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Locker Room: Eagles Offense


On the success of the offense tonight: "The big thing coming into this game was that we really wanted to establish the run and we really wanted to move the ball and score early. We haven't done a good job of scoring early and I felt like we really got things going early on. We wanted the ball when we won the coin toss and we went down and got some points on the board. We were able to execute, but we definitely have things to clean up. It was a great team win. The defense did an outstanding job of holding a team that's been putting up 30 points normally to nothing. I'm really proud of them. Special teams made some big plays like they have been, so it was a great team win."

On how significant it was for the offense that the team elected to take the call after winning the coin toss: "We want to start early. That's something that we've been working on each and every day. We want to start faster and we did that today. It helps our defense out when we can put some points on the board early. They really just keep going after the quarterback and it's a team thing. It's a momentum thing."

On being 5-1 entering the bye week: "It's a great position to be in. We still have a lot of season left to go and I still have a lot of things to improve on, which excites me. You all know how I am. It will be great to have the bye this week to get healthy, get some rest, recoup and get ready to go."

On why RB LeSean McCoy was able to have success in the running game tonight: "I think the guys up front really did a great job of giving him some solid seams and he hit it hard. He was hitting the lanes hard. He wasn't trying to bounce it. If he felt like he didn't have anything, he cut up inside for three or four yards. That really helps us out. It helps out with the play-calling because you're inside the chains. I thought we did a great job tonight running the ball."

On whether he is concerned with the number of interceptions he has thrown through six games: "No, I'm not. I will correct those. I will fix it and that's just a part of football. You want to keep being aggressive. I made a couple of dumb mistakes with the football that I will work on. I can fix those things. They're not over my head, and that's one of the things that I love about this game. You can fix things."


On how big a game like this is: "It's a big game. We go 5-1, against a division opponent that is very good and talented. Our guys from special teams to offense to defense played well. I think tonight we really played together. There were tons of running lanes and tons of guys open in the passing game. The defense had so many tackles and sacks for losses. And special teams had another block, again. So we all are just playing on the same page, making plays and just trying to win games."

On what to say to the people who questioned him as a player over the past few games: "I like it like that because you really know who is really behind you. For people to kind of criticize me and the running game, I mean we were 4-1 coming into the game and now we are 5-1. I never lost confidence in myself or the guys up front, you guys did or the people out there did. So I don't mind, I have thick skin. I am here to play ball. The thing that really blows me away is that if we weren't that good as a running team, then why does every team come here and stack the box if we're not that good. But that is for you guys to write about and talk about and the radios and all that. I don't mind at all, I have thick skin."

On what changed tonight: "Surprisingly, they kind of played a lot of two high and they left the safety out of the box, which was different. They paid for it. Then when they tried to move the safety down it was too late. The guys were in the groove, you are hitting running lanes. [Eagles Head Coach] Chip [Kelly] did a great job too of calling the plays, he got me so many one-on-one opportunities to make plays. The guys up front just blew them off the ball the whole entire game. Stood back there deep, looking as the plays were developing just seeing how the guys were blocking, as a running back you feel good, you start getting your groove. Now you can start picking them apart, they threw some dump passes and they needed some play-actions and they ate plays. As an offense I thought we played well today."

On how different the view of the running lanes were compared to the first five weeks: "It was obvious that there was a lot of room today. But that is in the past, we are moving forward. Happy to get [RT] Lane [Johnson] back in there. I think every player in their second year, it is always the biggest jump that you really recognize and I can see it in Lane. It's the guys up front just totally dominating and they made the right calls and played well. So definitely a lot more running lanes. And definitely myself, I felt I made a lot more better decisions, like just going and hitting it. If it is going to be a hold or not going to be a hold, I am just going to take the most I can get. There were some plays I feel like I left some yards out there. An open field, that is what I do best and tonight they kind of got me more than I would like."

