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LB Ernie Sims

On whether he had his physical yet: "No, I haven't had a physical yet. I plan on doing that as soon as I get done with you guys."

On whether the trade is pending on the physical: "From what I know, both of us, me and the tight end (Tony) Scheffler, we have to pass both of our physicals in order for me to be able to do workouts."

On what he has been doing since coming to Philadelphia: "Meeting with the coaches, meeting with the general manager. I went on the field for a little bit to watch the linebackers do some workouts. I went and saw one doctor downtown and just walking around and enjoying the city so far."

On what he saw the doctor about: "It was for checking my heart rate and blood pressure and everything. I haven't seen an orthopedic doctor yet."

On whether the coaches have indicated on what his role will be: "I got a chance to talk to the linebackers coach, (Bill) Shuey. They just told me that they want to put me at the WILL position. I knew that they like blitzing a lot, so they said on third down they need somebody to cover the tight end a little bit more, also. With being in a conference where they have some good tight ends with (Cowboys TE Jason) Witten and (Redskins TE Chris) Cooley, I'm more than welcome and excited to be in that position. I feel I can fit in and do a great job with that. They talked to me about blitzing and also in the run game, being downhill and making some big plays. Like I told coach, whatever position you put me in, I'm ready to do it."

On why Detroit let him go after being a high draft choice: "Well, it just didn't work out. Speaking with the general manager over there in Detroit, Martin Mayhew, me and him we knew each other very well. We're from the same city, played at the same university and speaking to him, we had some real close ties. It was real hard for us to say our goodbyes. At the same time, he told me that it was a good business decision. I have a lot of friends in Detroit. That was like home to me. I was drafted there, I played four long, hard years there but, at the end of the day, I think it was a good change for me."

On covering tight ends: "I did a lot at Florida State and I did a little bit in Detroit, also. I just feel like covering tight ends – that's where I use my speed. That's the name of my game, is speed. I definitely feel like there are not a lot of tight ends that can run away from me. I'm real excited to be in that position."

On whether he spoke with Eagles DT and former college teammate Brodrick Bunkley: "Oh yeah, I have talked to him a million times. He and I are real excited to be back playing with each other. I see a lot of bright things in the future."

On weakside linebackers not covering tight ends in the Eagles system: "They were talking about on third down. It wouldn't be all the time, guaranteed. It's just different situations. You're right, the WILL linebacker is on the weakside of the formation, so he's not the guy that will be covering tight ends on first and second downs. When you get to third down, third down distances and other situations, there might be a situation where the defensive coordinator knows if the tight end is going to get the ball. You want to put a good player on him."

On different defensive packages: "There will be sub packages. But I don't know, it's my first day, I don't know what different sub packages they have. From my previous experiences in Detroit, that's usually the situations that they have."

On what he ran at the draft combine: "Yeah, in the 40 at the combine, I think my best time was 4.50. Actually, I was a little disappointed in that. I guess people thought that was a decent time. My best time was in college, my junior year – 4.38. In speed, I take pride in that because it runs in my family. My mom was an all-star track athlete at Florida State and my dad was pretty fast, also. I think at the correct weight, I can run pretty well."

His mother's name: "My mom's name is Alice Sims."

On whether he had to cover receivers in the slot: "Yeah, there were some games where they put me on receivers. A lot of times, they had me on tight ends and the top running backs. In our division, we had (then-Vikings RB) Chester Taylor, they used him a lot on third downs, so they had me covering him and everything."

On his strengths, despite being on the small side for a linebacker: "Quickness and speed. You're right I'm not the biggest linebacker. We were just talking about it earlier; six feet, maybe six feet, 225. Two twenty-five is my natural weight, but I feel very explosive and I feel very quick and fast. When offensive linemen try to get their hands on me, I've been working on it for years, not to let them get their hands on me. It will be game over if they get their hands on me. I've been working hard about shedding blocks and getting to the ball as fast as I can."

On whether there was any talk about moving him to safety in Detroit: "No, there was never a talk. Coming out of the combine, I did the combine drills, but it was a little awkward for me. I never did it before. I fit right in at linebacker, though. I feel like, yeah I'm undersized but, at the same time, there are not a lot of fullbacks that want to mess with me."

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