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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "It has been a terrific camp so far; we have stayed relatively healthy. We just finished all of our base installation and the guys have handled those pretty well, mentally. They are doing a nice job physically, working hard and preparing hard."

On the importance of having all five offensive linemen playing together: "That's important, having all five guys playing together with many reps, because it's critical that they play well together as a unit. (LG) Todd (Herremans) has played some tackle; he has the skill and ability to do that. That's a good thing, that he is able to get those reps, because that could happen during the year. It also gives (G) Scott Young an opportunity. (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) has taken advantage of his opportunity. He has looked good. But, getting back to your main point, yes it's important to have the five guys playing together."

On whether it is important to have QB Kevin Kolb play with the first-team offense in a preseason game: "Not necessarily. It would be a nice thing; it would be kind of like icing on the cake if that occurred. He's had a really good camp. He had about a three-day struggle there and came right out of it really well. All of that is normal throughout camp. He has really played well the last several days. He played reasonably well during the game. There were a couple of things that we needed to correct right away and I think we accomplished that."

On how important it was to score a TD on the second drive against the Steelers: "We scored three and then we scored seven with the ones. That was a good thing. The red zone, we've been emphasizing that (and scoring) touchdowns. So, it was a good thing."

On whether he knows when G Shawn Andrews will return to practice: "No, I don't know that. That's a day-to-day thing. (Head coach Andy) Reid has put a lot of time into that and he is on top of it. He will tell me when that time occurs."

On whether he has talked to Andrews: "I have talked to Shawn, but I have not discussed, at all, his return on the field. I haven't done that. Since you brought it up, I may do that (jokingly)."

On whether it is important for Andrews to return in time to play in the game against the Patriots: "We will see what happens there."

On how quickly WR DeSean Jackson has picked up the offense: "He is one of the faster ones that I have coached. Yes, he's been one of the faster ones."

On why he thinks Jackson has been able to pick up the offense so quickly: "There are a couple of things that he has that allows him to be a really fast learner. First of all, he's a natural player. His movements are just natural. He does a lot of things that we teach that he just does naturally. I hope I explained that well enough. Secondly, he's really sharp, football-wise. Really, for him it takes him once or twice, maybe three reps, and he's got it. He can take it from the classroom to the field very quickly as well. Those are all good things. We've got a long way to go and he's got a long way to go. He's done a nice job up to this point. He showed up big (in the first preseason game), but there were several things in that game that we needed to correct and I'm sure we've got that done."

On how overwhelming the offensive system can be for a rookie: "It can be. It certainly can be. Some of it depends on their past experiences and the environment they've been in. There are some great receivers that it takes two or three years to feel comfortable and they end up being great players. Everybody is different that way. Just because you pick it up quickly doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be a great player, or just because it's going a little bit slower doesn't necessarily mean you're not going to be a great player. I've seen it both ways that way. Everybody is just really different as far as the speed of learning and how quickly they become comfortable with the system."

On how much input he has with personnel decisions: "We discuss personnel every night."

On whether any players have moved up the depth chart in his mind: "(FB) Jed (Collins) has done a nice job at the fullback spot. Max has done an excellent job of taking advantage of an opportunity there. Really the five guys, the second (offensive line group), we do have skill and ability there. There is very little experience of actual playing time. (C) Nick (Cole) has had a little bit and other guys have had virtually none. Now, (T) Winston (Justice) has a little bit, as well. The experience thing is the situation with the backup linemen."

On how often he evaluates players: "They are graded every practice and then generally discussed every night."

On what he hopes to see from WR Reggie Brown this preseason: "The last two years, from midseason on, Reggie has played very well. Reggie and I have discussed that and we are doing, as a team and individuals, everything possible to get him off to a faster start."

On why he thinks Brown didn't get off to a fast start last year: "It's normally not one thing. There were several things we have discussed and emphasized. He's done a nice job of that and I expect him to play well. He's at that point where I'm sure he'll play well each and every game."

On how important the TEs are in the success of the red-zone offense: "It's an individual specific gameplan every week. However, the tight end is normally a big factor because of the matchup situations. Normally they're on safeties and linebackers. Both of those guys tend to do a nice job there. They're important down there in the red zone. They're important all over the field, but especially the red zone."

On FB Jed Collins: "His consistency is high. He has taken advantage of an opportunity here. It will be interesting to see how he does."

On TE Brent Celek: "He has done a nice job. He has looked like he is 100%. He is equally good in the run and pass. He's an excellent all-around ballplayer at the tight end spot."

On TE Kris Wilson: "Kris is just now, over the last several days, (appearing) very comfortable with our offense. He went through that learning process. It was probably the last time I might have spoken about him, and he was right in the middle of that learning process. It looks like he's finding his way through that and it looks like he's playing really comfortably right now. He has done very well the last several days and he did well during the game."

On how much more complex the offense gets as the preseason progresses: "A little bit. There were two or three more installations we had and those plays will be available. The third (preseason game) we gameplan a little bit more for. It'll be a little bit more (complex) here."

On QB Donovan McNabb's first preseason game: "It was excellent. There were just a couple of plays. Otherwise, he played outstanding."

On whether he expects Collins to run with the first team on Thursday against the Panthers: "That's a good possibility, yes."

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