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Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz

On the mindset of the quarterback in overtime comebacks: "He has confidence in his teammates, confidence in the defense, confidence in himself and when you have all those three, then you're going to be able to make plays in the fourth quarter. We proved that as a team and played our best yet. We're never out of any game. We keep coming back and this team has a lot of fight. It's probably our best team victory. When the defense gave up a score, the offense was able to make a big play and get it back. When the offense was struggling, the defense was getting three and outs and turnovers. Our special teams made a couple of nice plays for us and won the game with a field goal. So, we didn't always play as a team in the first four games but we did in this game."

On how important the emotional bounce back was: "We've been there before. We have a lot of confidence in our ability to score and the ability to make big plays and I think when you have that, you're going to have the opportunity to bounce back."

On what line you have to walk to win when there is a lot of bad football: "This (Philadelphia Eagles) team is one of the best third down teams in the league. They have a great front four. They're top ten in just about every category. This is the NFL. We know every game is going to be a battle. We had a lot of penalties. The only ones I'm really disappointed in are the false starts and the defensive offsides. The officials tightened up the calls on the movement stuff and we adjusted to that pretty quickly. There was too many of those but some of those other plays were bang-bang plays, the plays that sometimes go one way, sometimes go the other. We were able to overcome them. I thought that we could have ended the game a little earlier after we got two sacks in overtime, thought we had a great opportunity to get a hold of the ball in the end zone and get a safety and that would have ended it right there but we turned around on offense and got a field goal there and wound up getting a holding penalty but we were able to overcome it. That's the bottom line."

On his thoughts on starting overtime with two sacks on Vick: "The outside doesn't really mean a whole lot to us. I think we have a lot of confidence in our abilities. Those guys are always up. I thought they had great pressure the whole game. They made us pay for the blitz on a couple of occasions but the blitz also did a good job of continuing to hit the quarterback and we were able to get turnovers. We had our first couple of interceptions of the year and played very, very physical and I was very proud of our defense."

On why the team plays so well in the 4th quarter when their backs are against the wall: "I think it's just confidence in their teammates. I think it's a tough team. It's a hard working team. We know that we have good players and we know we can get stops on defense and we know we can get scores on offense. When that happens, then you're confident to be able to go out there and play."

On whether he thinks that the rest from the bye week showed in the first few quarters: "I don't think so. I think it's the opponent. It's a good opponent. They have damn good corners, a really good pass rush. And that's a good defense. You look straight across the board at what they can do and we have a lot of respect for them. We have a lot of confidence in ourselves. You need to stay resilient. That's the NFL. Look at the games these guys have played. They won three games by four points. Then they're loss against Pittsburgh was a heartbreaker just like today. They play close games. We didn't expect to come in here and win 60-0. We knew we were going to have to battle but that's the NFL and I think it's been proven time and time again that every week is going to be a battle."

On his thoughts about K Jason Hanson: "He's 100% on field goals. It was windy out there. Once we got in field goal range, it was no question. He was going to make it for us. Little bit scary when we got the holding penalty and that kind of pushed us out but then I think it was (WR) Calvin (Johnson) that made a great play and we were able to get a fresh set of downs."

On what S Louis Delmas gave to the team in his return to action: "It didn't show. It was real on the field. It was real this week in practice. It was real in the locker room, during the pregame warm ups. He's just that kind of guy. He's got a personality, he's got great ability. Lou blitzed an awful lot. He got a little greedy on one jump and Michael Vick made him pay for it but Lou didn't play any preseason games. I mean that was his first contact of the year. I mean we have shoulder pads in practice but we don't have a whole lot of contact. That was his first contact of the year. He's just a good player."

On how big of a swing game this was: "I think we're a week-to-week team. We try not to get ahead of ourselves. I think a lot of people call it a 'must win.' Every week is a 'must-win'. We didn't really start the first four the way we want but we battled through and there are still improvements that we can make but like I said before, this was a team win. Our run game, the pass game, our tight ends, our wide outs, the quarter back, D lines, the corners. We lost a couple of corners. Rookie Jonte Green was out there, safety Amari Spievey moved to the nickel. I thought those guys did outstanding. Don't underestimate how tough that was to handle. We lost (CB Jacob) Lacey to a concussion and lost (CB Bill) Bentley to a shoulder injury. You lose two corners, you only have two corners left and that was fourth quarter overtime. That really says a lot about our guys also."

On CB Chris Houston's interception: "That was a great play. Chris was playing really high level. He matched (WR) DeSean Jackson the whole game and I think that he did a great job on covering his man. He was battling every play. When we came into this game, we knew the Eagles were going to try to take deep shots. That's a big part of their offense and Vick has the arm to be able to do it and players who can do it and go over the top and try to make big ones there. I don't remember what the stat was but they were near the top of the league on plays over ten yards. Number one, he was in position. Number two, he jumped up and made the play. Same thing with Lou. That was a great interception that he made and I think that Chris is playing at a high level."

On why they used the T Riley Reiff package more today: "I think it's just getting good players on the field and Riley is a good player. I'll tell you what. That guy's a tough guy. He played really tough, he played really smart and had a nice drive for us."

On whether he saw enough with the challenge on the incompletion: "They sort of had us on our heels. It was one of those basketball type of time outs. They said it was close and I said 'hey, if it's close, then I'm going to challenge this. I still have another challenge in my pocket.' I mean a turnover in the red zone, it's worth too much to let that out and the time out helped us."

On what this win means for the team: "It's a lot better being 2-3. I mean, you never underestimate a win. What matters is how we go on and play next week. This one is already in the books. We'll revel in this one a little bit on the plane but once we land back in Detroit, we're back to work, back to business but I think, like I said, you could feel us. I think it was a big step for us as a team. We were playing team football today and there was a lot of spirit and guys picking each other up and I think that's a good sign of things to come for this team."

On whether he thought about going for the kill at the end of regulation: "That's what we were doing. We were taking shots at the end zone. Yeah, we took a lot of shots and when there's five seconds left, yeah we don't want to run the time out. I mean, if it was six, I think you have a chance to throw a quick one and put it in the end zone. It's either incomplete or it's not. Yeah, we were very aggressive through when we had a chance but we didn't…"

On why the Maclin touchdown didn't drain the team out of the game: "Our guys are resilient."

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