickly that he could be very good on the outside and I say that because most guys, if they can release off of a big guy—a big corner or a nickel or a dime and a physical guy—if the can release off of those players consistently they can play outside. He showed that in minicamps. Now we'll see what happens here in training camp."

On the halfbacks' progress: "[RB Eldra] Buckley is not surprising me because in minicamps I thought, 'this guy might be a pretty good player', and then you get him out with the pads on and he's even better then he is in minicamps and we all thought that might be the case, and he's having an excellent camp. [RB] LeSean [McCoy] is doing a terrific job up-to-date, and we ask an awful lot of the halfback spot in our offense. The protection part is taxing mentally and he's picked that up very well. We move him outside strong, outside weak, inside strong, inside weak, we motion him out of the backfield and he's done an excellent job with that. Now, that's not to say he's not making some mistakes but, the mistakes that he's making are minimal and correctable. He's doing a fine job. I've been impressed with LeSean."

On RB Lorenzo Booker's progress: ""Booker is having a great camp. He's dramatically improved from last year. He's hitting hit. He's consistent with his hands. In this training camp he's been impressive as well."

On whether he's surprised by McCoy's ability to catch the ball out of the backfield: ""We've known that for sometime. When we drafted him we thought he was an excellent receiver not only out of the backfield, but we believe that he could play a receiver spot in this league. And so we'll use him all over the place there. What we thought was true when we drafted him that was the right thing. He is really an exceptional receiver."

On how he will handle Maclin when he first arrives: ""There's a process to it and it's just going to be so fast for him when he gets here because we've installed about half of all the plays through training camp. So, we're going to expedite it. We're going to see how quick he can pick everything up and we're going to get him a lot of reps. It will be taxing mentally and physically on him and we'll see how quick he can do it. If he struggles a little bit we'll back off just a little bit, let him catch his breath and then we'll move on."

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