On the sense of satisfaction with what you did tonight and with what has happened earlier: "I mean I leave myself out of it. I am a competitor, I like to play, and I know I can play. I think I am more satisfied with just the team win. The first thing people want to talk about is oh well you got the running game, but we are 5-1. We are 5-1 with me going over 100 [yards] or under 100. That's what I am really here to talk about because that's what matters."

On how conscious you were with what the Cowboys did before the game: "Well you are always trying to ask questions to find out what is going on. They are playing at a high level right now and we are too. You kind of keep an eye out for Dallas and we will have our time to play them. If they keep winning and we are going to keep winning. Eventually we will get to square off and we will see what happens."

On how [TE] Zach Ertz was saying that when the running game gets going it creates a sense of calm that goes over the whole offense: "He is right because when the running game is going that is what makes the offense because you can go over top and get the play-actions. Then the safeties are so conscious of the run, it is the first thing you think about. And then when that happens you leave the corners one-on-one and there is space out there to make plays. Once we get the running game going we have so many plays that, passes that come off the run, there are different options. Like tonight, the match up with [CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie] and Ertz, just different match-ups and as a tight end he is a mix-match for a lot of people, even cornerbacks."

On why that sweep was so effective tonight: "Well we actually started off hitting them inside, under center a lot, if you noticed that, a lot more than usual. Hitting them inside, gashing and gashing them. Anybody, if someone is getting killed inside, you try to push it in. They kind of move in and we got the edges. With the tackles we have we can really reach. It is the guys up front, like I said they got to the key so fast on the double blocks to the backers, they played well. Even the wide receivers had good blocks today."

On what it is like to lose RB Darren [Sproles]: "I don't know the situation or the condition it is but he is a big-time player. He makes me better. He takes the load off. He has his own type of package where he can make plays and he gets in his own zone and we are effective together. On special teams, that is another thing about him, is he does that so well. And the passing game and the running game, so hopefully we can get him. That is tough."


On the team being 5-1 heading into the bye week: "I think it's good man. I think that was the only thing on our mind going into this game. We got the job done and got it done the way we wanted to get it done by dominating every aspect of the game. We couldn't be in a better position."

On whether tonight represented the team's most complete game this season: "I would say so. We have to eliminate the turnovers, but I think the scoreboard shows the way we played. The energy, the enthusiasm, I think everything we did kind of all came together tonight."

On the effectiveness of the Eagles running game: "[RB LeSean] McCoy had a big day. [RB Darren] Sproles had a few good runs in there. We even got [TE] Trey [Burton] in there running the ball a little bit. That's what we do. We like to run the football, so as long as we can keep that going - I think the offensive line dominated up front – I think we'll be pretty good."

On whether it seemed as if the Giant defense was geared towards stopping the run: "They did the eight men in the box a couple of times and were rolling the safety down. They tried to do stuff like that. I just think we stuck with the game plan and executed our plays. That's why we were able to run the football so effectively."

On whether it was important to win in an impressive fashion: "It's hard to win in the National Football League. Like I said earlier this week, if we win 2-0 or if we win 50-49, a win is a win. It was really good for us to go out here and put a whole game together, and we'll continue going forward."


On whether he thought he was going to be able to catch his touchdown in the first quarter: "I thought he was holding my arm to be honest. I didn't know if they were going to call pass interference or not, but I was able to reach out and grab it to make the play."

On the three phases of the game coming together tonight: "It was great. The defense was dominant, that front seven for us got all those sacks and it was great to see. Special teams had another block, even though it's not going to go down as a block. The running game was the key. Like we have said all year long, we need to get the running game going and tonight we did that."

On the offense getting into a flow tonight: "We start with the running game. [RB] LeSean McCoy is the focal point of this offense. When we get him going, everything else opens up, everyone's playing more calmly and we were able to go out and make plays in the passing game as well."

On all three tight ends having an impact on the game: "We knew that the tight ends had an opportunity to have a very good game. I think we all did. [TE] Brent Celek did an unbelievable job blocking all night, he is probably the best blocking tight end in the league. [TE] James Casey is a truly great special teams player and he got some very good plays in the offensive game plan as well. And I made the most of my opportunities."

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