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Meet The Prospect: Leonard Floyd


A three-year starter at Georgia, linebacker Leonard Floyd is projected to be a mid-first round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. He led the Bulldogs in sacks in 2013 (6.5), 2014 (6) and 2015 (4.5) and was voted the team's defensive MVP his sophomore year. This past season, he was named a 2015 Butkus Award finalist, which is given to the nation's top linebacker.

Standing at 6-6, one of the biggest issues scouts see with Floyd is his 244-pound frame, which he will need to develop if he wants the same level of success in the NFL as he experiences in college. At his current weight, the linebacker could be too slim to compete with the league's bests. Nevertheless, Floyd is strong off the edge and has the explosiveness many teams are looking for in a linebacker. 

Scouting Report From

"Unique combination of length and athleticism. Extremely rangy with great chase speed from sideline to sideline. Good change of direction for taller player. Long limbs and twitch to spring into a tackle from a mile away. If unblocked, will chase down line of scrimmage from backside and foil run plans. Elusive in open space dodging blockers and sifting through traffic in pursuit of the ball. Has the traits to be highly effective in man coverage. As an edge rusher, able to shoot out of the starting blocks and cover substantial ground with long second and third strides. Not a great bender, but has ankle flexion necessary to lean at 45-¬degree angle and buzz inside the rush arc. Substantial pass rush potential with a variety of options to the quarterback. Pet move is upfield burst followed by jump¬-cut inside tied with inside club. Able to dip and rip around the corner. Dangerous on T/E twists and blitzes underneath. Able to worm his way through the A-¬gap as standup blitzer." – Lance Zierlein

What He Said

"A big strength of my game would be my speed. A weakness would probably be me (not) having more than one pass rush move. I can work on it and come up with a new move that I can go to rather than just using speed." – Leonard Floyd on his strengths and weaknesses

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