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Locker Room: Eagles Offense


On the loss: "Hats off to the Packers. They played outstanding in all phases. We did quite the opposite. We just didn't get going early enough. We started moving the ball, and then we stuttered a little bit. We just didn't look as sharp as we should have. I thought the game plan was good. I thought the week of prep was perfect. I thought we came in here with the right mindset, but sometimes that is the way that it goes. They played outstanding and we played pretty poorly."

On Green Bay's defense: "That was an active group. For the most part, we kept them out. They had a couple of shots and it is going to be like that every game. You can't keep them out the entire time. These defenses are so good that they are going to get a shot and that is why we need to be so sharp in our passing game and with our timing. I need to get the ball out as fast as I can to take the pressure off the offensive line, just like they try to help me out when I hang on to [the ball] back there. They will fight the extra seconds. We will get those things cleaned up."

On not converting third downs: "When you don't convert early on third downs, we need to find a way to make that happen because it puts a lot of pressure on the defense and special teams. It gave them a lot of good field position, so that is never what you want to have happen."

On what he learned about the Eagles today: "I know for sure that this team won't quit, no matter what. That is going to be important down the stretch here. We are going to need to fight to the finish."


On how long this loss will linger: "The same as a win. We have the same exact mindset. We learn from the wins, we learn from the losses and continue to move forward."

On if falling behind changed the game plan: "I mean of course. That's different than the mindset. If you're down you're trying to go out there and score quickly and we came up on the short end today. Cut and dry, we just have to find a way to go back and correct it and move on and get the next win."

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