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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "That last ball game the (players) did a nice job there on a short week. Moving on to Dallas, we've got a great opportunity, a great challenge. They're a very good defense. Looks like they're playing at a high level at this point. They create some challenges for us, starting with their men that play on the line, including the linebackers there."

On what the difference has been over the past four weeks for the Cowboys:"Turnovers. Yeah, they win when they create turnovers. It's gone another way when they've turned the ball over. That turnover ratio is the biggest statistic that correlates to winning. So it's a clear case."

On whether he studies the film from before the Cowboys changed coaches, or whether he focuses on the film from after the coaching change:"You look at it all, but your main emphasis is the last four games. It works out pretty well, because the last four games is when they made the change, so it's worked out well that way, I think."

On whether he normally studies the film of an opponent's last four games:"Well, it depends. And it depends on the four games. There are some defensive coordinators that may play us quite differently, so we may take all of our past games. We may take the last three or four games and then two from last year. We may take none from last year and may take all from this past year. It may be some offenses that are similar to us. So, all of those decisions are made—before that week starts—on how we do that business."

On the status of the right guard position: "Well, we've got two good ones. Both of them have been banged up just a little bit in the past. I think we've got two really good right guards, and so they're both getting reps right now."

On who the starter would be if they both were at peak health: "Well, we'll see. We really haven't had that situation, so we'll see."

On what issues the Cowboys' defensive line caused in games last season and whether they addressed those issues this week:"Well, they're very, very good, and we've got to do a little bit better job. I'm doing a little bit better job there. We've had success in past years against them, and then they got us pretty good. They played well those games, and we didn't play very well. We had, if you remember, (G/C) Nick (Cole), it was, I believe, his second game at center. We had some problems there. Not with Nick. Nick played pretty well, but we were just off a little bit. Crowd noise, basically a dome, we were just off a little bit. So hopefully we can do a little bit better that way."

On how he feels G Mike McGlynn matches up with DT Jay Ratliff: "Ratliff is a special player. They've got several… you can keep going. But Ratliff chews people up. He's a special player."

On whether he saw a lot of teams using the Cowboys' defensive schemes to try and stop WR DeSean Jackson this season: "No, everybody's different. Everybody's a little different in how they try to go about their business. (We) missed some opportunities (to get Jackson involved against the Cowboys last season)."

On whether he was referring to the long pass thrown to Jackson: "We had some others, too. We were just off a little bit. We'll try to do better."

On whether Jackson's lack of production against the Cowboys was a result of CB Terence Newman's play: "(Newman)'s very good. Very good player."

On whether the Cowboys were physical with Jackson at the line of scrimmage: "It depended on the situation, but they played us pretty soft in many cases."

On how pleased he is with the progress of RB Jerome Harrison:"Excellent."

On whether he may earn a bigger role:"Well, there is that possibility, yes. He's really done well for us. When he goes in, he does a good job. That's what we expect, that's what he expects. At this point he's a role player. When you're a role player, you've got to get that preparation at a high level. And he's a sharp guy. He puts the time and effort in. He's a done a good job on the practice field."

On QB Michael Vick suggesting that some late hits are beginning to take a toll on him: "He's not concerned about that. He's fine."

On whether he sees any change with the Cowboys having a new defensive coordinator this season:"Well, they still base it with 3-4 personnel. Philosophically, maybe just little bit in situations. They've done some nice things as of late. So yeah, a little bit, sure."

On whether the Eagles struggle against 3-4 defenses:"Oh no, we love the 3-4. This offense is built around (playing the 3-4). There are some really good 3-4 defenses. There are some that blend it, too. Every defense is different. This is sort of a different 3-4 than another 3-4. They base the 3-4 personnel, but they play a little bit different style."

On whether the 3-4 defense gives the tight end more opportunities to catch passes:"Well, it depends on how they're playing that 3-4 and what type of coverages—all of those things. There are some where it does, there are some where they take care of the tight end pretty well."

On how the Dallas 3-4 is unique: "Well, some 3-4's are two-gap. Some 3-4's you don't see much of it. Some 3-4 personnel don't play all that much straight 3-4. It's 3-4 personnel, they typically reduce on the weak side there. Every 3-4 personnel—they're structured just a little bit different."

On why the Eagles enjoy playing against a 3-4 defense: "Well, it's what this offense was built (for) way back when, when everybody was in the 3-4 back then."

On whether the Eagles took exception to Dallas LB Keith Brooking calling their offense 'predictable' after defeating Philadelphia in the playoffs last year:"Players say things emotionally. We'll see. We'll see this time."

On whether he's excited for his team to play on turf with all of the speed the Eagles have on offense: "Yeah, that'd be good. That'd be good. We'll play on any turf, anywhere, any time."

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